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  1. Thanks for clearing this up. I wasn't able to log onto this forum for months until last night and was totally lost with how things had progressed. Thanks for the info.
  2. I dont want to bother the guy making these since I'm sure he's got allot going on with this project. So I'll ask here and hopefully someone can answer. No preorder list at this time,one in the future,right? Thanks.
  3. For some reason I'm awful at this game. Not a fan of the steering in any of the cars,too twitchy for my liking. Also hate the rumble in the game,turned almost off completely it still bothers me. So I did some tweaking and suddenly the game plays allot better for me. Changed the gas and breaking from triggers to A and B on the pad,so it plays like an oldschool racer and for whatever reason I just totally get a really good feel for the gas and braking now. it just flows with me better. Turned on allot of the assists because I was hating the game with the assists off so now its totally arcade type feels and right away it feels like some arcade racer from the Sega days. Amazing how if you tweak enough of the settings you can get a feel for the game just the way you want it to feel. Overall its a nice game but I'd be lieing if I didn't admit I'm burning out on the Horizon series. 3rd game this gen and I think its time to take a break from it for awhile. I'm glad I got it on GamePass,that is one serious service right now. Playing this and the recent release of Doom again,totally worth it for those alone.
  4. Ninja Warriors - SNES Emulation Forza Horizon 4 - XBoxOneX Cursed Castilla - XBoxOneX
  5. Only new purchase is the new Shadow of the TombRaider game,not the original on Saturn. I sorta just thought it was fun to compare the old with the new in this picture. But yeah the new one looks damn amazing on XBoxOneX and have noticed there's allot more focus on exploration than constant all out gun fights. Sort of like a return to form for the series.
  6. Ms PacMan (with pokey sound) (PacMan Collection) - Atari 7800 Pro System Emulator Halo CE (Halo MCC) XBoxOneX Froggie (Atari 7800 Pro System Emulator)
  7. The MasterChief Collection,after its 4K update. Going through the original Halo CE edition with the 4K update,looks amazing and at 60 fps. One hell of an update,wow. Love all the new detail in the backdrops,pretty crazy.
  8. Currently playing No Mans Sky Next Waiting for ShenMue 1 AND 2 compilation to arrive from Best Buy on Friday.
  9. Yep. Whether by disk or digital download,as long as you have it installed to the XBox One hard drive, it will record. I recorded some Panzer Dragoon Orta awhile back,looks good but nowhere as good as a real capture card, there's just too much compression and the game's frame rate is reduced to 25-30 fps sadly. Its pretty convenient though,allot quicker than setting up a messy batch of cables and a capture card that needs to be near a PC that's for sure, and for what it is its good enough. But anyways yeah as long as its an XBox, or XBox360, on the backwards compatibility list the XBox One will give you recording options. I've tried allot of crazy things with the One, such as trying to record sports broadcasts with the XBox One passthrough,even had a both a Saturn and PS2 go through the passthrough using adapters and HDMI converters and it wouldn't work. You simply do not have any option to record these when you pull up the XBox Home button. But the minute you try to do the same with an installed game to the XBox One's hard drive, you get recording options when you bring up the XBox Home button on the controller. It'd be amazing if they allowed you to record anything with the passthrough,but yeah they seem to have all bases covered with a cut off point. Meh,oh well.
  10. This will not work. The game you're playing or passing through into the HDMI need to be installed directly to the console's hard drive to have any type of recording option. I still own my launch day OG XBoxOne and I've tried to record from the pass through HDMI, even tried recording from the console's dash and there is no option to do so. The only time I can ever record is from within a game I'm playing, thats been installed to XBox One's hard drive. There is no other way,sorry.
  11. I have no control over what these guys do so my attitude is show me the systems and the games. Life is too short to get involved with drama.
  12. I have 2 external hard drives filled with roms. So are they gonna send their ninja's out to my house now too? I backed all my downloaded roms years ago, because I knew theyre still one of the only corporations who would rather squeeze water from a rock over a 30 year old rom when everyone else has moved on. Nintendo..... Always going too far with their greed.
  13. The problem is theyre hardcore Nintendo nerds and pretty much view anything that came before NES with a frowned upon view of the systems and the software. They can play some of the worst trash software that was on the NES but somehow approach pre Nintendo systems like 95% of the software are unplayable. Sometimes I leave a comment advising them to stick with Nintendo systems since theyre like a fish out of water when play pre cash consoles. They're Jerry Springer material allot of the time when they go back to play anything earlier than NES.
  14. Checking in to add that I finally got around to trying my copy. The system I played it on: YurkieVision console (composite and RGB mod,new led light, rebuilt power switch, pause switch added.) Made it past the area where you crawl through the wall without any resets. Made it to the next level. So yeah, the game plays great,no problems. Really fun game. Well done!
  15. Thanks. Now to dig up the couch and count the change
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