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  1. I'll play what I can. I'll offer galaxian and super breakout for game nominations.
  2. Kinda new here. I'm interested in how to program games for the 5200. I've read through the 8bit computer programming pages, but I don't really understand the differences for the 5200. I was hoping this conversion discussion could help me out.
  3. I was playing missile command to test it out. I've only played tempest (arcade version) on the ps2 anthology and the 2600 tempest wasn't quite what I was expecting. I've heard good things about AtariAge's Tempest. I'm going to try to save up some money for a little though.
  4. wow, I'm good enough at taking things apart and cleaning them. Usually I can even get them back together. That is indeed a project for you there. I'm really enjoying my 5200 now that it's fully operational, so I hope you get yours going.
  5. New (to me) track ball controller just came in!
  6. AusMatari

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    From the album: AusM's Atari

  8. Ah, so they're apples, just got this on the 2600 and kinda wondered... Glad to see countermeasure mentioned on this. I haven't tried it yet, but that gives me hope.
  9. I very nearly accidentally bought some coleco carts last week when I was buying 2600 games from a local place.
  10. So many impressive rooms here. I really enjoy your channel, one of the first I came across looking for atari on youtube.
  11. I'm exceptionally cheap. I only buy things I'll play. For now.
  12. That is an impressive collection. I saw the periodic table of controllers today as an amazon suggestion email at work (I'm a chemist).
  13. I should mention that frogger is in the 2600, there was no label and I couldn't let the mystery go unsolved. (I figured it was frogger...)
  14. maybe I should touch up those photos
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