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  1. That El Reg article didn't disappoint, and had a great laugh in it: Not to mention "distancing the hardware from any lingering 'retro-box' impressions" by using the names VCS, 400 and 800. 🤔
  2. Just finished watching "Isle of Dogs" and it occurred to me that maybe Wes Anderson thought to himself, "hey, I'm gonna make Atari cool again!" The beautiful thing about this is that not one red cent went to the shambling skin-suit-wearing corpse of Not-tari for the privilege.
  3. Holy crap, is it October already? It's close to being finished; it's in the last 5% or so phase of polishing. It's also in the hands of beta testers right now, and some have come up with issues, that while not game breaking, take off a little bit of the shine. It was shown at PRGE again this year, but I haven't heard any feedback on how it was received.
  4. Since Taco Bell is only vaguely related to tacos, I'd say you're skating on thin ice there.
  5. The real question is, do you like Wensleydale?
  6. With all due respect to the as-yet-unnamed guy who is a friend of CPUWIZ, the fact that he's there means nothing. Curt Vendel has friends (no doubt, highly competent people too) who are close to this project as well, and he has publicly said that his confidence level in this thing ever coming to fruition is very, very low. The pictures with people in them are obviously staged, and the board they have is pretty much something anyone can get their hands on; there is nothing to show that they are even running anything on the board and there's no way to know from the pictures whether there's a real picture on the monitor (given their propensity for faking those, I wouldn't be surprised if it weren't). All in all, this looks like another cynical play by Not-tari™ to make it appear that they're doing something when they have nothing. Not-tari™ has shown that they have no problems with lying, and they've done nothing to show that they are trustworthy now. Sorry, but I don't buy any of it.
  7. Honestly had no idea that nuatari was a thing. How about Not-tari?
  8. VJ doesn't handle this kind of thing correctly, and it will be fixed before the next release.
  9. Meanwhile, back in the real world, here are some real Atari™ branded game playing thingamabobs that you can go into a store, right now, and buy! And, I might add, for much, much less than Nutari™ is asking for their vague hopes, dreams and promises sometime near the end of next year. Well, that last one was there the last time I was at this particular establishment, which probably means they forgot to restock it (pretty typical for this place). Seems that obviously someone was willing to part with their cash for it. As for the Atacobox™, seems like P.T. Barnum was right: a sucker is born every minute.
  10. We still don't have any shooter game like Operation Wolf.
  11. Given Nutari™'s litigious nature, I would not be surprised if their lawyers found a loophole in Indigogo's TOS big enough to drive a taco truck through.
  12. On the Mac version you definitely want to link everything in statically.
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