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  1. Hi everyone. I have installed the simple composite mod on dozens of Atari Jr model consoles, and the picture quality was always excellent afterward. Now, for the third time in a row, I am getting horrible jailbars after the mod is completed. I have done nothing different from before. Any ideas as to why this is suddenly happening?
  2. Hi. I could sell you a modded Atari Jr. for $55 plus shipping via PayPal friends and family. I haven’t been selling them lately (I used to sell them on eBay for around $60), but can easily do one for you. The Junior might not have the ascetic appeal of the older models, but it’s video output is far superior. I’m in Illinois. Let me know.
  3. Nice. I’ve loved this game since I was little, so it’s nice to have such a special version of it. Thanks for the help!
  4. Any idea how valuable this might be? I’m not finding anything on eBay sales to even get an idea.
  5. Hi everyone. I received an odd copy of Pick Axe Pete in a lot of Odyssey 2 games. It has a label on the spine with Japanese writing, and there is a black and white manual that seems somewhat professionally assembled. Does anyone know if this was just a one-off import to Japan, or are there more of these out there? Thanks
  6. Ok. I will darken the inside of the barrel and clean that lense. Thanks for the advice!
  7. Ok. Im only mildly interested in the light gun games, so I might just accept it does work and move on. Thanks!
  8. Hi everyone! I have an Atari XEGS, and the light gun that came with it seems to have some problems. Im trying to use it with Crossbow on the 7800, but it only works when a few inches from the screen. The screen will flash when the trigger is pulled, but the crosshair only shows when next to the screen. Any ideas what might be wrong? Thanks!
  9. Ok. I looked quickly, but will do a double check. Thanks!
  10. Hi everyone. So I just got an Odyssey 2 and it turns on and loads games just fine. Unfortunately the controllers do nothing when you try and use them. I swapped in a known working joystick and still nothing in either controller jack. This is the type of Odyssey where the controller cord feeds into the console. I even removed the part fhat the controller plugs into on the board and soldered the wires straight to the board and got nothing. Any idea which part might be the culprit? Thanks!!
  11. Okay, that should be enough. Mine are more like cork, so its messy just breaking off a little bit, but worth it to get this going again. Thanks!
  12. I just got my hands on a Channel F today, and when I plugged it it a white screen with some graphics flashed on and then off to static. I was hoping to open it up and see if I can get it working again, but I cant seem to find the fourth screw. I assume its hidden under the pad, but is there a good way to find it without destroying the entire pad?
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