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  1. I just installed a different 7805 and now everything is working perfectly. I’m not exactly sure why the other new pr was giving me problems, but it’s all looking good now. Thanks!!
  2. I’m getting the same 2v on the middle rail. How to I verify the 4013 is working correctly?
  3. So FB2 is right around 10v and the transistor I swapped from another board. Both times (before and after the swap) it was about 10.4v in and 9v out.
  4. Actually both power supplies I have on three 7800s all show 10v in. The working two have 5v out.
  5. Also, the power regulator and three caps have been replaced (along with the power button switch.
  6. Hi everyone. I have an Atari 7800 that is giving me a dim LED and only 2.3ish v out of the power regulator (with close to 10 going in). Anyone have any ideas about where the problem might be? Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the pointers! I will check it out with my multimeter.
  8. Hi everyone. So I have an Atari 400 with a C017945 power supply, and I am getting what looks like interference on the screen, similar to what I have seen when the amps are off on a power supply. I thought that this was the correct power supply for the 400. Is that wrong? Thanks!
  9. So I decided to just run the lines directly to the TIA and now everything looks perfect. I haven’t tested the S-Video output yet, but this seems to work out a lot better than the picture version C approach.
  10. Here is the color going into the T.COL instead.
  11. Here is the same tv displaying Pitfall via composite from a 4 Switch I did. I believe the T. COL is only for the 7800, and not used with the 2600. I did not use it when I installed the UAV on the 4 switch.
  12. Hi. Here are pictures of what I have so far. Lifted pin 6 (checked without it lifted and got only black and white and crazy lines when in color mode). The background green is super light compared with the usual green you’d get. Thanks!
  13. What do you mean by “look at the silkscreen”? As for the last step, I think I found the 47pf cap, but where is BLANK coming from? I can’t locate an 820 ohm resistor; where on the board would this be? Thanks!
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