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  1. I haven't played my Jaguar for about a day, but the ac adapter is still noticably warm. I normally unplug ac adapters once I'm finished with the consoles they're for, but this time I forgot and the adapter is still warm. Does this mean that the Jaguar is always taking power, no matter if it's on or off?
  2. Just got a fully working Game Gear and I would like someone else's opinion. I have my eyes on Phantasy Star Gaiden. Is this a good choice?
  3. I just got a PlayStation 1 today from GameStop, and it simply refuses to work. The normal SCE logo pops up, and then I hear it trying to read the disc. Then, the noise stops, but then it starts up again, with almost the exact same sound as before.I try this with every disc I got, and none are read. Certain times, depending on the position of the laser, it won't do anything from startup but make an obnoxious high pitched noise; no logo, nothing. It does open the normal menu when it can't read the disc, but then it tries to read it again for however long I let it. I have a model with only the A/V, parallel, serial, and power ports. I've fixed a Saturn by slowly moving the laser up and down which recalibrated it, but that technique doesn't work here. Can someone please help, or is it dead?
  4. I don't want to sell it, I just want to know so I can exclaim at how much less I actually spent on all of it than what it's worth. Atari 5200 w/ all cables (All games are cart only) Galaxian Countermeasure Star Raiders Ms. Pacman Centipede Super Breakout Dig Dug Defender Joust Robotron 2084 Space Dungeon Vanguard There are various manuals for games (though I can't remember what games off the top of my head) and the owner's manual. Also, there's a letter from Atari to the original owner suggesting that he gets the Atari 2600 adapter fit kit. I don't see this going for much, but I though I should add it for kicks. Four controllers (1 is fully functional) Two controller holders One trackball controller Part of the original box One Sega Genesis model 1 and two Sega Genesis model 2s w/ one set of cables for the two different systems Sonic the hedgehog (boxed, no manual) Sonic the hedgehog 2 (cib) Sonic the hedgehog 3 (cart only) Sonic & Knuckles (cart only) NFL '95 (cart only) Williams Arcade's Greatest Hits (cart only) Two generic six button controllers One retro-bit controller Sega Game Gear w/ sound issues (extremely quiet) Sonic 2 (game and manual Original System box w/ styrofoam innards Sega 32x w/ all first party cables (all games are cart only) Knuckles Chaotix Virtua Fighter Doom Atari Jaguar w/ all first party cables (rf box) Iron Soldier (cib, including promotional offers) One controller Sega Saturn w/ all cables (laser issue prevents it from running for too long) Sonic 3D Blast (cib but disc can only get to the first level before crashing) Virtua Cop (cib) Nights Into Dreams (cib) Pebble Beach Golf Links (cib) NBA Jam (cib) NFL Quarterback Club '96 (cib) Daytona USA (cib) Bust-a-Move 2: Arcade Edition (cib) NHL All Star Hockey (cib) Two model 1 controllers One light gun One racing wheel One 3D controller 2 Sega Dreamcasts w/ one set of cables Sonic Adventure (All Stars reprint, cib) Sonic Adventure 2 (DVD case, cib) Quake 3 Arena (cib) NBA 2K (disc only, good cond.) Two official controllers Two green astropad controllers (one has a joystick that slips out of center by gravity) One vmu Two Nintendo GameCubes w/o cables (all I know is that at least one of them works), both w/ Pokemon Gale of Darkness skin Ribbit King (both discs, discs only, pitiful cond.) Mario Sunshine Case & Manual only One black controller with sticky d-pad and mangled yet functional left joystick Xbox 360 w/ all first party cables (wifi connection issues) Batman: Arkham Asylum (cib) Sonic Generations (cib) Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed (cib) One powera wired green controller Some Wii games (My sister has the system) Sonic and The Secret Rings (never opened) Sonic Colors (Never opened) Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing (Never Opened) Super Mario Bros Wii (cib) Super Smash Bros Brawl case and manual only (game was in the Wii when my sister took it) Mario Kart Wii (cib) Chicken Blaster (never opened) And to get certain things out of the way Yes, as you can tell from the decent fraction of games that are Sonic games, I like Sonic. let's not turn this into a 'Sonic is dead' thread. Also, notice that the only console on here that was mine initially was the 360. I am not responsible for most of the damage on these systems, especially the GameCubes.
  5. I only found the box to one on eBay. I believe I saw one for sale at one point, but I don't recall the website and I remember that it was going for something like $260.
  6. I was at a thrift store yesterday and I picked up a controller made by a toy company named Rokenbok. When I got home, I went to put it in the Genesis to see if it would work, but then I noticed that I completely overlooked that the plug is a male 9-pin, not female. I was looking at male to female converters, but most of them looked to be screw-ins, not made for the Genesis. I'm posting from mobile so I can't paste a picture, but if it would help you see if it was worth the hassle to get a converter, look up 'Rokenbok Sega Genesis controller' on Google Images. Would this more than likely end up working? Because it is a comfortable controller.
  7. Yeah, I'd want a cart too. But I don't think it'll ever happen.
  8. I'm not asking if this is in the works (I somehow doubt it is), I'm just wondering if it's possible. I think the audio would take a hit, though.
  9. I was toying around with an inflation calculator and noticed that what Sega lost on the Saturn in its whole life span (267.7 million) adjusted for inflation still isn't as much as what Nintendo is losing on a yearly basis (around 400 million) with the Wii U. So how much poorer was Sega back then (more specifically 1992-1994) than Nintendo is now?
  10. The general consensus is that Alien vs Predator is one of the best selling Atari Jaguar games, and the best selling in the console's first year. But did it continue to be the best selling into its second (and fraction of a third) year? If not, what game did take that title?
  11. I would guess it would be Atari, but considering that they sold off a lot of assets after the Jaguar's demise, it wouldn't surprise me if someone else owns it.
  12. I know that the CD-i is more so a media platform than a game console, but wouldn't it still use bits?
  13. I got the 5200 version of this game yesterday, and I really like it. Probably my favorite of the twelve games that I got. But I would like to know if there's better versions out there. I heard there was a remake of it for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. How much does this one cost if it's considered the best? Thank you in advance.
  14. I thought that Sam wasn't being truthful. Thanks for clearing this up.
  15. The issue of Next Generation magazine where Sam Tramiel stated that the Jaguar is just as powerful as the Saturn got me thinking. Was he just saying that to maintain the marketing strategy of the Jaguar's power, or did he know something that most people don't know? Also, he did state that the PSX was a small amount more powerful than the Jaguar, so that did go against their marketing. So, looking past the obvious advantages of the Sega Saturn's cd technology, are their specs really as closely matched as Tramiel said? If it's true, that also brings up the Saturn's comparability to the PSX, and the Jaguar's comparibility to the 3DO- and to a lesser extent- the 32X. Where would they fit into this as well?
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