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  1. Well, the first thing I did when I started to think the regulator wasn’t grounded was run a wire to ground, but that still didn’t work. I will look at the negative input at the power jack. Thanks!!
  2. So, if it were a broken ground, how would I be able to fix it? I have put in two 7805’s and they both give the same results. I have never had one bad regulator, but two seems very unlikely.
  3. So I have replaced the replacement power regulator, and it still has 9v on one side and nothing on the other. Where could the fault be? Should the regulator take the power in and step it down to 5v?
  4. Yeah, I was thinking about swapping the regulator out again. Seems odd it is getting the 9v in but not putting out 5v (or anything at all).
  5. So both my working console (that I am comparing voltage to), and the non-functioning unit read the same 9v at the switch, but when the power gets to the 7805 they both show 9v going in, but only the working console has 5v going out.
  6. Unfortunately first thing I did was replace the 7805, so it’s something other than that. I’m getting right about 9v there as well.
  7. Hi everyone, I have a NES 101 “top loader” that is receiving power but absolutely nothing happens when the the system is on. The system was recapped, and a new power regulator was installed. It is receiving the power, and I attached a LED at the switch and that lights up (9v at the switch). I even attached a composite video circuit and ran sound out through a composite jack and got nothing. The PPU and CPU do not seem to be getting power. The board looks super clean and I don’t see any broken traces. Anyone have any idea where the fault might be? Thanks!
  8. Thanks!! My search didn’t find this one for some reason.
  9. Ok. It’s odd that this one 7800 would display that problem when none of the others have in the past. Is it possible the 7805 is failing and may need replacement?
  10. Hi everyone. I’ve notice in the past people have spoken of a mod for the 7800 which allows consoles that were previously incompatible with Robot Tank and other bank switching games to be compatible. All of these links appear to now be dead. Does anyone know where this information might still exist? Thanks!
  11. Ok. I know the TIA itself is good as I already put in a socket and replaced it with a known working TIA. I will look for any bridges and hopefully I can find something there. Thanks!
  12. Hi everyone. I have an Atari 7800 that I added composite AV to, and now the 2600 games have weird color bars that show up. Pitfall is probably the worst. Any ideaswhat might be causing this? Thanks
  13. Hi everyone. I have an Atari 7800 that I added composite AV to, and now the 2600 games have weird color bars that show up. Pitfall is probably the worst. Any ideas what might be causing this? Thanks!
  14. Hi. I figured it out after looking for continuity. Actually some solder on one of the four switch pads had somehow spread over to the nearby ground and was causing the button to stay on. Thanks for the assistance!
  15. Hi everyone. I have an Atari 7800 that is working great, other than the fact that the "pause" button won't work. I have replaced the switch, so I know that there is something else wrong with the console keeping this switch/button from working. Any ideas on what the issue might be? Thanks!
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