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  1. The 7800 has issues with the odd game. Mine can't play Haunted House for similar reasons. I started a topic on this a few years ago.
  2. It's a reference to a radio show podcast I listen to. Kermode and Mayo's Film Review. Jason Isaacs is a good friend of the show (he went to school with Mark Kermode) and "hello to Jason Isaacs" is often put in emails they read from their listeners. In fact, Isaacs often has people saying it to him in public.
  3. Just realised I posted thic topic in the Atgames sub forum. Doh! Anyway, I have tried out one of the consoles and the Data East games are the NES versions and play ok. The controls are pretty responsive. Not sure what the other 300 games are all going to be like though. What I have played so far is very unlikely to be revisited. I suppose there will be a handful of games that will be worth the bother, I just don't know whether I can be bothered to try out all 300 games to find out. The screen is too small for me to get any real enjoyment out of these things anyway.
  4. Got given these yesterday. I'll give them a try out this weekend. Anyone else played these consoles before?
  5. Man, if you're wanting to play 2 player games, then grab hold of a copy of Player 2 by Jubbernaught. The cart is crammed with loads of two player goodness. But as VectorGamer has already said, Vector Pilot is the greatest ever homebrew game. Absolute must have.
  6. First time I have played this version of Gorf. 10400
  7. VEZ (first two letters of my surname with Z added ) is the initial/name I use in every game, be it high score or a character you can name. Asteroids in the arcade was the first time I used it back in 1980.
  8. Only the cheaper £65 option is without tracking. Other Parcelforce options are tracked.
  9. Parcelforce would ship it for under £90 with up to £500 cover if it gets lost or damaged. Even much cheaper (around £65) without tracking and longer delivery time but same cover.
  10. Can't say I have ever had a problem with Hyperchase controls. It responds to my analogue stick perfectly and positioning the car is only a matter of fine adjustment of the position of the stick.
  11. Or did it happen like this sketch suggests?
  12. Starting to get back into the Master System. Got these this weekend, nothing special but they're CIB and more importantly, cheap!
  13. Lord Innit

    Lord Innit

  14. Loving Virtua Racing. £5.99? Bargain!! It plays like a dream and at last I can put the Megadrive version to rest. Also, what's all this fuss about the colours? Get over it, enjoy the game.
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