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  1. only just saw this but for what its worth i was in the competition and i don't recall their ever being a program detailing the event, certainly all i got was a tshirt, lenticular badge and a certificate giving my name and score achieved, local heats were self organised with national heats (or regional in the usa) taking place over summer 1981 in capital cities with those qualifying going to the finals in washington dc. the game was played (supposedly) on game 8 using a standard atari (light sixer), asteroids cart and a cx-40 joystick, personally i believe they were using special carts as it seemed much harder than the normal retail cart i was used to playing but i have no evidence of this and i've never seen a cart or dump of the rom that would suggest it (atari also denied it when i asked them) so maybe it was just nerves / stage fright or even the fact i was used to using a cx-10 joystick.
  2. 1) pristine launch day cherry leisure pal atari vcs heavy sixer with cx-10 joysticks, cx-30-04 paddles and cx-20-01 driving controllers 2) boxed stadium events (nes, us) 3) starwing (pal) & DKC (us) competition carts 4) model 1 vectrex 5) cib channel f with a complete set of 27 cib carts
  3. my uk launch 16k atari 800 was £799 if i recall, still have it (upgraded to 48k) and it still works perfectly.
  4. mine "arrived" on saturday, or at least the customs bill for £16.14 did hopefully i'll pay / pick it up on friday / saturday this week, it's that or pay online and wait an extra 2-3 days for them to deliver it. edit: typo(s)
  5. after my heart attack last year i thought it was time to start making a few preparations for my demise, amongst all my former foster kids only one expressed any interest and that was in a megadrive + games and "anything else i can flog", suffice it to say i think one of my megadrives is faulty he can have that, the person handling my estate has been getting dripfed instructions for certain items that will go on ebay and stuff thats not worth much will go likewise, the rest can go to a computer museum for anything they want anything left over will also go onto ebay, all i can hope is that some of my rarer stuff makes another collector / gamer happy and doesn't just sit unused on someones shelf to look at occasionally, but i'll be gone so i wont care either way.
  6. well, the magic wild card for famicom disc system is here, like the fdsstick its a replacement for the nintendo fds drive (you still need the memory pack). downsides - can't back up your original fds discs like fdsstick upsides - sd based so not restricted to the number of discs it can store, no pc side special software, can run .a as well as .fds disc images, cheaper. link for worldwide sales http://www.tototek.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_35&products_id=199for u.s. based buyers that link includes a link to the american sales site.
  7. thanks for that, sorry i was put off as it costed the item and shipping before it gave an option to switch to something more reasonable so i didn't get that far in the process, i've done it now so joined the backorder queue, i didn't add the psu as i'd already bought the longer version of the usb cable you recommended and a usb adapter plug from amazon (same lead is available with free shipping from gameseek on ebay uk at £3.88 btw). thanks for your help.
  8. thanks, i bought one of those (2m) and an adapter plug then went to preorder the board only to discover it required not one but both testicles for shipping charges surely there is a cheaper way to ship it that doesn't cost over $50 on top of the board cost? i dont recall the atarisoft cart costing that much to ship, but dont recall if there was an option to change shipping method when i bought that one.
  9. another new famicom fds flashcard called the magic wild card is now available from http://www.tototek.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_35&products_id=199to buyers outside the usa (a link to the usa seller is on the above page). unlike the fdsstick this has two plus points first and most importantly it's micro SD based (mmc, sd or sdhc, not sdxc) so no custom pc software required and secondly it supports not only the standard .fds filetype used on commercial discs but also the less common .a files used by some old copiers and homebrew. it also sorts the file list alphabetically. prices are $25 uncased and $30 with a 3d printed case (+ any additional shipping costs, mine was about $8 for registered shipping). don't forget that as with all the other fds emulators you'll need to already own at least a famicom fds memory unit (if not a complete fds system) and of course a famicom.
  10. i know this is a dumb question but if i order with psu from arcadeshopper i'd assume it's supplied with an optional us 110v unit, can anyone direct me to a suitable uk 3 pin 230v power supply?
  11. this is a dream device, it's as if it was designed for me i have a us /4a, speech unit, joysticks, dual tape leads, a load of carts and a flashrom 99 who hit the no 32k wall so this is absolute perfection. i cant even begin to say how much i thank you for your work in doing this and i'm looking forward to when you open orders so i can purchase and finally put my /4a to the use it was intended.
  12. we still haven't been told where the order page will appear? here, on the lto website or on a specific page?
  13. really if you want to see what's worth getting then a multicart is the way to go and dirt cheap, in terms of bang for your buck i'd recommend the coolboy 400 in 1 and coolboy 198 in 1 as those have the least duplicates on them you should pick them up for about £4 each or £7 for the pair with free shipping from aliexpress in china. you can also pick up on ebay a copy of hyper olympic and/or hyper sports (track and field 1 & 2) along with a pair of hypershot controllers for £10-£15, goonies 1 and the famicom klax are fun games (and klax is better than the tengen one), afterburner again is similar to the us version but is afterburner 1 or 2 (i forget which the tengen one is but the namco one is the other) obviously splatterhouse is recommended but pricey as is gimmick. some of the chinese pirate carts can be fun too, i have sonic the hedgehog, boogerman, golden axe 3 and the super shinobi, there is also a version of final fantasy 7 (in english, make sure its more common in chinese) that is a lot cheaper than a us copy its pretty good but very difficult, the demakes of donkey kong country (titled dkc4) and contra spirits are also fantastic work (but contra spirits demake is really hard to get on cart as it uses a custom mapper).
  14. i've just ordered another of these, my last one didn't work, here's hoping.
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