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  1. The latest raspian buster image I based the TIPI image on, will do this for you on boot. [email protected]
  2. Someone just asked how to tell what CRUBASE your TIPI is at if you can't observe the board visually.. CALL TIPI (to run TIPICFG) will display the CRUBASE somewhere in the first two lines of the screen. [email protected]
  3. I think the cause and effect is confused. Fewer developers have the thing. And the percentage of people in the 'market' that are developers is tiny. In my opinion, developers should tinker with what they want to explore, and ignore this market nonsense. I think it is the constant drumming of this maligned sentiment that influences, and creates a self-fulfillment. If you are developing and care about market, remember, tech demos don't move hardware, kill-app-games do. This has been proven over and over again. It is a shame mad-marven didn't exclusively use a SIDMaster99 sound track. And nobody should be concerned with fragmenting the community. The 4A community is already massively fragmented. As are all the pre-internet/hive-mind era computer communities. [email protected]
  4. TIPI services only run the PI at 1% or 2% CPU load, except for brief 100% bursts when transferring data. So if you treat your PI 3 with respect, I would expect it to last as long as a TI-99/4A. (Hyperbolic statement shared only for amusement) [email protected]
  5. Ok, I finished getting it working on PI 4... Raspbian Buster.. A new image marked as such is on my downloads page. So now, TIPI does work with the PI 4. [email protected]
  6. That's more work than I'll ever care to care about. SD cards are cheap, plan to burn them out, every couple years... my advice to anyone would be to learn Linux and implement a backup system. I have put effort into ensuring that /var/log, /tmp/ and /var/tmp are all ramdisk(tmpfs) so the OS isn't destroying the cards actively. [email protected]
  7. @arcadeshopper asked about TIPI and Raspberry PI 4 compatibility. ( I hear 3's are getting more expensive that 4's at this point ) I have a PI 4, but it has spent the summer in the box. . So I just took it out today to look into this. Currently, the answer is: TIPI does NOT work with the PI 4. My SD card image is based on raspbian stretch lite, and the PI 4 won't boot that. I have started making a raspbian buster lite image, but I've encountered errors with my scripts that install the necessary prerequisites for the TIPI services. So I'll need to debug that. I didn't see any errors, except with the sqlite install. So hopefully once that is remedied, it'll all just work. [email protected]
  8. I need to take the time to design these better for other's to be successful printing... I have my 3d printer dialed in with minimal 'squish' so the face down printing isn't a problem. But I believe I should turn it around, and also make the face the part that comes off, instead of the back side... we'll see. Just had to refurbish my printer today for other reasons...
  9. I am of the opinion that for the sideport TIPI, the crubase jumper should be set for >1100 unless you have floppy drive. It makes a difference for a few programs. [email protected]
  10. After getting the DSR routines working in Force Command, as promised I paired the app down and restructured the linking for 32k ram expansion... ForceFTP v1.0 - ForceFTPv1_0.zip Seems to work fine on the 4A. I haven't had success with it on the Geneve in ROMPAGE mode ( Only mode I've tried ) -- fails on 'get' somewhere in writing the file... haven't had a chance to debug... Source is on github: https://github.com/jedimatt42/ti99-ftp [email protected] Edit: It supports 40 column mode, server commands: pwd, cd, dir, get local commands: lcd, ldir
  11. Version 0.9 available in first post: I used MAME to test against the Myarc HFDC and corrected a couple bugs. The bugs were general for non-DSK devices, so there is a pretty good chance it will work with Fred Kaal's HDX now as well.. [email protected]
  12. So, they made it easier to edit the title of a thread, and impossible to edit the first post.??? Never mind, I'm just blind... obviously.
  13. Thanks! My flavor of Linux hasn't caught up with high res displays yet, so I couldn't see the pull down indicator in the memory dump window... The dust on my screen is larger than the pull down menu icon.. --- Where are the 'help' pages inside the debugger? I don't see anything in here about help pages: https://docs.mamedev.org/debugger/general.html?highlight=debugger How would you go about setting a watchpoint on VDP RAM? Can you qualify a memory address when specifying wpset? [email protected]
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