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  1. You have the Bubsy plush now? I'm actually in something similar, but with the 2002 Invader Zim plush. There are two for sale. One for $199, and another for $159. I'm going with the latter. Only thing is, mom doesn't want me to spend money on it because she thinks it looks "stupid," and so does my dad (he's allowing me to get the plush though.) I could've gotten it for $12 in May 2018, but of course my parents were stupid and it disappeared. Because of that experience, I'm doing all I can to secure this plush!! I'm literally going to have a panic attack over it, I want it so bad. There's also the 1997 Rocko plush, which was sold at the Nickelodeon Stores around the country (including one in the Palisades Center, which closed 3 years before I was born.) It's literally nowhere on eBay (Spunky shows up more often than him), but I did find someone who actually owns it (and Heffer, who will go for more than Rocko.) Hopefully he'll be willing to give them to me, since I CANNOT find Rocko on eBay (even though I have a 2016 one.) Then there's this mysterious Courage the Cowardly Dog plush that was only released in Italy in 2013. It's shown up on eBay a few times, but I'm meaning to get him later. The reason I want these instead of newer plushes is because I'm obsessed with what I call "run era merchandise," meaning I can only get plushes that are from the period the show ran in. (Courage does not count because that plush was 2013.) Usually this fails miserably, but I did get a Dot from A Bug's Life plush that came out in 1998 thanks to my old neighbors, I bought a Knuckles from Sonic Underground plush that was given out with kids' meals at Denny's in 2000 on eBay, and most of my SpongeBob merchandise could be considered "run era" because the show is still going (though I consider "run era" 2000-2004 because of the first three seasons being the best.) Now you got me wanting this Bubsy plush... Jenny Nicholson won't give away her second, so what am I to do? Great. Now this is my new holy grail.
  2. Well, I'm 18 (going on 19) now and I have a debit card. I'm going to get a job in September. I was thinking of putting two or three arcade machines in my basement: Galaga, Dig Dug, and Nicktoons Racing. They are enough to keep me happy. I just want a nostalgia paradise room like Neil Cicierega's in "Aaron." Plus, I'll learn how to fix arcade machines. My dad will help. My dream is to rent out a large space in New Jersey when I move out (probs to Jackson, cus Six Flags operator rep) and fill it with arcade games and some amusement rides (probs Zamperla. Big rides for the adults and little rides for the kids), but that's gonna be when I get a bigger and better job that the one I'll have in the fall.
  3. Space Odyssey USA in Englewood (they used to have a train ride that would play a song similar to the Josie & the Pussycats theme), Bowler City in Hackensack (had The Simpsons, Class of 81, and a rare Addams Family Generator machine), and of course... Chuck E. Cheese in Paramus.
  4. Haven't been there since 2016, but it's changed a lot. Mega Man: The Power Battle is no longer there. Sad, because that was such a rare game. Anyway, first game I played after talking to the guy at the movie merch filled desk was Nicktoons Racing. I wanted to be SpongeBob, but the steering wheel chose Patrick. Got in 6th place the first time, second lap I got 2nd place. Fun Fact! For awhile on the SpongeBob Wiki, the Nicktoons Racing page said "There is a religion based on this game." I feel like I typed that. Whatever it is, I have great ideas for a Neil Cicierega style video now! After abandoning poor Patrick, I went to Dig Dug, but couldn't get it to start. So I went to the X-Men arcade game and accidentally set it to 2P. Chose Wolverine for 1P, Colossus for 2P, had to control BOTH players. Didn't get that far. Fun Fact! I was shouting "RAMSES! COLOSSUS!" while I was controlling Colossus (after Wolverine died.) That's a reference to the song "Indigo" by Moloko. Next, I tried Zaxxon. Me and my mom both tried to get over that starting wall, but failed. Then we wanted to play The Simpsons, but the screen was f'ed up (it was dark blue and black instead of the usual vibrant scheme.) So we went and played an annoying skee-ball game called Fireball (the attract mode will haunt my nightmares) and pinball. I tried playing Galaga on a Class of 81 machine, but SURPRISE!! THE JOYSTICK WASN'T WORKING!! So I told the guy behind the desk about it and Dig Dug, and he went over and found the button to start Dig Dug. Finished the first level, died on the second thanks to sh*tty joysticks. Fun Fact! According to the 3DS eShop, Dig Dug is apparently "the champion of love & justice." Isn't that what Sailor Moon is? Afterwards, we went back to our car and went home. The atmosphere was nicer than my previous memories of this place. They were playing '80s songs the entire time (told the guy behind the desk that "Heaven is a Place on Earth" reminds me of Solid Snake because both came out in 1988) even though some of the games were newer. I also told the guy I wanted to work here even though I live in Demarest. When I move out to Jackson (I wanna get that Six Flags ride op rep), maybe I can work here part-time. Overall, 8/10. Even with no Mega Man.
  5. Actually, upon looking closer, it looks like a man.
  6. Hello everybody, la de da! This is Tansit. Tonight, the...

