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  1. I finally managed to break 100,000--admittedly it was on easy mode--which is the equivalent of turning the score over on the Asteroids game. I may yet regain my master status if I keep improving like this. And I congratulate the developers yet again for making this great clone of one of my favorite childhood video games.
  2. Wow, I just got a tip about this game and as I was always an Asteroids god on the 2600, I had to try this. I am amazed--THIS is what Asteroids should have been! I like the fact that there are enemy ships regardless of difficulty switch settings. The graphics are awesome and the collision detection is spot-on. The post-hit invincibility is a nice touch as well. The magma mines are a pain so I keep those disabled. If there is anything I would take issue with it's one minor thing--there seems to be a short delay after destroying all the asteroids before new ones appear but that's no real problem. I have turned the score over twice in one session on the original Asteroids cart but haven't done it even once on this game. My highest score is 58,650
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