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  1. I know this is an old post but I bought this game as a child back in the 90's and had the same problem. We exchanged it once or twice and eventually had to return it. Although the cartridge game always froze on my real hardware, the rom seems to run fine in the emulators. Someone somewhere must know what the issue was with the consoles.
  2. I think the problem is not with the RF modulator but with the console freezing just before loading the main menu after the title screen. He posted a screenshot on the 99er forums:
  3. myStorm and Blackice are the same people. Blackice-II is the 4th iteration of their development board. I wish it had the level converters but at least they're cheap and simple to add. I don't like doing board layout at all so if you put something together I would very interested in it
  4. Erik, You can get a little idea of what I have from this photo, though it's hard to find everything unless you know where to look It covers: NXP/Freescale LPC4337 LPC4367 MBED LPC Link2 / LPC4370 triple core LPC11U14 LPC1227 Kinetis K20 Kinetis K40 Kinetis KL25Z QorIQ Power Architecture ST STM32F3 STM32F4 STM32L TI MSP430 Stellaris M4F120 SensorTag InstaSpin DRV8312 InstaSpin BoostXL-DRV8301 Atmel Just about everything under the sun (too much to list individually)... All kinds of Tiny, Mega, Xmega, and Arduino boards STK500 STK600 various XMEGA / Xplained boards ATSAM9 ARM9 SoC Xilinx A few Spartan3 dev boards A pack of old XC9572 CPLDs Lattice Olimex ICE40HX1K boards ICE40HX1K-BLINK-EVN ICE40LP1K-BLINK-EVN ICE40HX8K-B-EVN LCMXO2280C-B-EVN (MachXO CPLD) I've been collecting for a while Actually I just came across the Blackice-II board and I think it is perfect for starting TI projects, minus the need for 5v<->3v level converters. It has an ICE40HX4K (actually unlocked to 8K with icestorm tools), an STM32L433 Cortex M4, SD card slot, and 512k (256k x 16) SRAM on-board. There's enough IO broken out to interface to the sidecar port. Wowza! If I follow your TI replacement idea, you could marry your FPGA TI clone with Finalgrom99 and the tiny PEB and still have an expansion port for talking to real hardware like the speech synth or real disks. I think that would be really fun and take up a lot less space (aka portable and wife-friendly) By the way, I was thinking about the weird problems you were having with your state machine and I wondered if you were registering the off-chip IO or not. If not, that could very easily explain the timing problems you were having and also why adding more states to ensure your critical control signals are set last could fix the problem. I had some similar issues with the memory controller part of a VGA controller I did back in college and registering the outputs made a world a difference in real-world behavior.
  5. In a cute 3D printed case that resembles the PEB That would be an interesting art project.
  6. Great work, Erik! All your TI work is really impressive and both inspiring and anti-inspiring at the same time I wound up here because I've been thinking about cloning the PEB and some common peripherals with an ICE40 and LPC4337 to bridge past and present and take my TI knowledge to the next level. Now you've gone and done it first and at best I'll only ever appear to have copied your work But when I do get a little further along with my project and if I have trouble writing or debugging my DSRs, maybe you would be gracious enough to answer some of my questions. It is really wonderful to see the progress you are making, but then again after your FPGA softcpu this should be quite easy for you!
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