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  1. OMFG i've been waiting for Wizard of Wor forever.
  2. Still waiting for the order I placed on Collectorvision in April...what in the hell is going on
  3. not THE FRED...the asshole who made bootlegs on Ebay?
  4. Original games, Arcade ports that are proper and 100% accurate no more MSX ports while I get its easy they look meh Dunno if i'd use the Jaguar shell man...it has bad luck attached to it.
  5. and bam...that is it. regardless of how much of a scumbag chris is...he owns the copyright. he can say or do whatever he wants. personally i think he is a fucking buffoon you have people who are willing to support your system and you don't have to lift a finger? ask for a 10% royalty to use the name and call it a day Chris...wherever you are. you need to learn how to properly do business man...you're doing it wrong.
  6. ok he;s a turd. I will never buy from him .Thought it was too good to be true
  7. Patience I have...i just wanna make sure they are still coming, i've not received any email or information so i'm in the dark here.
  8. wait a tic i cany buy the rest of the collectorvision games i need?? what about the 4 i ordered 3 weeks ago that im still waiting on
  9. angie19325 I see things from this person all teh time but they look way to good to be true. part of me thinks they are reproducions ...an example is Pepsi Invaders...that's not the legit pacakging or label for the one being sold for over 100.00 on Ebay.
  10. Has Opcode started preorder on Donkey Kong yet?
  11. i cant remember if I preordered DK... I want it though i know that.
  12. I want to keep a lot of this stuff pristine so when I have kids and they are of age...we can play it together and I can leave it all for them. so i'm trying to keep it as mint as I can.
  13. I'll give it a shot, its the first gen so its the original box...I just didn't wanna bend it or crease it.
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