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  1. Doing a challenge to see how much of a remake Super Mario World I can re-create with my limited Batari Basic Knowledge on an actual 2600 system. Got some basic art pieces done that do work, so some of the game is possible to recreate in a sense. Here is An imgur link to the images I made


    If I can manage to create a proper engine for mario that sort of works, and split the game into different roms like final fantasy did on the ps1, I think there is a good chance it would be possible to re create a good chunk of the game. Not all of it, but a lot of it. Probably getting way out of my head on this, but I can try my hardest.

    1. superskyphoenix03


      Best part of all I think is that this is all playfield stuff. No sprites used here, which means I can theoretically program Mario in without wasting too much space. I'm thinking if I can do a thing where if mario hits the edge of the screen, it teleports him back to his starting position and changes the screen to simulate scrolling.

    2. classicgamer74


      That's all  you can do is try.  Maybe you could do like they did with Miner 2049er back in the day and split it into two games.  Or with the capabilities of today you might be able to fit it all on one cart.  Ask John Champeau for help, he's the guy who did Mappy. 

    3. Shawn


      Don't. It's gonna look like and play like crap on the 2600. Even if it does somehow look remotely like SMW you are sure to have Nintendo slam you hard. Others have been down this road before and it didn't end well for them. 

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