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  1. I've been writing floppy disks for my TRS-80 using disk images from my HxC2001. My CP/M disk will not boot and I have no other boot disk for CP/M. Is there a utility which will create a floppy from a disk image file on the real hardware? It would be great if I could extract the CP/M .DSK file to a real floppy. I know it's possible from a PC with a 5-1/4 drive but I do not have a desktop machine with a 5-1/4" drive. Thanks
  2. It would probably work, I'm sure there is a 7805 in there to regulate the 6V down to 5V as you mentioned... but it may generate extra heat. I think I used a 5V supply successfully, but I can't remember, it's been awhile since I had an M100 Also, check the polarity, I *think* the M100 wants center pin negative, not center pin positive as with most supplies.
  3. Yes, you replace the ram chips and add a jumper. I haven't done it, but I may do it to my own 16k coco2
  4. Sure, I paid $140 for the computer, 430 printer with original driver disks and manuals, original plastic covers for computer and printer, and 3 plastic disk organizers about half full, 3 original binders with disks amd owners manuals for TRSDOS 6 for the Model 4/4P (I guess they had multiple copies / computers, this came from a business), Original Visicalc, DiskScripsit, GeneralLedger, Profile 4 Plus, Multiplan, Deskmate, original basic programming manual and quick reference guides. For the computer alone, not a great price, but considering it's a later model with green monochrome screen and a bunch of disks I think I did pretty well... also no shipping costs. The repair is very easy, there are two common capacitors that go on these power supplies. They are cheap... 2$ each.
  5. My opinion is that the seller knows nobody is going to pay $1200.00. All he's trying to do is inflate the market. When someone sees him selling for $1200.00, they think "Oh, I'll sell for $800 thats way less than him!"... without knowing the market price is $100. If enough people do this, the price climbs... until the guy asking $1200 can realistically ask $500. Ever notice the people asking crazy prices are buying everything up as fast as they can at $100-$200 prices? Once they have the majority of inventory, THEY set the prices. They are sitting on this stuff and inflating the market until what they have is a gold mine. IMO you should buy while the buying is good. Eventually $1200 will really be the going price. I know it sounds crazy... but have you seen what an IMSAI 8080 sells for? Check the completed auctions! The last one sold for $3000
  6. I have a CoCo2 and I've owned a bunch of Model 100's, but something about the old Model 3 and 4 always caught my eye.. they have that robust serious look, like a NASA workstation terminal, and well I am a fan of heavy clacky keyboards and monochrome monitors. Today I was cruising craigslist looking for old Commodore stuff, and I found Model 4 with 430 printer and 3 organizers full of disks, and original disks and brown binders for Multiplan, Visicalc, SuportScipt, DeskMate, and a bunch of other original disks with manuals, original BASIC and system manuals, and a bunch of other books. It's a later model with the green monochrome screen and arrow keys, 64k. I snatched it up The printer is HUGE.... typically I consider vintage printers to be almost worthless but there is something pretty neat about a printer that will print up to 15" wide. It's worth keeping. Now I just need to find 15" fanfold paper! Of course, I booted up the machine... and it ran great for 10 minutes and then screeched and coughed and a huge plume of white smoke rising like a mushroom cloud and then spreading out along my ceiling. I quickly shut it down and discovered the common filter caps blown. I've already ordered them so repairs should be sometime this week.
  7. The key shape was different alsoon the very early 2 prong versions as well as the font and function key colors, between the early vic and later vics ...
  8. I'm in FL, I could do it also..
  9. My book arrived today, it's very nice! Beautiful hard cover, happy to add it to my 8 bit shelf... after I read it of course. Glad I could get one while they are still available.
  10. Awesome thanks. This is my first Apple II so I'm starting from nothing.
  11. Are most Apple owners using 3.3 or ProDos? Which applications would you consider "must haves" for my IIc? Assemblers? (Merlin?) Compilers? Best adventure game? Best terminal program? Best BBS program? Thanks!
  12. That looks really nice actually. I'm assuming it prints charts or if not charts then viewing plans with RA/DEC
  13. Excellent book! I just got my first Apple II and the first thing I did was start hunting for machine language programming books and assemblers. The few PDF's I found did not mention specific assemblers, or get into the Apple itself, only 6502 assembly. This book reminds me of Jim Butterfield's book for the Commodore. Just purchased the hard cover also.
  14. Disassembled and examined the key.. the latch which rides in the groove of the key is broken.. I just soldered a jumper across it to keep caps lock enabled for now. Are there a few "must have" games or applications for the IIc? My blank floppy inventory is limited at the moment
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