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  1. That's SUPERVOLT

    1. ZippyRedPlumber


      "If that's the case, why can't we call you White Fish"

    2. Syzygy1


      Black Vulcan is hot. "Pure electricity... in my pants."

  2. You remind me of myself.
  3. Great Lightning!

  4. I haven't played Vanguard yet. The most I can get up to before I kill the guy is the stage with the purple background and it's really narrow. As much as I love the game's concept, the game itself triggers my anxiety so the rare few times I play it I do it with the sound off so I don't have the heart monitor making me all nervous like "AM I GONNA KILL THE GUY?" Funny, I kept saying I was gonna kill him and I made it up to that stage, at which point I decided I wasn't going to kill him... and I killed him.
  5. Idea for a 2600 hack: Save the Whales starring Aquaman

    1. doctorclu


      Got an idea of what game you want to hacked to be the basis?

    2. Nathan Strum

      Nathan Strum

      Does Aquaman eat fish? Or just seaweed? And technically, isn't he swimming through fish poop all of the time? For that matter, where do Atlanteans go to the bathroom? Do they just kind of... go as they swim?

    3. Syzygy1


      @doctorclu Save the Whales

  6. Well, I've just made my stories about Cyborg and the Titans for the time being. I've got Galaxian where Starfire enlists the Titans in helping a reformed Blackfire fight against a hostile alien race, Fantastic Voyage where Raven shrinks the Titans and takes them inside Cyborg's body to defeat a blood clot in his brain, one about Robin I haven't applied to a specific game yet (guest starring Batman), and Centipede where the Titans have to fight radioactively-mutated bugs atop Cyborg's head, utilizing STAR Labs technology to shrink.
  7. I never knew there was such a gory game based on a heavily-censored anime.
  8. It's actually "startling secrets" but whatever.
  9. How did video games turn from blocky blobs to an actual comprehensible character in the span of a decade

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    2. Syzygy1


      Graphics and processors, right?


      I don't like blocky blob spaceships as much as I like an actual comprehensible Sonic in the 16-bit era.

    3. Eltigro


      Digital evolution

    4. Syzygy1
  10. My dad told me Moses actually killed a guy and he still got to go to heaven.
  11. The manual. Was typed. By Cyborg. Victor Stone.
  12. I'm writing an adaptation of Fantastic Voyage as part of my Atari stories ft. the Teen Titans, where Cyborg is stricken ill with a blood clot in his brain possibly due to exhaustion and Raven shrinks the Titans to go inside Cyborg and cure him. Thing is, Cyborg is still conscious and interacts with the Titans over a communicator even though his energy is slowly draining and he might die if the Titans aren't careful. The symptoms of Cyborg's condition are minimal; Cyborg thinks he just has a headache at the beginning, which turns into a fever, and suddenly he feels a splitting pain in his head which alerts the Titans SOMETHING IS WRONG.
  13. The shocking origins of Victor Stone!

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    2. CPUWIZ


      This is getting annoying and I like cheeseburgers.

    3. Syzygy1


      lmao it's a 1982 Teen Titans comic cover which has like Cyborg winking at us. I just felt like saying that because it makes me crack up

    4. Syzygy1


      It's actually "The startling secrets of Victor Stone!"

  14. I was just watching a Batman episode where his cowl turned pink. Keep in mind, this was the 60s. So what came out of my mouth? "GAY BATMAN!" Don't get me started on Pink Kryptonite, either...

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    2. GoldLeader


      Can and will!! (And will have could) Ooops I've said too much... D'oh!!

    3. DZ-Jay


      Time travel does exist: I visited the past many, many years ago, and now I am in the future.

    4. Syzygy1


      Real men wear pink!

  15. Not even the Teen Titans anti-drug PSA from 1984? With Cyborg winking at us complete with gleam? Oh god, if someone on here actually remembers that...
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