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  1. Great game. It's called Exhumed here in PAL land. One of my top ten Saturn games.
  2. Hmmm, I wonder if anyone has done a fan translation? I'm planning on getting a Satiator with one reason being so I can try these translated games.
  3. Yeah, I used to reduce the difficulty to have any chance of finishing a race
  4. I take it that you need to be able to read Japanese to play these games?
  5. Yeah, it's not in my Japanese version. They messed up the PAL one with the timer running too fast making even harder, removing the remixed music and huge borders on top and bottom of he screen. I too have the Switch version but I like the Saturn RGB image on my CRT. Feels just like the arcade version.
  6. Found a video with the glitch. Watch from 1:20 and you'll see the car change angle just as it is suuposed to, but then not change back to the default angle after it leaves behind the arches level, only changes back just before you reach the goal. Very odd.
  7. I'm so pleased I have the Japanese Out Run. There's something about the PAL Out Run that always annoyed me. When you drive the level with the stone archways, the car sprite changes to an angle that looks more above and behind than the standard angle. Just like the arcade. All good. But when you finish the archway level, it doesn't revert back to the normal view of the car. The rest of the game is spent with the wrong view if the car. Doesn't happen with the Japanese version and I don't know if the US version does the same or not.
  8. I'm the same. I know Galaga is a better game, but there is something about Galaxian that draws me to it more than the others.
  9. Exactly this. Plus sometimes I'll just have a quick blast through some time trials. Very satisfying to beat an old lap record eventually. Sega Rally is the game that persuaded me to get a Saturn.
  10. Sega Rally. 25 years on and I still play it at least once a month.
  11. GS-9108P-00902A is the revision you need. The original revision is missing the A at the end.
  12. Well, the back of Namco's flyer has got it both ways.
  13. Would have said 7800, but the image quality on all the 7800s I have owned over the last 30 odd years has been shit. I mean really shit. Went for the Lynx over the Jaguar in the end because the Lynx has more games on it that I enjoy. Never played 5200 or XEGS.
  14. One game I used to play bitd was Projectyle punlished by EA. A kind of top down air hockey type game for up to 3 players.
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