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  1. Interested in a CV controller. Is there a list to get on? PM sent
  2. I also would pass on the USB if it's going to see a significant price increase, next thing we'll be talking about wifi or Bluetooth. I'm very interested in this project but my wallet will only let me get so far.
  3. Hello, I've had some trouble with glitchy graphics on my Colecovision and when powering it up, most times I have to flip it on and off a couple times before it actually turns on. I assumed the switch needed regreasing so I pulled it apart, cleaned it up, applied some grease, and soldered it back together. When I tried to test it, I get nothing now. Is it possible to put the switch in backwards? I figured I'd ask before taking it all apart again. Thanks
  4. Keep forgetting to mention I received my copy. Looks great. Thanks for the assist Scott.
  5. Split Second - Xbox 360 LittleBigPlanet 2 - PS3 Pro Wrestling - NES
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