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  1. OK cool. I mean its the crazy holiday season and everyone is trying to keep theirs wits with all their busy schedules. I was thinking it might fall through. Its good to hear its coming this year. Thanks.
  2. This. Has it been delayed to next year? Thanks.
  3. Opcode,it looks really great😍 One thing you've done that allot of ports to console failed to do is you've added the ability to adjust your speed in mid air. I think the Atari 5200 is the only one to do this. Not sure about all the versions released across computers,just consoles is what I'm speaking about though. It really does make a difference,especially when you play on Championship level where things get really crazy and its pretty much a requirement for adjusting speeds while in the air. Looking great so far,thanks for sharing!
  4. Wow,did not know that. Very excited to hear such news. Love the Atari 2600 version but have always wanted to see versions on all systems just to play and compare them all. Thanks for the info!
  5. Are Phoenix and Moon Patrol still a thing? Or were they just ideas? I thought I remember you mentioning them a year or so back?
  6. Thought it was a dog when released and still do today. I played Pacman in arcades atleast once a week in those days so this the Atari 2600 version was unacceptable. I hated it, my dad hated it, my dog hated it😄 My pops wound up arguing with a K-Mart manager for almost an hour till he got his money back. Wasn't this a very expensive game for its time? Something like $40.00? Its just a blur now but I remember my dad saying this game was more than the average game out there in those days. Years later I do see the game differently though. Its its own creation,its a moment in time where so many anticipated the game,there was such an incredible buzz over the coming of the release. I remember the Kmart in our area had an incredible amount stocked and we were able to get one the week it launched. But man there were mixed reactions on the school grounds over the game. Some loved that Pacman had finally come home, others wouldn't touch this abomination. I guess everyone had different expectations and the hype was real. Most kids in our area that loved it never really visited arcades or didn't like spending their money in arcades. Those of us who grew up in that era and saw its release on the system had their own memories,thats cool. Mine did change over the years,I accept it for what it is now. A piece of history and its release on the system was huge for that time,it was fun to see Pacman come home.
  7. No. For the first time since the Sega Gensis I won't be buying a system at launch. While I enjoy modern gaming somewhat there are still too many growing pains with it. Buggy games, hardware issues at launch,rushed games at launch that really don t sow off the hardware that much/cross gen games, and to be honest I have so much to play between Switch XBoxOneX, and a pS4Pro that I bought this past April that I really don't care to be an early adopter fpr the first time in decades. Now if the new games on those system next year remain exclusive and don't release on what we have right now then I might buy one abit earlier. But I plan to wait a good 2 years before I buy an XBox and probably even longer for the next Playstation. Nintendo I'm not a huge fan of but if Sega continue to give them exclusives like they have with Panzer Dragoon Remake and Virtua Racing then I'll buy one right around the time I get the next XBox. But I'm pretty happy with what I have now.
  8. Damn and I was looking to buy another Atari Jaguar system as a backup to the one I have now. So if I grab one for $250.00 thats a small fortune in tax money when trying to buy these systems. The problem is most of the Jaguar systems sell for $300-400.00 Every dollar counts and now even more for this bullshit tax,ugh...
  9. Mike Harris. I understand your take and you have a good point. But at the same time its sorta free enterprise and all that. I know that if I ever decided to sell my mint copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga someday I would ask quite abit for it since I still have great memories of buying it at retail in 1998 and enjoying the game quite abit. I know its not the same as hoarding games as you said but still he has a privilege to sell for what he thinks he can get.
  10. Really? I assumed he was another bootlegger. I stand corrected then. Its just that I've seen people in the past linking to these guys and thought it was another one of them. Thanks for correcting my error👍
  11. (Edit) Very sorry I accused the Ebay seller of being a bootlegger. He's not. Thanks for the folks who informed me of my gross error on the following page.
  12. Gears Of War 5 (XboxOneX) A really nice sequel that expands the gameplay with rpg/leveling up elements now. The campaign is beautiful,it took me 6 hours just to beat chapter II yesterday. Graphics are some of the best around too. Really nice job Microsoft,this game is game of the year material.
  13. Do what you have to do big Al. You've put all that time and money into this,you gotta protect your bottom line atleast a tiny bit so I'd do exactly the same. We appreciate this site and seeing ads each day isn't a big deal,there is no other classic retro forum quite like this one. Its a small price for such a quality forum and store.
  14. Glad I don't listen to reviews because Saucer Wars is way off.
  15. Just updating here: the adapter I inquired about does infact work with a 7800 controller. Both buttons infact. Woohoo! I'm using an Ebay bought custom made 7800 arcade Sanwa stick thats encased in one of those fish and tack boxs,the adapter works great with it. Both buttons working👍
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