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  1. If someone makes a game out of this (I was thinking of hacking Air-Sea Battle)... I'll be eternally grateful.
  2. This topic is interesting. Imagine if there was an X-Man movie (cus the guy directed porno films in the late 70s.) I wonder why Marvel never sued him. Professor X, Storm, Wolverine...
  3. My friend remembers hearing about this since Ohio and Illinois are close to each other
  4. But I don't even like Teen Titans Go
  5. Rolling Thunder at a hockey rink in Westwood, NJ, replaced a Class of 81 machine that also included Frogger
  6. Probably like my favorite fucking kind of games, I'd like to know how many Atari games take place inside the human body for... ahem... "research." So far, there's Fantastic Voyage and Suicide Mission, along with the homebrews N.E.R.Ds and Flesh Gordon (the latter of which takes place inside a penis...) Does the bullet removal surgery part of M.A.S.H. count?
  7. Syzygy1

    Atari 6-Pack Abs

    YESSSSSSSSSS but big question is the guy we're going inside black? ...don't ask
  8. Looking at it now, the character on my avatar would appreciate this ad...
  9. My friend Tenshi remembers getting up from her couch on a Saturday morning, riding her bike to the mall, and going to Aladdin's Castle to play some games. I think it was the first time she played Dig Dug.
  10. I don't want to be a dentist, or SQL/Oracle database admin. I work at a summer camp and make money that way. I'd rather work at a GameStop so I can live the dream both ways.
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