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  1. I wonder if best electronics has some the Grey adapters poking around but I highly doubt it. I need to order some TIA chips anyway so maybe when get around to ordering those I'll ask them. I honestly don't get why the original atari heavy 6er is worth more than the sears (at least that's trend that I have noticed). Maybe the sears heavy 6er is more common than the original? I honestly don't get the price difference but I'm personally glad I didn't have to pay more than $100 for the system itself.
  2. I honestly couldn't care less about having the original power adapter and TV game switch as I already have working power adapter and metal coax adapter. Those TV game switches just look like unnecessary fire hazards these days.
  3. Currently there are like two cib opened (admittedly good condition) sears heavy sixer listings on ebay trying to get $500+s&h. Just check the sold listings and you'll find plenty similar condition cib's for barely over $100.
  4. yeah I figured as much considering that cx-40's are shown on the box art. I have seen the Grey power supply before but the only one currently on ebay is like $40+s&h and that seems like a crazy price for a power supply. Also just noticed that the title says sizer instead sixer but that is what I get for typing this out on a phone.
  5. I don't really like playing the atari 2600 with cx-40's so I usually use Gemini controllers when I absolutely need a joystick, and genesis gamepad for any game that feels good using it.
  6. So I bought a sears heavy sixer in the box on ebay about eight months ago and I have some questions about the contents of the box. The controllers that came with the box appear to be cx-40's so I was wondering if any of the sears heavy sixer's came with cx-40's originally or if the controllers I got were replacements. I also didn't get target fun with the box so I was wondering if that came cart only or cib. I am missing the original power adapter and TV switch box so I doubt I would ever actually complete it, (the box is in fairly poor condition anyway) but I am still curious about it. What do you guys think about the sears heavy sixer? I personally love the silver control panel and simulated walnut wood grain. I honestly like the aesthetic better then the regular atari vcs. For $90+s&h in box I think it was well worth it.
  7. while not a perfect translation joust is probably my favorite atari 2600 game.
  8. I've got one complete in box. It's certainly the jewel of my atari 2600 collection.
  9. I don't think we will be able to determine what the best stick is. It really all comes down to prefrence. Personally I like my wico bat for a joystick and my genesis controller for a gamepad. I'm not a huge fan of the cx-40 but I do like the coleco Gemini controllers. It just depends on the game which controller I favor. I am defenently gonna try to get a silk stick at the Portland retro gaming expo.
  10. Cool find but I didn't think Imagic had released enough games to fill that thing up.
  11. this is awesome Steven Lillard "AtengaGames" Oregon City, Oregon
  12. Just how heavy is this thing?
  13. This is awesome Fast Food is probably my favorite 2600 game so this is really cool to see. Shoot outs to Neotokeo2001 for retooling this hack and improving on it quite a lot.
  14. Those Double ender's are enticing but would be annoying to put on a shelf with other 2600 carts.
  15. I only own Fast Food, but seeing that numerous people have recommended other Telesys games I will have to lookout for more of those. Also shout outs to being a fellow Oregonian (the bike riding character as your profile pic is nice touch being familiar with Portland).
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