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  1. Hi, I would like to be able to edit the first post of my J-card thread.
  2. Sure thing! I also plan on doing J-cards for Space Invaders and Journey to the Planets.
  3. Hi, I made some cassette j-cards for some of my Atari 8-bit games, and I thought I'd share them with you guys. They're saved at actual size, so you shouldn't have to mess with any settings to print them at the correct size. I highly recommend printing these on card stock or any kind of white paper that's thicker than regular printer paper. Cut along the faintly colored border and fold according to the white markers in the bleed-in area. So far, I've made j-cards for States & Capitals, Hangman, Preppie!, Energy Czar, and SCRAM, with plans to make more for other games. Energy Czar Hangman Preppie! SCRAM States & Capitals
  4. A common problem with Coleco Geminis is that the solder on the switches and ports crack overtime, causing them to have a loose connection. This is because Coleco used cheap solder during the manufacturing process. If you know how to solder, than reflowing solder on the cracked areas is not hard. As for everything else with the console, I've never had a problem with it. In terms of compatability, every 2600 game I've tried works on the Gemini, although I've yet to try homebrew on it.
  5. The biggest reason to why pokemon games are going up in price probably has something to do with the controversy surrounding Sword and Shield. Gamefreak gained some heat from fans due to them removing certain pokemon from the game and changing the trading system without showing any good reasons to justify their decisions. This may have caused people to flock to the older games. I also think another reason why is that late 90s to early 2000s nostalgia is going in style, which leads to a growing demand for games released around that era and not enough supply to keep up.
  6. I think the big reason why the 7800 failed was because Atari was too slow to release the 7800. They test marketed the 7800 in 1984, but didn't give it a wide release until '86. By then NES was getting a nationwide release and was catching on like wildfire. Another factor was their lack of third-party developers. Nintendo's policy of not being able to develop games for competing systems upon becoming a third-party developer allowed them to snatch up all of the prestigious developers and leave Atari and Sega next to nothing, and while Sega managed to mostly get by with their own releases, Atari just couldn't compensate.
  7. I've check the bottom of my 2600 jr. and it did not have the "CX-2600 jr." model number. In fact, I could find any model number on the bottom sticker.
  8. I don't recall ever hearing about Toasters and Chainsaws ever having a relation to Elevator Action. The story I've heard about this game was that it was never even considered for development and the marquee was done by Taito America as either a test or maybe an in-joke.
  9. I thought Toobin' was supposed to be a fictionalization, not a simulation!

  10. Maybe the unofficial name was inspired by the model number? I've never seen the 2600 Jr. be officially referred to as such in any promotional material or packaging. I should check my 2600 jr. to see if it also has "CX-2600 JR." as its model number.
  11. I see. I figured that bad sectors would have been one of the easier ones to crack. Didn't realize that I needed special equipment for copy protected disk in general. Good to know! The disk version has features that the cartridge version lacks. Such as high score saves and the ability to natively run on Atari XL/XE hardware without a translator disk.
  12. Hi, recently I bought a copy of Gorf on floppy disk. Atari Mania only has the cartridge version on archive, so I figured I'd chip in and dump my copy. The problem is that the disk has bad sectors spaced equally between good sectors, and the game loads fine otherwise, which makes me think that the disk has intentionally bad sectors as a means of copy protection. Using SIO2USB + Disk Wizard II doesn't seem to work, as attempting to load the dumped copy would result in the computer soft-locking on sector 16. Is there a way to copy the disk while retaining the all the bad sectors from the source disk?
  13. While I think the shape of the controller is fine and I'm not bothered by the cable coming out of the bottom, the d-pad is improcise and the analog stick is probably one of the worst ones I've used. Who at Sega thought a completely plastic stick with tiny dimples to poorly keep the friction between the thumb and the stick was a good idea? However, I've heard that analog stick grip covers for the Wii can fit the Dreamcast's stick and improve friction.
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