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  1. Starting to get back into the Master System. Got these this weekend, nothing special but they're CIB and more importantly, cheap!
  2. Lord Innit

    Lord Innit

  3. Loving Virtua Racing. £5.99? Bargain!! It plays like a dream and at last I can put the Megadrive version to rest. Also, what's all this fuss about the colours? Get over it, enjoy the game.
  4. I'm not sure why, but I had an urge to subscribe. So I did. Yay!

  5. Just can't seem to memorize the course. 55.61
  6. If you just look at his feedback as a seller he gets two negatives out of four sales. I rather call that 50% negative feedback.
  7. Well, I have tried and tried and tried and so on, and I can't get past my own high score yet alone get anywhere near Oyama's score, so I think it is time for me to concede. Well done Oyama and good luck in the next round.
  8. Favourites: Dig Dug Demon Attack Surprises: Dragonfire Track 'n Field Worst: Infiltrate Bank Heist
  9. 95600 on Mario Bros. Man, I've lost count how many tries I had today. Still 45000 short of matching Oyama's score, but I thought I'd post this score to show I am trying and not giving up yet
  10. Thank you. That score is going to be tough to beat, I get to around the 90000 mark and crumble. Everything moves so fast! If by the end of the weekend I can't beat that score I will probably concede........................... unless I can get real close
  11. The New Zealand Story glitches on an NTSC Master System, but it is perfect on a Genesis with a Power Base adaptor. There are some others like that but I can't remember which games they were.
  12. In 1983 I bought a Binatone Pong console for my brother and sisters. Somehow my old man got the most use out of it. Well, until he saw Donkey Kong on my Colecovision that is. After that there was no going back.
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