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  1. 220 to 240 volts in the EU. I wouldn't call the Vectrex modern today. If that Zendure Passport can step up the voltage from 110 to 220 then 👍
  2. Maybe most Vectrexes in the USA are now in the hands of collectors for keeps, while here in Europe we are just starting to head that way.....
  3. Yes it seems that they are a different in price. All I can say is, I'm glad I got mine when I did in 2013. £129 for a loose console and Minestorm overlay plus six CIB games and second controller, and that was including postage too. The seller packed it all incredibly well too.
  4. Actually you would need a "step up" converter which if I remember correctly runs from two mains outlets. Probably best to secure a North American Vectrex.
  5. Ho hum, screen grabs just taken off ebay in the last few minutes.
  6. There are plenty of auctions in the sold listings that had working consoles finish at around the £150-250 range.
  7. ^^^^ Very nice, I dig the marquee. I have just recently aquired a 12v UV frame and a couple of UV overlays.
  8. Oh China Warrior, how you amazed me with your huge sprites. How you made me snooze when I watched my friend play you on his new console. How you made my friend cry when he wished that he bought Alien Crush instead. I remember telling him that he now knows how I felt after buying Sword of Sodan on the Amiga.
  9. Yeah they were old when when they came out. Zero redeeming qualities in either imo.
  10. Lord Innit


  11. A B&O MX4000. Atari not currently connected but when it is it's my AV modded jr is and the picture is great.
  12. Is anyone from the UK looking to sell their Atari 5200 console? Doesn't have to be boxed, just in good working order with its controllers and power supply. I would buy one from the USA but postage looks prohibitive judging by listings on ebay.
  13. I remember being lucky enough to try Castlevania in a shop in London. Lucky because it helped me make the decision not to buy it. It could have been a superb version too. Went home with a couple of US N64 games that day instead.
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