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  1. I've been looking at my old post history here and cringing so dang hard. Like, at some point in my life I thought an original Xbox was worth a hundred dollars. Like what was wrong with me.  I ended up getting that hundred for my birthday and regretting my choice of purchase : Steam Greenlight(remember that crap). Thank you for not buying that darned thing retro Atari Agers.

    1. superskyphoenix03


      And if you couldn't tell, the game(s) I tried on greenlight didn't get onto Steam(very luckily). Even after that I tried selling a "Rare TV" because there was no documentation on it, when it ended up turning out to be a cheap thing that went out of business quick. And that one time I attached an LED to a spring on a battery and called it the world's smallest game console. And...you get the point. I should probably have left this account forever and create a new one. Sorry for acting that way to you guys.

    2. ApolloBoy


      I started here when I was only 13 and goddamn was I an obnoxious shit. Now I'm 30 and I'd like to think I'm a little less obnoxious these days...

  2. Just replayed Angel Island Zone on Sonic 3 & Knuckles. The world has one major flaw...If you are playing as knuckles, the only d-pad movement is that you have to press the d-pad to move up once is Act 2 in order to complete the whole world. Otherwise spamming the a button like it's flappy bird. Wish the game was harder, but otherwise it's a fun game.

  3. I'd say its up to the game. If the game is story based, the ending is a must. If it's an arcade style game that has no real impact with story, i'd say the title screen.
  4. While I have seen(and played) Princess Rescue. While the problem with studying the source code, is that P.R. is based on the first Mario, while SMW is fundamentally different in almost every way aside from the very basics(running, jumping, and block hitting). Along with that, PR attempts to be sort of different to Mario, while this is meant to be as close as SMW as possible. Though I do give props to the creator of PR/Zippy(no offense to other creators, I've seen some other really good home brews). I really love those games, probably the best for the system.And I did consider that for the project though. I might continue past the point I said I would(probably finish Yoshi's Island 2 in the style of my Yellow Switch Palace scrolling) It would be more complicated to do due to the code being crap, but I could probably pull it off with some clever tricks with the coding I know.
  5. I was originally going to make keep this as a mini Atari art project to see how many levels I could remake from Super Mario World in Bb, until I realized that more of the game was re-create-able than I thought(if I use tricks like making the game in separate roms giant file sized PS1 game style). Right now, these are just the levels with not much point(no enemies, powerups ect) and Iggy/Bowser can't hurt you. I posted the pictures on a status update of the stand-alone levels. Though I'll link these again https://imgur.com/a/f0KpE2k I'll also list the levels percentage completed : Bowser Boss - %30 complete(cannot harm each other, and starts off in a blank space until you press left/right) Iggy Boss - %50 complete(no collision with lava, or the boss, no way to attack) Yoshi's House - %100 complete(this was a useless level in the original and same will be here) Top Secret Area - %95 complete(no power-ups) Yoshi's Island 2 - %10 complete(level map done, nothing else) Yellow Switch Palace - %99 complete(needs a level end). Star Road 2 - %40 complete(lacks enemies, level completion, and gravity). Star Road 3 - %10 complete(just the level map done). As for the rest, of everything. Due to Nintendo's strictness with Mario(and their IPs in general) the project will not be finished past this point . If Nintendo does see this. I will take down these roms by any Nintendo rep's request. I will share these for now though. Bowser Battle.bin Iggy Fight.bas.bin StarRoad2.bas.bin TopSecretArea.bas.bin YellowSwitchPalace.bas.bin YoshiHouse.bas.bin
  6. With the exception of Morton Koopa, most of the one screen levels in my SMW 2600 remake are almost done. Very basic, and the bosses don't have collision detection. But hey, got a basic Mario working. Also got Yoshi's House, and  Top Secret Area complete. And Currently animating Bowser. I'll finish Iggy Koopa next. But if anyone is interested, it could be re-created(for the most part)on the 2600.BUT because I want to stay on Nintendo's good side as I want to actually publish to their system one day, I'm going to halt progress all together. I can send my play-field art over if anyone else wants to take a shot at it though.

