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  1. Please be patient with me, I'm rather new to all of this. By Rom I assume you mean the downloadable version meant to be used on the emulator and the flashcart. I read through so much yesterday. It was my understanding that you had released the ROM but Eric was working on an affordable/savable cart. Did the run he was releasing in 2010/11 ever come out? Seems a shame after all the drama if they hadn't. If I understood correctly from the video, you had one of his Betas? I am not internet savvy or tenacious enough to get the emulator to work. I'm afraid the flashcart would confuse me just as much. Every emulator/flashcart video I've watched starts off easy enough but it seems there ends up being allot of fiddling that most tech minded people take for granted.
  2. MrBrisby


    Original LynxI I have had since I was a kid and a newly acquired ebay LynxI
  3. Phew! How exhausting sifting through all of that. Eric, if you're still out there and planning on releasing any more Eotb. I am very interested. I'm not willing at this point to pay $90 for Double Dragon (or $180 as it is called "double" dragon and I own two Lynx) but I am very excited to play Eotb on my original system, as the good lord intended... of which you are not as that Chris character stated.
  4. To my understanding it seems as though you run so far at first because he (the boss) keeps running after you. I assume you have that distance to run and turn real quick to strike. I'm not sure what happens if you reach the beginning, I didnt need that much space. He seems to only take damage in the head, face area. He'll jump after you and stop every once in a while. I had to just run from him and when I had the chance turn, jump and hit him in the face. I didnt have any extra stuff, though the thing that makes your whip longer would have made it alot easier. A bit tricky as, with everything in the game, one hit kills you but be patient, you have allot of room to run backwards. The game ends. I don't want to ruin for you but... You rule the land as you put an end to evil! Hope that was helpful! (btw I played it on my Lynx. I dont know how other versions are)
  5. Late to the party! Thanks for giving me an excuse to play Rygar a bunch at any rate!
  6. Yes. It is the last level. Just recently beat it.
  7. I've only had experience with the much poo poo'd 5200 and the Lynx. Concidering the controllers on the 5200 eventually broke during the time most of my friends were getting nintendos I'll have to say the Lynx. I play mine almost every day after my friend reminded me that I had one!
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