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  1. Scratch the blue laser. A green one is MUCH brighter.
  2. Not sure why the Atari pinout diagram disappeared. I'm putting it here for my own personal reference lol.
  3. It's gonna have: a blue led light and a blue laser coming out of the barrel (that both light up when the trigger is pressed), adjustable autofire, Star Trek (original series, of course) phaser sound effects (again, activated by the trigger), and a port at the base of the handle to detach the zapper cable. I've already built a working one that has the blue led and sound effects. Just gotta add autofire, laser, and the detachable cable.
  4. Ooooh, this is gonna be fantastic, lol I'm building a (second) Star Trek Phaser light gun.
  5. And the 'hit detection' should work, as long as it's wired straight through any of the directional pins on the adapter, right?
  6. I think I could wire the 4 zapper wires like this: Zapper 5v to Adapter Pin 7 Zapper Ground to Adapter Pin 8 Zapper Trigger to Adapter Pin 6 Zapper Detect to Adapter Pin... 1? I think as long as I match the input pins to the other end of a Zapper cable going TO the NES, it should be ok, right?
  7. I'm gonna do it, guys. It's gonna be awwwwwwesome!
  8. Couldn't I just wire the trigger to the "fire" button pin on the adapter's input?
  9. Would it be possible to wire an NES Zapper to an autofire module (such as the "Blaster") in order to have the trigger function as turbo or autofire button? I know it wouldn't work on the 1st party Zapper, because the trigger fire occurs when the trigger button is released. But there are many third party "zappers" that function when the trigger button is pressed down. I want to create an adapter that allows the zapper to have autofire. Maybe this would be easier with an NES Turbo Blaster adapter?
  10. Yeah, I've tried it on 3 different computers. They were all on the same internet connection, though. I may have to try it at other people's houses or something. I didn't try the joystick thing because I figured that was just to get the device into "update mode," so that the computer can recognize it - which it already does.
  11. No hope for my wireless Logitech controller with the 2600, then.
  12. Yeah, I don't think it will. The problem is not getting the device into "update mode." The problem is that it won't connect to the online update service.
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