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  1. I only thought the cart replaced the 1st disk (you still needed the 2 other WORLD disks). I guess you still need all 3 even if you boot from a cart?
  2. I meant an RPK as part of the ZIP updates you include in your emails to us registered folks. Thanks!!
  3. Hi Adam, Love the game and appreciate you providing regular updates to keep everything running well. I normally play this on my real TI hardware, but would like run this under MAME and was wondering if you might be able to provide an RPK file for the cart image? I need MAME is that is the only emulator that will work on my Raspberry Pi and has the features to support ROA (like AMS support). I thought someone (mizapf?) already posted one here on AA, but can't seem to find it. Thanks!
  4. Thank you both for this information. Not sure why I did not could not find it in the wiki...
  5. Hello everyone, I looked through the FAQ and whatever online information I could find, but was wondering if there was maintained list of public FujiNet compatible (TNFS) servers? Thanks!
  6. This just keeps getting better. Thank you and Happy New Year!
  7. Really been looking forward to this. Thank you for all your hard work on it!
  8. Thanks for that update -- it's been an interesting journey watching you develop this!
  9. I really want to join and have tried applying a couple of times. I have not received any email confirmation yet (checking my SPAM folder, etc.). @skr - Perhaps there's a new process for applying/registering?
  10. MAME has a incredibly powerful scripting language built in (LUA) that can allow for various interactions with the running machine driver. I recently started using it and find it very capable (perhaps a bit overkill for what you need it for). More information about LUA in MAME can be found here: https://docs.mamedev.org/techspecs/luaengine.html Command syntax can be found in the built-in help: https://github.com/mamedev/mame/blob/master/src/frontend/mame/luaengine.cpp Here's a video of an emulated Color Computer (in MAME) auto-playing a game called Timber Man: ... and the LUA code for it: https://gist.github.com/tlindner/0199ee5ee64ab6fb1e3340856bfdece9 Here's sample LUA code that presses keys for a Coco in a MOD Tracker program by Sockmaster: rint("registering callback"); emu.register_start(function() coroutine.resume(co) end) co = coroutine.create(function () print("waiting to LOAD program") emu.wait(3); print("sending RUN\"MOD13.BAS\"\n") emu.keypost("RUN\"MOD13.BAS\"\n") print("waiting to select DRIVE 1") emu.wait(15); print("selecting DRIVE 1") emu.keypost("1"); print("waiting to select MOD file A") emu.wait(10); print("selecting MOD file A") emu.keypost("A"); resetcounter = 1 end) if resetcounter == nil then print(coroutine.resume(co)) else print("Clear already done") end
  11. The master branch issue is something I experienced (and thank you to you and Greg for getting me back up and running yesterday). Fortunately, I make backup SD images frequently so it's easy to fall back to just before an attempted upgrade. No idea on how my branch was set for 'master' rather than 'release' as I have not used any manual git commands. Either way, it looks like you are addressing it in future upgrades. A move to python3 is good and it makes sense. Backing up our TIPI shares, etc., should not be an issue. I actually installed tms9900-gcc and many other TI based development tools (which is why I occasionally ask you about things related to compiling fcmd, etc.). I'll need to start over with those types of installations with a move to a current Raspbian version. It goes without saying (but will anyway) how much I appreciate all your efforts with this project. Thank you.
  12. It just keeps getting better and better. Looking forward to using this with 80 column support one day. Thanks, jedimatt42!
  13. I appreciate the info. It sounds like there are some easy options for resolving the issue. Thanks!
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