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  1. It is definitely possible that you passed that along. I have early 1984 copy write version of Pole Position, and I never saw the flicker with that version.
  2. It doesn’t have anything to do with the mod, as I noticed the flicker (although greatly diminished) through the RF on one board. I never figured out what was causing the flickering, but it only seemed to happen on the early boards with the expansion port. My guess is that they resolved the issue with a board revision, or with a revision of the game.
  3. Yeah, the boot rainbow isn’t bad at all, nothing like the ColecoVision’s long wait at startup. I suppose having Asteroids boot up when there is no cart at least lets you know the console is functioning correctly rather than the black, etc. you get otherwise. At least it is pretty easy overall to add. Thanks!
  4. Okay. Thanks for helping clear all that up. I think that some PAL games are cheaper than the NTSC versions (I bought a PAL Mean 18 for $20 when the NTSC was $40), so maybe people want to try games on real hardware without some of the cost? Either way, I appreciate the info!
  5. Okay. It seems like Best is overselling the abilities of the upgraded chip a little in their description then. It implies that more PAL games that would not normally play would work with the upgrade. Here is what they say: “This Atari Euro 7800 upgrade chip will also allow you to play more of the Atari 7800 PAL Games that will not normally / properly run on the NTSC / US version Atari 7800 consoles. Some Atari 7800 PAL Games require a PAL 7800 MARIA chip and will not run on a US 7800 motherboard modified with the Best 7800 OS EURO upgrade.” Are there games that normally load, but display incorrectly and this allows those games to work? Thanks!
  6. I then question what the point of the kit is. Skipping the bios screen to have Asteroids autoload is okay, but not really needed. Best says in their description that some 7800 games will require a PAL Maria chip to function correctly, but it also says that all 2600 games will load. Only a couple of the eight or so PAL 2600 games I tried (on a Harmony cart) worked correctly without the same offset image displaced. Is their description just meaning that the local region 2600 games will all load correctly, for example Robot Tanks or Activision Decathlon that have issues with some boards? Has anyone ever created a list of 7800 PAL games (or vice versa) that do load correctly with the upgrade? Again, thanks a lot!
  7. Hi everyone! So I went ahead and installed one of Best’s OS BIOS upgrade PAL/NTSC mod kits, and while NTSC games load perfectly, as does Asteroids when it autoloads, the PAL cart I have (Meltdown) loads, but the screen is about an inch and a half or two inches too low on the screen. The 2600 game Asterix I loaded on my Harmony cart does the same. This is all being output through composite via the UAV mod, but it did the same when I was using the original RF. Anyone ever do this mod and get good results? Thanks!
  8. Hi everyone, I have a question about the Emerson Arcadia 2001 left controller. The one I have works great, moving in all directions perfectly, but when I’m not pushing the joystick in any direction the character on screen automatically moves to the right. Is this supposed to happen? I would think not, but with it being such an early console sometimes I wonder what they were thinking. Thanks!!
  9. Thanks, but I found these no problem. The ones that I am looking for are closer to comic book bag material. Thanks!
  10. Hi everyone! I have been searching for these soft plastic sleeves for Atari game carts. They have an adhesive seal and are of a similar material to the soft baseball card protectors. I have received several games I’ve purchased online with these, but can’t seem to find the source. Any idea where they can be found? Thanks!!
  11. I think it’s the cartridges themselves. I can’t imagine Atari doing more than just sticking a new label on the retail version of Pole Position II. Everything else worked as it should, including a couple homebrews. No issues whatsoever.
  12. Ok, so is there an actual difference between the white label pack in version of Pole Position II and the retail version with the picture of the cars? I tested several new games, and none exhibited the flickering problem I had with Pole Position II and Ballblazer. I think the problem is with these specific game cartridges.
  13. Well the same problem occurred with the third UAV board. I know I have installed the UAV on three 7800’s with the expansion port, but these are the first two that were fully socketed.
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