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    2. ZippyRedPlumber


      You can still publish it as a non-profit freeware rom online.

    3. Shawn


      No you can't publish it online as freeware as it diminishes the value of the IP which is an offense.

    4. ZippyRedPlumber


      @ShawnOkay wise guy, if that's the case then how did the majority of people access the Princess Rescue rom after Nintendo C&D'd the carts...

  7. Good luck!  I'd love to see it once it's completed.  

  8. Doing a challenge to see how much of a remake Super Mario World I can re-create with my limited Batari Basic Knowledge on an actual 2600 system. Got some basic art pieces done that do work, so some of the game is possible to recreate in a sense. Here is An imgur link to the images I made


    If I can manage to create a proper engine for mario that sort of works, and split the game into different roms like final fantasy did on the ps1, I think there is a good chance it would be possible to re create a good chunk of the game. Not all of it, but a lot of it. Probably getting way out of my head on this, but I can try my hardest.

    1. superskyphoenix03


      Best part of all I think is that this is all playfield stuff. No sprites used here, which means I can theoretically program Mario in without wasting too much space. I'm thinking if I can do a thing where if mario hits the edge of the screen, it teleports him back to his starting position and changes the screen to simulate scrolling.

    2. classicgamer74


      That's all  you can do is try.  Maybe you could do like they did with Miner 2049er back in the day and split it into two games.  Or with the capabilities of today you might be able to fit it all on one cart.  Ask John Champeau for help, he's the guy who did Mappy. 

    3. Shawn


      Don't. It's gonna look like and play like crap on the 2600. Even if it does somehow look remotely like SMW you are sure to have Nintendo slam you hard. Others have been down this road before and it didn't end well for them. 

  9. it's been nearly a year, and I forgot to Show off my PGA cart I said I would show "in a few weeks" at Christmas time 2018. Not sure how I did that, but OK. Anyways, the game probably won't be released to the public to do my poor programming skills resulting in it being very boring. But it's nice having a one of a kind cart(no it isn't for sale anymore).

    1. superskyphoenix03


      Oh, and a late thank you Albert for putting the cart together :).

  10. So, after being dead from the forums for quite some time(and not using Visual BB for awhile either). I finally decided to pick up the program again and actually finish a game(I've made a few, but haven't finished them due to their complex nature and lack of knowledge for bb). I call it, Pabling's Glitch Adventure. Pretty basic of a game, and it's purposely glitchy. The goal of the game is to survive as long as you can. The score is like a health bar, and you have to align this monster guy(I call him lava dude, because I suck at names) and he raises your score. You use the fire button to move him, he also occasionally likes teleport around the screen. Very simple, but hey, I finished it! I'm still debating on if I should release the binary publicly though. I do have gameplay to show what the game is like. Also, I ordered a custom cartridge of the game on the shop here on 12/2/2018, I'll share video when it gets here(or on christmas). Here is the front label for the physical copy(the only one ever, probably), along with a gameplay video.
  11. Recently,I posted a fourm on the XBONE fourms about my game.I got the money,but It failed on steam.If you want to see gameplay click that link ------> https://youtu.be/esz3XMdob2k?t=2m11s Anyways,I've been working on a port to the 2600 recently.It's only been in development for about 3 days.I haven't got very far on this,but I recreated the first scene seen linked in the video.I worked on it for about an hour a day.Because batari basic crashed and would not work on my old PC,I haven't got anything done in awhile, so I forgot half the stuff I learned.I took a few days to research.You guys can play the PC version http://gamejolt.com/games/muppy-the-bunny-light-v-s-dark-beta-2/133836<---- there.It's early in development,Plus there is no collision or other screens,s it's pointless so far. Huses.bas.bin
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