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  1. Disk images for Lancaster's Mockingboard version were made available outside Asimov, as my spreadsheet indicated. That version found its way, without the compromises that the .dsk dump had, in the A-Woz-A-Day collection.
  2. That is an excellent question, I see no reason for Champions of Krynn to require a 65C02 CPU. The previous Gold Box games released for the Apple II, Pool of Radiance and Curse of the Azure Bonds, do not require one. My suggestion is that whomever SSI got to do the port was working with a 65C02 compiler and the issue was not discovered until it was too late to add compatibility for 6502s.
  3. I found the Apple II Reference card for the game and it specifically states at the end "Note: This game requires that your computer have a 65C02 processor." Of course it does not say so on the box itself, so I bet SSI or the stores had to process a few returns and deal with a few angry customers. Champions of Krynn - Command Card.pdf
  4. The word is sufficiently promising for me to take a chance on it. I did find one game that does require an Enhanced IIe by accident. AD&D Champions of Krynn will crash at the title screen if an unenhanced //e is used. It does not say it requires an Enhanced //e on the box, but both 1.0 and 1.1 will play only on an Enhanced //e.
  5. I asked the author about it in the comments section here and he said he would look into why it runs on an enhanced IIe and not an unenhanced IIe : What about Nox Archaist? There is a suggestion that it requires an enhanced IIe : https://nox-archaist.myshopify.com/collections/nox-archaist/products/nox-archaist-digital-edition
  6. Mockingboard is only employed for music, speech comes from the internal speaker. Also, this homebrew only supports an Enhanced //e or better (or just a 65C02 CPU), so those of us without are left out in the cold.
  7. You can use an 8bitdo M30 2.4G controller with the Nt Mini or Nt Mini Noir. You have to pair the controller to an N30 2.4g wireless adapter or (with a SNES to NES adapter) an SN30 2.4g wireless adapter. The N30 2.4g wireless adapter only sends the output of 8 buttons to the system, so you are limited to Genesis 3 button controller functionality. (The D-pad is 4 buttons) The SN30 2.4g wireless adapter sends the outputs of 12 buttons, so it covers Genesis 6 button functionality. The button mapping may not be ideal.
  8. I think I fixed the issue in the most basic way, by gently and slowly closing the drive door. Before the disk operation was either unreliable or not functional, now it is reliable.
  9. I bought a supposedly "working" Disk II off eBay and got it yesterday but it was flaky from the beginning with reading and writing disks. Sometimes it would not even start the process, with a program saying the drive was busy. Then it developed an issue where the drive would not even spin the disk. The only way I could get the disk to spin was by lowering the drive door so the door would barely have enough of a position to remain closed. Any further and the motor simply won't spin. The drive belt (an ALPS drive) did not look worn or loose. The drive door is a bit creaky but it is not misaligned when it is shut. Even when the disk does spin, programs now always spit out errors like "I/O Error" or "error track $00 when one tries to format a disk. It is as if the drive head is not moving correctly on the track the stepper motor uses to position it. It will move in response to a command, but as the disk is unformatted, it cannot read anything. Could a too light of a clamp cause the r/w head not to make close enough contact with the disk media? There is a Floppy Emu at Drive 1 and it works just fine with my Apple //e. Nothing else is in the //e at present except an extended 80-column card.
  10. I think he could have dremeled a slot in the security screws without reaching the metal housing underneath. But a security bit set is cheap and I know they can open those screws, I have an IBM PC/XT Power Supply that uses them. I definitely believe he has reached his Peter Principle here.
  11. Oh I won't, when it's released. Until then there isn't enough information for the spreadsheet and the available videos have been most unhelpful to identify what Mockingboard features the game is supposed to support. I tried all available images of Black Belt from Asimov and the only flux-level copy from Archive.org (turned out to be garbage) I could find and they did not produce any Mockingboard sound, just ordinary Speaker sound. AppleWin has separate sliders for Speaker and Mockingboard sound, making it easy to check when the audio is ambiguous. Here is the updated spreadsheet. One new game added to the list is Mockingboard Crowther and Woods Adventure, which was a recent find. It only's feature is Text to Speech. I have either working woz images or clean cracked images of all Working Games on the list except for OidZone! and have personally confirmed their Mockingboard capabilities. Mockingboard Software Audit 09-28-20.zip
  12. I did a byte comparison between the skull and crossbones version of Ultima III on Asimov and the defective Mockingboard detection version of Ultima III on Asimov. There is exactly nine bytes difference between the two versions. And those bytes are spread out across the image. There is no way that a Mockingboard music routine, or even the animated skull drawing routine fits into nine bytes. Both "versions" can use each other's Player Master disk images but no others. My conclusion is that someone found the skull and crossbones version and decided to fix it to come as close to the original game as he or she could. Therefore, I do not believe that there ever was a non-Mockingboard version of this game. There is no evidence of such a version. Unfortunately this also means that there is no clean copy of Version 1's Player Master disk. The Exodus Construction Set shows that there were monsters already generated on the Sosaria map and even an unopened treasure map. It also may have shown some erroneous tiles on the map which I had to fix by hand with reference to the Secrets of Sosaria Clue Book. The Monster Roster must also be wiped for the map. No other maps appeared to have issues.
  13. I think the easier solution is that if you do not have the correct decoder ROM, just burn one on an EPROM, the pinout should be compatible.
  14. The woz image worked ok for me in AppleWin to write a high score. woz images have a byte in their starting header to indicate whether the disk is write protected or not. AppleWin will not override this byte. My woz image of Summer Games did not have the byte set. If byte 22 in the disk image is 00, then the disk is not write protected. If byte 22 in the disk image is 01, then the disk image is write protected. You can edit the byte but AppleWin will throw up a CRC32 error, but you can ignore it and bypass it.
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