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  1. I know there are some Florida peeps on these boards, just thought I'd offer here first. But yeah I don't feel like breaking up to ship. As is I have too much to ship.
  2. I have several bins of Ataris in various states of repair, controllers and adapters some working some not. Not interested in shipping, so this would need to be picked up. I'm cleaning the garage, and don't have it all out at the moment, but here's a pic of some:
  3. Hit a new goodwill today (as in today was their first official day open) and scored a few n64 games... still nothing overly impressive but it was quite the surprise!
  4. I have private messages going back to 2005. Since many of us have the same start date, we should see who has the oldest pm's in our inbox!
  5. Oh I think a certain % is always finding the landfills, but that has always existed in a sense, not sure if the numbers have changed. I'm sure more and more resellers are out there, as well as more collectors possibly too, but even in my area there are tons of thrifts, many more than there use to be. There are also now goodwill express drop off locations popping up everywhere, so ,I think the number of donations and 'stuff' has probably gone up over the years. I guess there are the goodwill auctions now too, which takes away from the stores, but why can't I find even the overpriced lots from time to time? I hit a lot of thrift stores, probably 4-5 times a month, sometimes as many as 10 stores or more in a day, but come up moostly dry..
  6. Yeah, I still go looking but I have given up on the idea of finding anything good. Sometimes expanding your searches to include items that might not have been on your radar initially is a way to keep it interesting, but it just blows sometimes. So maybe a year or two back I found about a dozen Dreamcast games, but I have yet to find the system to go with them. I'm not sure if I've ever seen n64 games in the wild, maybe a controller or two but that's about it. I regularly find psx, ps2, and Xbox, but 90% of it's sports titles. A lot of the ps2 titles I do find seem to be badly scratched or over priced. Xbox games are pretty uncommon as are gamecube, but I buy most gc if complete, and/or they're cheaper than the typical 4.99. I'm not even thinking of Atari or 8-bit anything, I feel that time has long passed, but I do read of the occasional finds like the Boxed vectrex above which still happen for some, but finds like those are highly unlikely in this day/age. I think most of the 16-bit era is mostly gone too. I'm thinking mostly the newer stuff from late 90s early 2000s I look hard through all the CDs for mixed in 3do, CDi, Dreamcast, Saturn, even games out of the original cases, that might be hiding between, but nodda. Just not what it use to be.
  7. So I haven't been very active on these boards for awhile now, but I still regularly hit the thrift stores and yard sales in search of vintage games. But I have seen a decline over the past few years in the amount of finds in the wild... Depressing this is. But it makes me wonder just where all the games are? I check craigslist regularly. I don't think everyone is out selling theres on ebay. So where they at?
  8. I think they look great! SOS was probably my favorite packaging for a repo, sadly mine is gone now too. Hey is that a Pac-Man paper weight on your shelf?
  9. Oh btw, I would love to see an official release of this game thru the AA store, my kids love this movie, and I would totally buy one for them! Hoping it gets finished/released!
  10. Sometimes people are just busy with real life, and then sometimes people die and their whole collection ends up on a curb somewhere in Texas.
  11. Not to steer off topic, but is there a definitive list somewhere of games that feature 'warp zones' ? I know of SMB but what else? I did a little searching but didn't see a whole lot besides for Mario series. Personally I like them, as long as they are somewhat hidden. Makes you work to find them, then more rewarding.
  12. Here are a few recent finds, besides for a few GameCube and PS2 games, I've picked up loads of records, but few actual games. I've seen a fair share, but I don't always buy what I see.. Picked up these gameboy games today, now I need to get a super gameboy so I can play them.. And a few laser disc movies last week, but I don't currently have a working LD player.
  13. I'm looking to buy/trade for an N64 Everdrive. If anyone has one they're looking to sell please contact me.
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