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  1. I haven't been here in awhile,was taking a break from the forums but I just heard about this on Twitter. Depressed hearing this news. I've read his posts on this forum for years and it just seems crazy that he's now gone. This guy is gonna be missed. Life ain't fair sometimes and it makes you appreciate what you have around you. RIP Kurt. Strength to his friends and family tonight.
  2. I get a feeling Sony views backward compatibility as a means to hook people in,then they'll let it sink like they've always done. PS3 had it till it was pulled. Boy what a disappointment that was. And the PSOne mini was an abomination. Its like they don't really care about the legacy of the past systems to where they support it properly. Sony know how to market,but not really execute on older games,unless its a remaster ofcourse.
  3. Thanks Trebor,I tend to take pictures of the manual then read on how to play later while storing the manual in its game box. Much appreciated for the explanation on how the game plays,thanks! Thank You guys for such a great game,very addicting and the visuals(especially the pinball game) really make the 7800 shine.
  4. Got this game in the mail yesterday and played a few rounds of it. Love the pinball/pacman back and forth feel of this game. Such a nice twist to the formula. One question though,how do you unlock energizers? Do you have to spell things out on the left and right sides where the letters appear? Or do you focus on hitting the barriers at the top of the screen? Great game,well done.
  5. No scrambled picture,no interference of any kind,totally nothing. Yeah I'll contact Albert about sending the cart back to him because I've tried everything. I even applied a touch of alcohol and on a qutip to the contacts,didn't work. I appreciate you guys helping me out,its appreciated. I'm gonna chalk this up to a bad cart and ship back to Albert next week. Thanks for helping out you guys👍
  6. Most of the retro shops around here don't go further back then NES for vintage hardware. There is one store about 3 hours away I visited once. They had an Atari 2600,I suppose I could give them a call and ask and see if they'd allow me to try the cart out. Would you recommend cleaning the contacts with a qutip and alcohol? The cart doesn't even display a scrambled picture,its like its completely dead, so I doubt that would work, but I'm willing to give it a try.
  7. All my friends game on Playstation,don't know anyone with an Atari 2600 😕
  8. Sorry it took so long to reply,was digging the games out from storage. Space Rocks loads fine,video,audio,perfect. I'm not sure which other games might be using an onboard processor so I tried a few others like PacMan Collection,Space Raid,Anguna,they all load and play well. I tried Galagon again and its the same issue. No video signal or audio,the console is on as it displays its power light. I've checked my cables,even tried another pair and still the problem is there. This time I even tried using only pro line joysticks for the system,the other times I was easing a Seagull 78/megadrive pad combo for a joystick control,whether its this combo or going with strictly pro line controllers the issue remains,no picture or audio. Its as if the cart is dead. To answer another poster,I don't have another power supply. I'm using the one that came with the system,is working good,its normal temperature, no creases in its cord or anything either,seems to be fine.
  9. No, this is the only 7800 system I own. Very strange,I've never encountered a problem where the system won't display any sound or picture with one game only.
  10. I have a modded Atari 7800 console(composite mod.) I've inserted the cart carefully and when I power up the system there is no picture or sound,nothing. The little tabs on the cartridge look fine,nothing broken,no dust either. I've tried other 2600 carts and everything is fine, the system displays a picture and sound. I've adjusted the cart each time to make sure its seated properly and still no picture or sound when I power the system on. Help.
  11. I'm curious about the Crown Bat top you're going with. Does that stick have more tension than the IL and Happ sticks? is the spring bigger/heavier? I've never used a crown joystick,I sort of prefer the IL sticks because they have the longer bat top handle on them but then I've never used a Crown,in your opinion which do you like better? Do you prefer the heavy sping in Euro sticks? I like that you used a Seimitsu stick when building the Coleco arcade sticks. I've switched between the Sanwa JLF and the Seimitsu LS32 and right away I noticed the tighter feel of the Seimitsu. From reading your replies you seem to be very demanding and want the highest quality when choosing parts,I totally get that and love the dedication to making the best stick you can. Awesome.
  12. Aaaahh you're using Industrias Lorenzo sticks,those are my favorites for oldschool games. I'm glad you're not using cheap knockoffs. I just bought a Euro arcade stick off Ebay and the guy used very low end parts,even the damn micro switches and actuators were the worst things I have ever seen. Really disgustingly cheap stuff,so I"m glad you're going the quality route with this,thats nice to hear. Are the buttons Happ type? Err nevermind, you're using Sanwas,those are great so very much liking this arcade stick allot. I'd be interested in buying one if you decided to make them for consumers. Really nice looking arcade stick there,wow.
  13. Fade to Silence for XBoxOneX Reminds me allot of the old DreamCast game D2 made by the late Kenji Eno(RIP) of Warp,a game I had lots of good times with. Anyways the game is on a massive sale right now. Went from $50.00 to $20.00 I'm all over that🎮🍻
  14. Berzerk Atari 5200 and Atari 7800 Moon Patrol Redux Atari 5200 PacMan Atari 5200
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