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  1. An awesome idea a developer team should get on instantly is a Fantastic Voyage style game, taking place in the human body, for modern consoles. So the idea is you (the player) are shrunken down and you enter someone's body. There'd be different areas in the body for you to explore, each containing their own share of bacteria and viruses you would have to eliminate. You'd learn about different diseases and such, but not in a preachy way. The body would look as realistically as possible. Also interesting to note (at least to me) is that the patient you're inside is a black man, because it's time for some diversity among Fantastic Voyage plots. I guess. The simpler explanation I do not want to post, because I'm afraid it'll freak you all out. (It's sad but true.) I really wanna see this happen in the coming years!
  2. minus the seventies music
  3. Fantastic Voyage, even though the game doesn't look realistic. Heh heh.
  4. Originating on Earth in the 22nd century, the Outer Space Peace Force (OSPF) is determined to protect the universe at all costs. With a diverse lineup consisting of members of every race, the force provides Earthlings with hope and the knowledge that their planet will be free from all evil. Here are the members: Jake Jupiter - American. Born in Tennessee, Jake is an expert pilot who worked as a test pilot before becoming the leader of the force. His dad died when he was 5 years old, leaving only his mother to take care of him. Thanks to her, Jake developed a moral sense of right and wrong. He was also homeschooled until high school. Now, Jake has good sportsmanship and treats everyone in the force like family. I intend him to look like Derek Wildstar from Star Blazers. Fa Liu - Chinese. Growing up in a military family, Fa Liu was educated in a private school when she was young. That knowledge has now paid off. She is the smartest in the force, always providing the calculations for everything and anything. She has always believed in aliens and was overjoyed to become a part of the force. I intend her to look like Li San from the Atari Force. Brandon Mercury - African-American. Brandon's parents always promoted good health and exercise when he was young. This led Brandon to train himself to peak physical condition when he got older, and participate in many sports afterwards such as boxing and karate, always winning awards. Tough and ruthless, Brandon is the strongest in the force. He's in a friendly rivalry with Jake Jupiter. He takes after his parents' beliefs and actually asked for a fitness room to be installed in the ship. I intend him to look like a non-cybernetic version of Cyborg from The New Teen Titans, or Luke Cage from Marvel Comics. Camila Lopez - Latina. Camila Lopez is new to the force, having been raised on her grandparents' farm most of her life (her parents died from an attack by aliens when she was only a baby.) She holds strong beliefs of justice, thanks to her grandparents telling her stories of heroes. Jake Jupiter shows Camila the ropes on various subjects around the ship, and she's showing interest in being a mechanic. She has a crush on Brandon Mercury. (I don't know what I intend her to look like.) Zell - An alien, Zell lived on the peaceful colony of L-5 before it was invaded by the warmongering Megalytes. Looking to escape, Zell stole one of the Megalytes' ships and made a crash landing on Earth in a cornfield (how traditional.) There, he made his way to a city and tried to avoid being seen. Eventually, he discovered the power to shapeshift and disguised himself as a human named Zack. He joined a human college and met Jake Jupiter, and both were recruited for the OSPF after they graduated. It was then Zack revealed to Jake he was an alien and resolved to free L-5 from the Megalytes. He's the inventor of the force, always making new things like an Antimatter Launcher or a shrink ray using fantastic alien technology. I intend him to look like Martian Manhunter. Here are the villains (so far): Gravitar - A villain of unknown origin who uses gravitational forces to defeat entire races. After he's done with a solar system, he installs a reactor within it, which creates a killer sun that destroys all life on the planets surrounding it. Then, he blocks those planets with rammers and bunkers. He has conquered many galaxies and intends to destroy the universe. The OSPF is our only hope. I intend him to look like a Rumiko Takahashi drawn Sephiroth. Megalytes - The war-hungry aliens that invaded Zell's colony of L-5. They come equipped with particle beams that destroys all life in its wake. Only things made of antimatter can stop them. I intend them to be based off the sprites from the game. I will update this as I get more ideas.
  5. I think if all the prototype games had been finished and released, the world would have been a better place.

  6. But whose body are we inside?! Cyborg? Wolverine? Brandon Mercury?! If I have to explain why I'm so adamant on knowing who the body belongs to, I'm gonna have to jump off the face of the Earth.
  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I GET THAT OMG So I kinda created the main team. Jake Jupiter is an expert pilot and the leader of the team. Fa Liu is a Chinese girl who grew up in a military family. She's the smartest in the team. Brandon Mercury is an African-American man who trained himself to peak physical condition. He's the strongest in the team. Camila Lopez is a Latino girl who's the newcomer to the team. She has Jake show her the ropes on various things. Zell is an alien hailing from L-5 (as you may know from the game Encounter at L-5.) He disguises as a human named Zack. And their team pet Irata, an alien kind of dog they found on a distant planet. So far, I intend to adapt Gravitar (introducing the villain Gravitar), Fantastic Voyage, Yar's Revenge, and more.
  8. Grid: "Have a nice day." (sorry to bump the thread but I had to.)
  9. "You'll never defeat us!" ~ Swayzak, 2002
  10. So I've been thinking about this since yesterday... I kinda wanna create a Hanna-Barbera esque animated series based on Atari 2600 games. It'll be partially based on the Atari Force, but with new characters, each hailing from a world based on a game. All the worlds are in a shared universe, and the main characters form a team to fight evil. I'm looking for writers to help me flesh out this series. Those of you who are good writers, help!
  11. OK, this didn't happen because I was faking my age back then (I was 12 when I posted that) but I have an INTERESTING story connecting Ninja Gaiden and CEC. You know the game over screen I mentioned in that post, where Ryu is bound to a table about to get a buzzsaw to the chest? Well, I enjoyed that a whole lot when I was 12, and I only now realize that's probably what was responsible for my bondage fetish. Now for the CEC part of it, you know the Spider Stompin' game they used to have in the 90s? Well, judging by the cartoon boxes on the marquee, the marquee itself, and the queen spider's line when you do bad ("Well, well, well, look what we've caught!"), the spiders tie you up if you lose. Around last year I fell in love with the idea with the spiders tying up my crushes, like Cyborg from DC and more recently, Hanna-Barbera's Birdman. So because of Ryu being tied up like that, I now have an obsession with cartoon spiders from a children's redemption game tying up Victor Stone and Raymond Randall part of my bondage fetish. Yeah. Sounds about right. Thanks, Ninja Gaiden.
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