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  1. I think it’s the cartridges themselves. I can’t imagine Atari doing more than just sticking a new label on the retail version of Pole Position II. Everything else worked as it should, including a couple homebrews. No issues whatsoever.
  2. Ok, so is there an actual difference between the white label pack in version of Pole Position II and the retail version with the picture of the cars? I tested several new games, and none exhibited the flickering problem I had with Pole Position II and Ballblazer. I think the problem is with these specific game cartridges.
  3. Well the same problem occurred with the third UAV board. I know I have installed the UAV on three 7800’s with the expansion port, but these are the first two that were fully socketed.
  4. The two I have used while troubleshooting I received about two weeks ago. I did just get a few more yesterday, but they could be from the same batch as well. I will try one of them out just to be sure. I do know that the UAV I used to check if the problem carried over to a second board worked perfectly with a later revision board, so there is definitely something about this revision that is causing this.
  5. Well I swapped in some original 7800 switches and it’s still there. The only other thing I can think of (other than it being the version of 7800 board) is that it is the batch of UAV? There definitely wasn’t any issue through the RF.
  6. Well.... I received another fully socketed Rev A 7800 yesterday and tested it out. There was no flickering through the RF output and everything looked great. Then I swapped in the new board and got the same flickering problem. I had recapped and replaced the PR and the Power and Reset switches. I went back and reinstalled the original caps and PR and still have the flicker. Could it be the switches causing this, because otherwise there seems to be something in this revision that doesn’t like the UAV. I really don’t want to pull those new switches off if there is no way that’s the problem. Any thoughts?? Thanks!
  7. Well, the fact that the same UAV kit worked without problems on a different board, and a second UAV kit had the same issue with the problem board and also gave a perfect picture on a second board, it seems unlikely it is the mod kit itself, unless this specific version of the board is just incompatible with the UAV kit.
  8. It did have the RF output before the mod, but that was removed during modding. I am not sure if this happened before the mod as I only loaded the game up to the second screen briefly to verify it worked. I would guess that it did have the problem as the UAV takes the image from the same source (I think). The RF image is so muddy in comparison I would have needed to really pay attention to the image displayed to notice it (wish I had).
  9. Unfortunately this happens when using composite too. Actually it’s worse when the composite is being used. I have removed and then replaced all of the UAV leads as well and had the same results.
  10. I actually have tried two power supplies and had the same results. I think it is somehow power related as well, but finding the source of the problem is becoming a pain. Thanks!
  11. There’s no chance it could have anything to do with the 7800s color balancing pot?
  12. So new TV. Same. Replaced the buffer. Same. Swapped in a different Maria. Same. I even ran everything off the resistors to the UAV just to be sure. This is the second one of these early 7800s that has some weird issue.
  13. The Maria was the first one I swapped. I will try another Maria just to be positive there. Like I said, I have seen this before to a lesser degree with the simple mod, but probably only two times in four or five years, so out of dozens of 7800’s.
  14. Okay, so it’s definitely the 7800. The new UAV gave the same results. 2600 games look great. I also already swapped out every socketed IC on the board (which is everything including RAM and BIOS) just to be sure those were all good. Which of the two ICs is the buffer (or is it both)?
  15. I have a another UAV so I will swap it in and see what happens. Thanks!
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