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  1. is it still possble to order a cart? If yes, please put me on the list
  2. Please add me to the list (Lynx 1) Thank you
  3. Getting closer. Helmut met Kristof Tuts in Belgium who programmed the PCBs and also supplied us with cart shells
  4. Taken From http://vectorgaming.proboards.com/thread/382/international-play-vectrex-day-nov?page=23 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Press release... Lets plan things a few weeks in advance for November 1st. On this day you will: 1. Get up (probably/hopefully) 2. Go to work (probably/hopefully) 3. Actually DO some work (again, probably...) 4. Go back home (everyone say it with me: "well, just as long as there isn’t a nuclear war...") 5. Play some Vectrex! Yes, this is the day that we celebrate the anniversary of the release of the Vectrex of November, 1982. Here you’ll play the unique vector machine and make a record of what you played, along with any extras you might wish to add, such as photos for the event (which the rules can be seen here). Be there unless a nuclear war prevents it. Feel free to copy and paste and spread the word! VectrexMad! and Oliver at the Vectrex Museum have been notified. (Note: don't know why the blasted picture won't show up. Just click on the link below to use it if you wish.) picload.org/view/dcgplwal/ipyvd2018.png.html --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. found the Info in the vectrex fb group: Everbilt #4 3/4 in. Phillips Flat-Head Sheet Metal Screw avaliable e.g. here https://www.ebay.com/itm/Everbilt-4-3-4-in-Phillips-Flat-Head-Sheet-Metal-Screw-14-per-Pack-805381/382159840386
  6. pucpuc


    About the stuttering - Thomas said to me: "The stuttering was already in the source material, in the original video file - I have made the data then similar to Malban (in the VIDE emulator blog), hence his name at the beginning" The sound will only work on buzzing vectrexes, like all demos that use this sampling method. High score saving is working for the original games - it also works for Karl Quappe! from the FAQ file: "The cartridges that are patched, if enabled, are: Armor Attack, Berzerk, Berzerk debugged, Bedlam, Clean Sweep, Frogger, Gravitrex, HyperChase, Moon Lander, MineStorm 2, Fortress of Narzod, Pole Position, Rockaroids Remix, Rip Off, Scramble, Space Frenzy, Spike, Spinball, Star Castle, Solar Quest, Star Hawk, Star Ship, Star Trek, Verzerk, Web Warp, Web Wars, Wormhole Additionally, Thrust’s 1-wire load/store routine will be substituted with a VecFever version."
  7. he did not say which year ..... mine did not show up either
  8. Thanks! made it a heavy sixer Love these mini boxes!
  9. Thanks for sharig the Atari pics! Would you mind taking photos of the sides?
  10. Hi Leonardo, thank you - no help needed now, What about your project, did you finish the 3rd side?
  11. Hi, how's it going? Working on a similar project - an euro box. I'm lucky that I have good pics, but struggling with fonts .
  12. ENTER THE FANTASTIC WORLD OF THE DARK TOWER! Helmut (hcmffm) and Nico (Nic Lobo aka pucpcuc) from Germany would like to honour a Vectrex game that was not released back in the 1980s: DARK TOWER. It's a pity that this great and unique action roleplaying game had no full physical release with box and overlay. We are going to change that! The goal is to make the finished product look and feel as if it was teleported here from the Eighties. PLEASE DO NOT ask to "put me on the list" because there is no list, yet. We will post here once the Dark Tower reproduction is near completion and ordering is possible. Cartridge numbers will be assigned randomly anyhow and not on a first come first served basis. Only one cartridge number is reserved already, that's Dark Tower #1 for John Hall, the original developer of the game. John wished us the best for the project (how cool is that?!). Production of a sufficient quality box and overlay will be challenging , and the final assembly and shipping will be a lot of work. But it's not just the two of us - Mat (Mayhem), Tony (50tbrd), and likely some more Vectrex enthusiasts will help us realise this project. Stay tuned! The picture shows a prototype which looks better on a photo, than in reality - just to give an idea where we are aiming to. Professional printing services will be used, so the final product will look different. Also artwork is still in progress and does not represent the final product. Nico and Helmut
  13. Sean Kelly Vectrex Multi-Cart SPECIAL EDITION 3.0 Cartridge Only - BRAND NEW! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sean-Kelly-Vectrex-Multi-Cart-SPECIAL-EDITION-3-0-Cartridge-Only-BRAND-NEW/123125905963?hash=item1caae03a2b:g:K1QAAOSwzpFa9Qay
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