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  1. Hi Paul, is this happy drive still available?
  2. Bob fixed a keyboard for me awhile ago. Still working great. I've great respect for him.
  3. Well I spent the past day looking for my 1027 and it apparently got thrown out. So you can cancel my 1 print head and ink roller. Dang shame. Thanks anyway.
  4. 1 rubber print head and 1 ink roller for me too. Thanks!
  5. I too have one of Steve's 1200XL's and though there have been a few bumps with it (Red Screen, Compatibility issues with his MYIDE II carts, and loose monitor port, all of which he fixed to perfection), I never had any 1050 issues with either my stock nor Happy drives.
  6. Have had my replacement Mylar installed for about a week now. Very happy. Love Best.
  7. Just ordered 2 of these. Really only needed one, but when I read the words "Very, Very Limited" figured it wouldn't hurt to plan ahead and grab a spare.
  8. For an old Atari fan like myself who just had an Stock 1200XL with a funky keyboard and just a Ms PacMan and Donkey Kong carts, to one of Steve's Tricked our machines, I am totally thrilled. Had me an 800XL back when they first came out and missed it so much when I sold it just a few years later. Come Christmas morning, I will be back in the game!!!!!!
  9. This is my new baby! The only difference is that I paid $25 extra to get the USB version of the APE/ProSystem Universal Interface. Absolutely love it. I tried it out for about a half-hour then the wife confiscated it as it will be under my Christmas tree. It's cool though as my repaired keyboard for my current 1200XL is soon to be on it's way back to me. Joe C.
  10. Thanks for the link, ACML. I will be ordering one.
  11. Am so psyched, I received my Tricked-out Atari 1200XL from Steve Tucker yesterday. Fired her up and it works like a top, though I haven't been able to test out the SIO2PC Univeral Interface (USB edition) yet, but am excited about it. I do have one question, the 1200XL does have the SuperVideo 2.1 Upgrade and am wondering if I need a different video cable to take advantage of the improved graphics. With the one I have now, the video seems the same as on my old 1200XL that was unmodified. It is hooked up just to a Dynex LCD. The bad news is that now it will be packed up as the deal with the missus states that it is to be a Christmas Present. Humbug! Thanks to a forum member though the keyboard on my old 1200XL is in process of being repaired and I will soon again be sitting at a Atari Computer!!!!!! Joe C.
  12. If you ,Bob, or anyone out there would be willing to take $80 with the shipping (or maybe $75 with me paying to ship it to you if address is in continental US) I would take the deal. It would be well worth it to have a functional keyboard till I get my tricked-out one from Steve T. Even when I do the wife won't let me have it until Christmas. So any takers? Bob? Joe C.
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