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  1. Received my copy from Sean Kelly today. Think he has more in stock now.
  2. Whatever your missing, I must be missing it too.
  3. Solar Jetman. If you like Thrust, Gravitar or Oids then this is worth checking out. The Video Game Critic scored it a D, but what does he know? Solar Jetman is by far my favourite NES game. Thankfully you don't need a NES to play it as it is on the Rare Replay compilation for the XB1.
  4. Well, the top right corner of the rectangle looks a lot closer to the edge of screen than the top left. The bottom corners seem ok. But like I said, it may be the angle the photo is taken from making it look that way.
  5. Maybe it's the angle the photo is taken from but the top half of the rectangle looks like it is bending towards the right of the screen as the corner looks closer to the edge than on the left.
  6. I see the limited qty has sold out on Sean Kelly's site. Glad I got my order in when I did.
  7. 25 years to this very day I bought my Saturn (20th Feb 1996). Bought Virtua Fighter 2, Virtua Cop and Sega Rally with it. It had the first Virtua Fighter as a pack in and an RGB scart lead which came as standard with the console at the time. After that my Playstation never really got played much and was soon sold off. A year and half later I had my Saturn region modded plus 50/60 hz mod too and it still runs great today.
  8. Venture game 1 difficulty B 3700 points
  9. Berzerk game 9 difficulty B 5230 points.
  10. Nearly at the end of Alien Isolation and will play through again later in the year on a higher difficulty setting. Currently browsing the Game Pass list for my next game
  11. Yeah, I am prepared for that. Just didn't want to pay $59 postage and customs on top of that.
  12. I cracked and ordered myself a copy. This time I got an option for flat rate postage ( which I didn't get last time unless I missed it),so the total cost was $77 instead of $109.
  13. Looks like a big list of orders on the Packrat site from what I saw. Well over 175 of them.
  14. Just been on Sean Kelly's site and there is a limited quantity for sale. Boxed with overlay. Would buy one myself but the postage to UK is too much for me. http://www.vectrexmulti.com/order2.html#!/Vectrex-Vectorblade-Boxed/p/286442598/category=0
  15. I still play my PS3 online because it costs nothing. Battfield 1942 is still fun after all these years.
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