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  1. So looking forward to this, really hope it reaches the Kickstarter target. Although seeing all the game screenshots and covers is brilliant I think it's the hardware features and stuff like adverts that I'm actually looking forward to most. One thing for sure, a visual encyclopedia style book like this is long overdue for the A8 and it will have pride of place in my collection So come on fellow Atarians, if you haven't already pledged your backing to Darren and are in a position to do so, please get off the fence and help fund the book
  2. Some nice looking new units here - can see myself purchasing at least three of them if they reach the UK (Flashback 9, Legends, Namco Blast).
  3. Could I also go on a wait list or if you expand the current run please.
  4. Another great issue! Even taking into account all the Atari mags of the past I think this is my favourite and probably the best presented!
  5. Lovely conversion and plays great, thank you so much Hard to believe this is actually on the A8. Think I'm going to look for a 130xe so I can play it on some real hardware!
  6. Thanks for the video update, looking great Bought a Jaguar specifically when I heard about you working on this project, can't wait!
  7. Could I be placed on the list for a cased cartridge please. Thank you (and great work )
  8. Got my issue one today as well. First impressions, really good. I enjoyed seeing an old article reprinted from my favourite old mag, Big K. It's all very professionally put together and compares well with any other A8 magazine that I've read in the past. Suffice to say, I will be buying issue 2 and hopefully many more after that as well.
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