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  1. I've kinda knew something was up with Laird ever since I saw him post a rather childish negative comment on a Youtube video talking dis-favorably about the Atari Lynx.
  2. Phoenix was one of my favorite games on Taito Legends. I was surprised to learn that the game developed by a small game developer in Phoenix (ha ha), Arizona, because the game fits right up there with the rest of Taito's early 80s offerings in terms of quality.
  3. Got this Heavy Sixer from a flea market a few months ago. I think it's a 1977 board inside a 1978 case because it has the access hole for the channel select switch and yet there is no such switch wired to the board. The "Recondition" stamp on the S.N. sticker probably has something to do with it. Serial number is 99477N
  4. Oh the weather outside is frightful
    But the AC is so delightful
    Since it's not gonna snow again
    Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain.

    1. GoldLeader


      Are you in California?  (Just my quick guess)...Plenty of snow here, just bring your own shovel and maybe I'll be able to get the car out in a couple of days ...I better, If wer'e open, I've got work on Tuesday ;)

  5. Turns out some random "blank" disk I used to test the Laser 128 actually has a copy of Summer Games written to it. What's the deal with me and floppy disk containing copies of Summer Games?

    1. RockyRaccoon


      Ha. I'm totally jealous of your Laser 128 thou. A friend of mine had one and I was always super jealous of it.

  6. Hi, I've recently bought a Laser 128 Apple II clone computer. Unfortunately, it is missing the F10 key and the space bar key. Is there a place where I can get replacement key caps? And if there is none, will key caps from an Apple II fit?
  7. Scored me a Laser 128. They're pretty much Apple iic computers but with a little bit more.

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    2. The Mr. Video

      The Mr. Video

      @save2600 About $60. Apple ii's aren't necessarily cheap.

    3. DeathAdderSF


      If you didn't already, try'n find & buy the expansion box. It's a solid metal enclosure that'll allow you to truly experience the "little bit more" the computer has to offer: as it can accept up to 2 Apple II expansion cards. There are also modern-day clones of this unit, but they don't come w/an enclosure.

    4. The Mr. Video

      The Mr. Video

      @DeathAdderSF Duely noted. Also is there by any chance a modern clone of the Mockingboard for sale anywhere?

  8. Now how did that end up on a Sirius disk? This is starting to reminding me of those Laserdisc dead sides. I should check the B-sides of other disk in my collection and see what I can find. Also, wouldn't it be theoretically possible to disable the copy protection on this copy and get the game to work?
  9. Ok I managed to make it work. What I did is that I set both the source and destination drive to drive #1. When Disk Wizard prompted for the source disk, I unplugged the SIO2PC cable, turn on the 1050, and let it read the disk. Then when it prompts for the back up disk, I turn the 1050 off, plug in the SIO2PC cable, insert a blank disk image into virtual drive #1, and let it save. Anyway, here's the image. Bandits_B_Side_Complete.atr
  10. Tried this and it did not work. In fact, If the cable is plugged in to the drive, then the Atari won't read from it, even if RespeQt isn't running.
  11. How will I be able to load Disk Wizard II to the Atari then? I have to load it through RespeQt, and the Atari can only boot to drive 1.
  12. Unless you are buying an Atari 400 to play non-stop rounds of Typo Attack, I'd say go for it and install the 48k mod. Also fun fact: Typo Attack was programmed using a 400, an Atari Assembly cartridge, and a 410 cassette deck.
  13. I was sure that the second virtual drive was empty, and I made sure that the 1050 was not set to drive 2.
  14. Ok actually, when I try it with a disk that I know works, it still says it has bad sectors. I think it is trying to read from respeQt's virtual drive and not my actual 1050. Is there a way to prevent that from happening?
  15. So I built the cable and dumped the disk using Disk Wizard II. It says that the b-side is full of bad sectors. It may just be some corrupt data, but here is the .atr file if you want to take a look at it. b-side.atr
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