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  1. Actually, there was an NES port of R-Type...except it was an unlicensed game called "Magic Dragon" that is merely a cheap knock-off of R-Type.
  2. I'm sick. My nose is stuffy, I have a bad cough, and I now have a strange urge to play some Odyssey 2.

    1. carlsson


      I'm afraid no vaccine in the world will cure that last bit.

    2. CaptainBreakout


      He's an Ody2Zombie!

  3. Super rare games like Air Raid are treated like status symbol more so than regular Atari games, and some people are more determined to own these status symbols than others and have wallets to match.
  4. I don't know why someone would have deliberately donated a game they know is rare when they could have sold it themselves and easily make a few grand off of it. It could just be someone who donated a box of random Atari games they found in the attic. Meanwhile, I'm having war flashbacks from the spray painted Atari cart with a pvc pipe glued on top.
  5. Ok, I bought both the power regulator and the capacitor to replace the bulging one. In the mean time, anyone know how to disconnect the power board from the rf shielding so I can desolder the old parts and solder in the new ones?
  6. I looked through Digikey's selection and they did not have any that would fit the laser. The current chip has 7 pins on each side and all the ones I saw on Digikey have 10 on each side. I can't even figure out how to get the power board out of its shielding so I can solder.
  7. @skintigh Here you go. Be aware that the board that is inside my jr. is a replacement board. I checked the board that was originally in this jr. and it had multiple chips on it.
  8. Holy necropost, Batman! Anyway, I've come to realize that the reason why the ball-top joystick is so stiff is because of the grommet, which must have hardened overtime. I bought some new grommets off Arcade Shop to put in both the ball-top and bat joysticks and they make a big difference to how they feel. They now have just the right amount of resistance and, in the case of the ball-top, does not make my arm hurt after extended periods of use.
  9. None. I really want to get into text adventure games, but I suck at them.
  10. Does the brand of the chip matter? Or is it just a generic ic?
  11. Hi, I tried to use my laser 128 today, but when I turned it on, I heard something pop inside and the computer smelled like something was burning inside. When I opened up the computer, I checked the power regulator section and noticed that the small chip there had a chunk blown off the top with its insides exposed. Does anybody know what chip it is so I can get a replacement?
  12. Have you checked if the pressure pad is still intact? I had a copy of Necromancer that wouldn't load until I noticed that it didn't have a pressure pad. I put a new one in and now it works like a charm.
  13. The real April Fools joke is how cold it was.

  14. I now have yet another way to play Pac-Man. By the way, I heard that boxed copies of the Neo Geo Pocket Color version came with a restrictor ring that slotted around the clicky-stick and made it function like a 4-way joystick. I wonder if it is possible to 3d print a replacement.
  15. I have to say, this game looks great for an Odyssey 2 game. The gameplay looks pretty good too, reminds me of Pitfall.
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