    TANSIT! You're fired.

    Oh, really?

    Have your locker cleaned out by 5.

    I won't cry... if you're wanting to see me cry, you can save your breath, because I won't cry... *cries* What will become of me?! *cries more*

  7. Happy New Year to all. I've been planning a cyberpunk series starring a character from an obscure DOS game.

    1. GoldLeader


      When you say planning a series,  What are we talking here?  Games?  Books?  Graphic novels? Posters? Movies?  Candy bars and podcasts?

    2. Syzygy1


      Animated series

    3. GoldLeader


      ^Oh Sure!  The one thing I hadn't mentioned!   (It's OK ...It was implied.)  Best of luck!

  8. Greetings! I'm Space Ghost!

    1. doctorclu


      ALL HAIL BRAK!!!

    2. GoldLeader


      Ya know...As a lil shaver, I used to watch Space Ghost and Frankenstein Jr..  Then waaaaay  later on I heard about Space Ghost Coast to Coast and saw one episode, Then I started watching that one about 4 years later ... (Great Stuff).

    3. Syzygy1


      I was singing Deck the Halls during karaoke at my program and you BET I sang "gabba gabba hey gabba gabba hey hey" instead of "fa la la la la."

  9. The site the script was on has been down ever since 2018.
  10. Remember kids: winners don't do copy and paste.

    1. Lord Innit

      Lord Innit

      Remember kids: winners don't do copy and paste.

    2. x=usr(1536)


      Erzrzore xvqf: jvaaref qba'g qb pbcl naq cnfgr.  Ng yrnfg, abg jvgubhg rapbqvat.

  11. If you look close at the end, you can see the patient in that ride is a woman. Because you now know why I like Fantastic Voyage so much, you KNOW I don't want to see the insides of women. Or children. Whoever thought they needed to go inside a woman should rethink their life.
  12. It's called endosomatophilia. I found a forum dedicated to it and the guy who told me about it is working on stories with me where black men are gone inside. Including Cyborg from Injustice 2.
  13. "Some more games: Marvel vs. Capcom, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, X-Men vs. Street Fighter, X-Men: Children of the Atom, Marvel Super Heroes, TMNT Turtles in Time, Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, some redemption machines I forget the name of, House of the Dead, Time Crisis, Time Crisis 2, Crisis Zone, Pac-Mania, Tekken, Tekken 2, Tekken 3, Tekken Tag Tournament, Tekken 4, Soul Edge, Soulcalibur, lots of fighting games like that. There was a Batman kiddie ride near the kids games, it was like the Batmobile or something. I loved that as a kid who was a big fan of Batman. Some more songs that I remember played there... Again, that's all for now."
  14. Yeah, you're probably wondering "where did Grid get the silk from, anyway?"
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