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  1. Thanks for the heads up Tommy, just pre-ordered (again lol). Roll on October. Only thing is I need to stop adding titles to the list of games I'm wanting to buy
  2. From what I can gather, Amazon UK cancelled all pre-orders. Probably easier for them to do until they know exactly what stock they will have available. Thanks for your input though Tommy, not many (any?) CEO's would get as involved as you do!
  3. I must have been one of the firs to order it on Amazon UK, way back on 30th September 2020, and have also had the cancellation email
  4. Pole Position Ballblazer Bosconian Stunt Car Racer Time Pilot Space Harrier Missile Command Atari Blast Scramble I think I'm going to have to buy one of those Flashbacks now
  5. 2, 5, 1, in that order. While I'm here, it's great that you spend so much tiime on this thread Tommy. It really does make me (and I'm sure lots of others) feel like we are part of the Amico family. It's like watching your baby take it's first steps Can't wait until Ocotber!
  6. I just got my Amazon UK pre-order update a couple of days ago with the October launch info. Now I'm hoping they might do an Amazon special edition though
  7. It's great seeing more posts of the old Silica flyers. It would be nice to get as many as possible into pdf format and host them somewhere for everyone to enjoy.
  8. Lotharek now has a UK distributer, https://retrolemon.co.uk/. I believe they will also be handling the AVG cart soon, so that might be a possibility for AtariAge products. In the meantime, I think a minimum order on the website or using EBay are the best alternatives.
  9. https://retrolemon.co.uk/ might be an option for a UK supplier. They are importing a wide range of Atari devices from Lotharek etc.
  10. Great to hear a new issue is on the way. I'm nearby in Glasgow, if there's anything I can do to lend a hand just give me a shout.
  11. Fantastic game, I'd love to see something like that on Amico.
  12. Really popular game in it's time. Came out on lots of formats and spawned a sequel as well. Great value as a budget release, it was only £1.99 If memory serves right, it was programmed by Shaun Southern who went on to write the Lotus Turbo Challenge trilogy amongst other things.
  13. Loved the idea of the Multi System since I first saw it previewed in ACE magazine. That's the first time I've seen that particular video though
  14. Me neither and Dragons Fury on the Megadrive is one of my favourite games of all time! Thank you @GoldLeader, I'm going to look out the SNES image now.
  15. I like the look of that. A bit like the lovechild of Centipede and Galaga...
  16. Thanks Fred. Managed to get a reservation slot. All your hard work is very much appreciated 👍.
  17. Apart from the bundled games it must be about 11 now And I'm sure there will be a few more....
  18. Bit of an oxymoron isn't it? 😀 They were so sensible that magazines commisioned them to do various coverdisk versions - with a grenade for a ball, on the moon, apples v oranges... all very sensible like lol
  19. Jon Hare of Sensible Software has been very involved in the development of Sociable Soccer. It's a nice modern take on the original Sensi. Please @Tommy Tallarico bring Sensible Soccer to the Amico 🙏
  20. Thanks very much for the helpful reply. Good to know. And I like your funky RAM terminology 😁.
  21. Well no, not really. That just says certain PAL systems. Hence who I asked for a little more clarification if possible.
  22. Without a doubt! Sensible Soccer is the best football game ever released and would be an absolute smash on Amico.
  23. Do you have any plans to test it on a PAL system? Wouldn't like to order one and then find out it doesn't work 😱
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