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  1. @Vorticon reports that there is something funny about the case sensitivity of the readkey command. I don't see anything looking at the code except I could be clearer in the docs that the value of variables are case sensitive, and the readkey uses kscan(5) and composes a single character string from that value to assign to the variable. The report reads like 'readkey' and 'READKEY' behave differently, but I don't see how that is possible from the code.
  2. For the reader, readkey is a command in ForceCommand. Nothing to do with TIPI in particular.
  3. The cases I was referring to are not disk managers. Or even catalog listers.
  4. If you can point we at this software I can see what it is doing.. I know I've tested TI's Editor Assembler, but I do all my assembly with xdt99... So I've never tried the RAG stuff.
  5. Update 1.20 - (in post #1) fix script execution from IDE. Previously I use lvl2 IO to read the 0 block of the file, and examine if it is a PROGRAM or not... and if not, try to load as a DISPLAY VARIABLE file/script... but using lvl3 OPEN after the lvl2 read operation fails on IDE... So, I don't really know why. But I swapped things around, and attempt to open as lvl3 DISPLAY VARIABLE first, and if that fails, attempt the lvl2 IO for ForceCommand executables...
  6. I recommend looking into SofaRun, which makes loading and running ROMs with any of the different flash ROM carts very easy, and eliminates the need for pre-composing a multi-rom.
  7. These xb embedded EA5 loaders of old used sector io, which TIPI does not do. This never made sense as there is the much easier direct block read operation they could have used without having to decode the directory structure themselves. Usually you can just skip the xb LOAD program and load the EA5 with any other EA5 loaders. Or use the XB scratchpad loader to replace the SysTex loader... CALL TIPI("DSK1.INF-F18A") will probably just work.
  8. I put an F18A in mine. And then replaced the powersupply with a PicoPSU. Not many of the PicoPSU's provide -5v, and after changing to the F18A, the only place -5v went was the cartridge port. So I didn't care if it was not available. At that point, I think the sound chip gets it's clock from the F18A, and the crystal for the 9995 could be upgrade from 10.whatever to 12Mhz. But I haven't tried that yet. It would be interesting to try forcing it to zero wait states too.
  9. Update 1.19 in post #1: Fixes the DIR for empty volume names issue... Fixes DELETE on IDE drives. Changes scroll pausing There is a limit of something like 400-ish names that can match when using DELETE. It should degrade gracefully and skip the surplus matches but still delete the first 400. You can't have that many names on anything but TIPI I think, so good enough for now.
  10. Yep, I remember. It was just up there a little ways on the previous page of this thread. Sometimes, I'm just talking to myself here really, to share how the stuff works inside and the issues with supporting 'all the things'. And I've just found it is indeed because I have the CATALOG open during the delete request... if I queue the names, close the catalog, and then delete it works... now, I just have to tidy up the code. The workflow in ForceCommand for wildcard supporting operations is: Open CATALOG skip volume record for each directory record: if matches glob pattern perform callback to operation (delete, or copy, etc) count successful operations close CATALOG report on operation count. So, I need to change it to: Open CATALOG skip volume record for each directory record: if matches glob pattern add to name queue close CATALOG for each name in queue: perform callback to operation (delete, or copy, etc) count successful operations report on operation count. The IDE DSR appears to not allow me to mutate the data backing the CATALOG, as would happen if I deleted the file, while it was open. This is a fun gotcha, cause many devices don't protect against this. Since CATALOG is a FIXED record file type thing, you could theoretically reset back to an earlier record, and get goofy information inconsistent with whatever might have already been read. maybe... TIFDC, Corcomp, TIPI don't care, and let you shoot yourself in the foot if you like. Good things to know for developers.
  11. Oh... I wonder if I'm not allowed to delete on the IDE while I have the CATALOG file open.. The wildcard handling in ForceCommand performs the action such as delete, copy, etc while visiting each record in the CATALOG. Delete would probably screw that up for some devices. Anyone know if that is a real issue? The IDE controller returns error 224... 0xE0... which is a nice generic 'File Error' for a file operation... I'm pretty sure deleting worked for IDE before I added the wildcard support to the delete command... I guess I'll try and queue up the matching names first, so I can close the catalog before deleting.
  12. I guess I never re-released last Sunday... LOL... still trying to chase down the DELETE issue on IDE.
  13. https://ti99-geek.nl/Doc/readingdirectories.html
  14. On the 4A, all known mass storage devices SCSI, IDE, HFDC, HDX, TIPI, and others support timestamps automatically on files, and make those timestamps available to the 4A through an extension to the BASIC accessible CATALOG FILE protocol. That data is available to the programmer in most if not all the programming languages that support the standard TI filesystem.
  15. Try giving your floppies a volume name, and then try delete from them again... It is working fine for me on the floppy controller. DELETE is a standard lvl3 IO operation. However, it actually supports wildcards, so it performs a CATALOG first, and then filters the names... if your floppy volume name is empty, then the CATALOG part will fail until I release the fix for that tomorrow. But that doesn't explain why delete doesn't work on the IDE1. There is no special treatment for IDE in this regard.
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