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  1. With how many times Biff misspells "forums", it makes me wonder if he's either allergic to spellcheckers, or if he rejects the correct spelling and substitutes his own.
  2. In other news, Burger King is now selling $1 tacos...that is all.
  3. Got this Super Pong Ten console for $15 from the Flea Market.
  4. I don't think anybody pointed this out and I didn't notice it until now, but the Ataribox thread is two years old! Here's to another year of tacos, Speakerhats, and release delays!
  5. I don't know, my devkit looks more like this.
  6. I'm loving the new mobile skin so far. I never really used the previous one because it was so different from the desktop skin.

    1. Albert


      Yeah, the old mobile skin was pretty terrible!  And you can use any of the skins on a mobile device and they should all work just as well, which wasn't even an option before.

  7. $389.99 for what is essentially an OUYA: vaporware edition? You got to be kidding me! Also I'm not all that surprised that the "prototype" or what ever is just a bunch of random tech crap crammed into a clear case; It seems that the VCS may go the way of the Coleco Chameleon at this rate. They're getting down graded to "Fish Taco" status for this!
  8. I store my Intellivision overlays in this small baseball card binder I found at a Goodwill a while ago.
  9. After having to build a paralell port dongle to bypass the BIOS password screen, I'm now able to finally use the Toshiba Satellite 315CDS I bought a couple of weeks ago.

  10. Galaga was my jam when I had Namco Museum DS when I was younger. I have the first two bonus round patterns memorized and would make it to around round 11 or so. I'm probably not as good as I used to be, but I can't help but play a game or two whenever I find a Galaga cabinet.
  11. Are the play heads on the tape deck clean? If not, then it's a good idea to clean them with q-tips and rubbing alcohol, as dirty tape heads can hinder the tape decks ability to read the data off the cassette. It's also a good idea to crack open the tape deck and check if the drive belt is stretched.
  12. The slight redesign is neat and all, but it really doesn't matter much if they keep insisting on showing us renders instead of an actual prototype, which I doubt they will ever build. Looks like I got what I wanted. Maybe they were listening...nah probably not. Also since Atari didn't take an eternity to update us this time, here's a triple decker taco.
  13. Delayed again? I was kinda hoping for Atari to release another update for us to make fun of. I bet by the time the pre-order date or "release date" or whatever comes, they'll either cancel the "project" or, more likely than not, delay it again. So while we wait, here's a double decker taco.
  14. Here are my second and third entries.
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