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  1. Thanks for the clarification. I missed the part in your original post where you said that the microSD card would still be push-push, as that was my primary concern. I prefer the microSD over the SD cart as it is more flush with the case. I do not have the need to to program on Windows 98 and you are correct, a micro-USB cable would be more convenient if I ever have the need to use it that way. It's great to know that these are the prices going forward. Thank you so much for all the help you have given the community 😃
  2. Hello Batari, I only now saw your sale and the comments above. It is months later, but I saw the price is still the same and I was wondering if I ordered the Encore (SD or microSD) now would I be getting the classic or the new one? I was hoping for the classic one if at all possible. Thanks for any help you can give 🙂
  3. Thanks for this. I ordered a couple for my system 😃
  4. What about creating a pre-order system and only ordering when you have reached that pre-determined minimum order? I know that some creators use that system to make it fiscally less risky for them. The downside is how long it takes to get up to that minimum order number as some might not wish to wait half a year or longer. So, a warning on the possibility of a long wait would be needed.
  5. Hello @Osgeld, I was curious if you are going to have any available to purchase in the next month or so? https://osgeld.fwscart.com/CX-40_Atari_2600_Tactile_Switch_Drop_In_Replacement_PCB/p5988195_19269795.aspx
  6. I was wondering if there is any will to add some more info to this list. When it comes to standard DC power supplies there are 4 things that need to be known : 1. Volts 2. Minimum Amps 3. Tip polarity 4. Barrel connector size (unless proprietary ie. systems like the N64 can't use a standard DC adapter) I was wondering if there is any way that this could be updated for people researching these in the future. For instance the SNS-002 power supply (made for the SNS-001) uses a 7.0mm barrel tip. For some reason that isn't a very easy thing to find out. Also a link to a larger picture of the original power supply (like the one I provided earlier) if available can be very helpful to many trying to research this like myself Hope that isn't too much to discover
  7. I noted an error in the list that I was hoping it could be amended. It was stated that : "All Power Supplies are DCv with Positive centers unless other wise noted" Yet for the SNES it is not noted as having a negative center "SNES 10v 850mA (Model No: SNS-002)" I have an original SNES power supply and the tip is negative. I took a photo of the back and attached it to this message to help.
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