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  1. I attempted to do this mod to get s-video from my NTSC 600xl and I think I'm missing something. I wired chroma and luma to two separate RCA cables to diagnose the problem. When I connect these cables to composite, I get no picture from luma and a dotty, scrolling, black with dots of white picture on chroma of which I can vaguely make out Star Raiders. The picture looks fine when I undue the mod and connect the computer through RF. Can someone please post a picture of this mod on a 600xl so I can cross-reference it with my own work?
  2. I'm actually in the southern U.S. I put "L-5" for my location as a joke for the Atari 2600 game "Encounter at L-5".
  3. I'm based in the US. I think the Brewing Academy board would be the closest to what I want, but it seems that it requires the interface board with the ps/2 and headphone jack. What I had in mind was that I was going to also mod my computer for s-video and route the video and audio to one cable.
  4. Hi, ever since I bought a donor board to repair my 600xl with, I've had a spare, perfectly good Pokey chip just lying around. I'm thinking of using it for a stereo mod, but I can't seem to find where to purchase a stereo pokey board. Does anyone know where I can get one?
  5. Sorry to ask, but am I reading an Ebay description or War and Peace? A few sentences would have been enough!
  6. You actually can get surround sound from the SNES, but it requires an audio amplifier that supports Dolby Surround. The amp reroutes out of phase audio from the stereo soundtrack to the rear speaker channel. I actually tried it myself a few days ago. It's not anything too amazing, but if you have the equipment, I'd say give it a try.
  7. I've seen the collision glitch happen when I used to play Kool Aid Man on 2600 Online. Does anyone know exactly why later revision TIAs cause the digits to be pushed together and make the game bug out?
  8. I borrowed a screw from my GBA to see if it would screw in and it did, so NGPC screws must be the same kind of screws used for the GBA except with a philips head instead of a triwing head.
  9. That's what my screw is. I just need to know what size of screws I should look for.
  10. The top of the outer screws do look like the top picture.
  11. Hi, my Neo Geo Pocket Color is in desperate need of extra screws. I'm down to one screw holding the casing together and I would like to know what kind of screws are used for the system so I can get some more.
  12. I've never been much of an RPG guy, but I've been wanting to play the fan translation for Live-A-Live for a while now, I just never could get around to it. The remake looks great so far, so maybe I'll finally take the plunge once it's released.
  13. Commodore woes are OVER! It's a bit of a cop out, but I bought a replacement board off ebay to put in the 1541 and now it works again. It may have taken me until now to view the SX-64 Christmas Demo, but better late than never.

  14. I keep forgetting to change my profile picture back.

    1. BydoEmpire


      You're ready for December!

  15. You should definitely try reflowing solder on the Gemini's cartridge port as the solder tends to crack on areas such as the joystick ports, power jack, and of course the cartridge slot. I've never owned or repaired a 4 switch Atari, so all I can suggest is to open it up, inspect the board, and reseat any socketed chips. Someone else with way more knowledge on 4 switch 2600s could probably go more in-depth on what might be causing the problem and how to fix it.
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