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  1. I swear my Laserdisc player has a mind of its own. I pulled it out to play a new disc I got today, and it kept saying that there was no disc for both LD and CD. After taking it apart, cleaning the lens, and reseating connectors, it still wouldn't read disc, so I gave up and put it back together. I decided to try playing a disc one more time, and it randomly started reading disc again. I swear it just wants to see me squirm until it got its fill, then it will let me play disc.

  2. That's strange. I made sure that they are saved at actual size so that you wouldn't have to fiddle with any printer settings, but I guess every printer is different. The only thing I can say is to adjust the print size until it is right. Try using another cassette j-card for reference.
  3. What better way to artificially inflate the worth of your game than to pay a sum of money for someone to put it in a plastic box with a number on it?
  4. It has certainly been a while since I've last updated this post, what with the real life stuff and laziness getting in the way. But anyway, I've added not one but two j-cards for Journey to the Planets. One is based on the original JV Software box art, and the other is based on the Roklan box art.
  5. I'm having trouble getting my SIO2PC cable to play well with my 1050 disk drive. Whenever the cable is connected to both the 8-bit through the 1050 and the pc, my 600xl will always try to send commands through the cable and completely ignore the 1050 if it is set to drive #1, even if I don't have RespeQt running. When I set my 1050 to drive #2, the 600xl will seemingly send commands to both the pc and the disk drive, but will otherwise ignore the 1050.
  6. What the actual hell!? What thought process lead to them thinking that sanding down the thin, copper pins was the end-all solution to dirty cartridges?
  7. Having a bit of fun with my new handheld oscilloscope.

  8. Interesting read. I've first heard of the Terebikko because there was a Super Mario World vhs tape that was used with it.
  9. Is anybody else having trouble connecting to Lemon 64?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. carlsson


      By the way, both Lemon64 and Lemon Amiga had a major server breach so everyone are told to update their passwords and perhaps even more importantly make sure to not reuse passwords on other sites (like we've been told the past 15+ years).

    3. krslam


      Any word on when/if lemon is coming back? Haven't been able to load the site for 9 days now.

    4. carlsson


      It appears the world is waiting for TNT, and I don't mean explosives.

  10. Implosion for the C64 plays like a crappier version of Zone Ranger, but what other game says "YOU HERO" whenever you get a high score?



    1. GoldLeader


      I've always thought the game H.E.R.O. could have an ending where a girl runs up, gives you a hug and says "My H.E.R.O.!"

  11. $30 international shipping for £5 microswitches!? You've got to me kidding me Ebay!

    1. Tickled_Pink


      Depends where you're from. I'd expect that kind of shipping rate from the US to the UK. I wouldn't expect it the other way round. Shipping to the US should probably be no more than $10.

  12. It's strange for me to see an old game system in its original packaging because I always get my retro games used, but a treat nonetheless.
  13. I'm gonna say ET. It's so difficult to progress through the game when the FBI agent and the scientist are constantly harassing me. It's especially bad when the agent comes and steals one of my phone parts because then I'm back at square one jumping down holes looking for phone parts again.
  14. I looked at my copy of Space War and it turns out that I have the same kind of cart that you have. As for where it came from, I have to agree with jaybird3rd's explanation. Right when Tramiel became CEO, Atari started cutting cost on many of their products, including Atari 2600 cartridges. They probably had a surplus of 1978 Space War labels that they wanted to get rid of before printing new ones.
  15. The adaptor in the picture is a regular 4 player adaptor with the classic link cable plug at the end. I don't think they ever made a 4 player adaptor with the pocket link cable plug.
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