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  1. I'm just curious - has anyone made a mod to stop an Adam from damaging a tape left in when it's turned on? Was the exact source of the problem ever found?
  2. At this point in time, what's the best utility to bulk covert .dsk files into TIFILES/FIAD files? For example, I give it TIInvaders.dsk, I get individual LOAD, GAME,GAMF, and CATALOG files out of it, each with a proper header, since that's the files that are on that disk. I have a bunch of .dsk files I'd like to process, hence my looking for a bulk solution. The goal is to be able to use them with Classic99. (I know Classic99 can use .dsk files, but I want to be able to easily mix and match what files are on the "disk".)
  3. Some quick suggestions (I apologize if any of these are already in the FlashRom, I don't have one - been waiting for something like this! ): - Being able to run the games a v2.2 refuses on a v2.2 would be fantastic! - Support for cheat codes of some sort - MESS rom format support - Support for zipped files - Maybe partner up with someone who could 3D print cart shells for them? It'd be extra cool if they looked as close as possible to an original TI cart. Maybe with a choice of black or grey to match the buyer's console?
  4. Oh, the 2600RGB supports composite! Great! Does it look good even without the Framemeister?
  5. Er, whoa. Ok, yep, I know I said I was looking for best quality, but the $300+ Framemeister is a bit more than I was expecting. My fault, I got what I asked for good and hard. I'll bet that looks beautiful, though. Crap, there's one more thing I should mention - I'm looking for composite (Right/Left/Video RCA jacks) output.
  6. I recently bought my first 2600 ever the other day! (I had it's competitor, Intellivision, when I was a kid.) I have a question, though: What's currently the highest quality AV mod commonly available *right now*? My Google-Fu only turns up confusing tidbits about mods that aren't available anymore, ones 'coming soon' but not released, schematic-only things, etc. I'm thinking people with your expertise who live the Atari life every day will have a more comprehensive answer. For what it's worth, I'm looking for something that's prebuilt and ready to wire in to my 4 switch woody model, best quality available, and that's for sale currently. What would you folks recommend?
  7. Two questions - 1: The guy from Turkey selling AV mods on eBay (this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Intellivision-A-V-Composite-Video-Mod-Kit-NTSC-PAL-DIY-/181043125890), is that the Wiki based mod or a SolarFox one? (I'm not experienced with electronics, I can't tell.) 2: I see the general recommendation here, if I'm understanding this right, is to use SolarFox's mod with the 5V Shunt added. Has anyone tried the 5V Shunt with the Wiki mod to see how it goes?
  8. Nah, not a pressing need right now, I just thought I'd be neat to have in AppleWin too, is all. Thank you, though! :-)
  9. I remember when I was a kid, one of the local bookstores had a book called "The Antagonist / a Microworld Adventure". It had a huge program you typed into an Apple II computer that created a text adventure game where insects had grown oversized and taken over the earth. Does anyone remember this? Picture is for the Commodore 64 version of the book, but if I remember right, the cover art was the same for the Apple II version.
  10. Whoa! Never thought to try that, thank you!
  11. As far as printing support goes, I would love to see ImageWriter support with pages being saved as PNGs in a folder on the PC side. Probably the easiest way to implement what is really a very involved function, when you think about it. I would also love the ability to remove a floppy, leaving the drive empty.
  12. Just in case you haven't seen it yet, there's a rather nice online TI emulator here: http://www.ti99iuc.it/web/index.php?pageid=165&pagina=sala_giochi&sezione=5 Not a whole lot of games yet, but everything is nicely set up.
  13. Fritz442: That's cool. Heck, I'm just glad to get the idea from the 'maybe' to the 'eventual to do' list.
  14. So, anyone remember that old Apple II game, Space Rogue? Ever wanted to play around with it's internals a bit? (Maybe even cheat?) Grab your favorite hex editor and a copy of the .dsk files from Asimov, and here's the data you need! (PS: Feel free to spread this around, as far as I know of, no one else has ever done this for the Apple II version before.) Space Rogue Save Game Editing Guide.txt
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