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  1. Do both versions have unlimited time? My one gripe about Enduro was that it seemed too difficult to meet the time limits (to me anyway).
  2. Hey I like this! I love this game on the 2600 and am glad you changed the control. Thanx for making an already great game even greater!
  3. Hey all, Has anyone ever thought of making a 2600 version of Midway's classic "Galaga"? I grew up playing this game A LOT in the arcades, and later on our Commodore 64. I know there's a BIN of Galaga for the 2600 and I originally thought that was it, but it's something different. The closest I've come to it is Galaxian (and the improved hacks). Anyway, is it possible? Has anyone considered this? Just curious. Thanx
  4. I know, but still it's a cool game for a quick hack. I think you did pretty well considering what you had to work with! I'm off to try version 2 now and ATV Zoom! Keep up the great work!
  5. This is GREAT news! I gotta see if I can get one online!
  6. I like the "Hang On" hack posted! Is it possible to animate the wheels on your bike? I always liked that Enduro had that feature - one of the few things that makes it stand out from Pole Position IMO. (Altho I feel Enduro is almost impossible to win - I played it for hours as a kid and never made it past Day 2.)
  7. what about Hang On? (hack of Enduro) I thought that was kinda neat... love & prayers, Lynda
  8. lvanett

    Stella question

    that sounds great - I really like Stella the best - it seems the most compatible as well. Hopefully that "noise" I get on the old version will be gone on the new one. Hopefully it will be XP compatible too.
  9. Hi all, Hope nobody minds my reviving an old thread.... I've been trying my hand at the AHD and thought I'd practice using the Space Invaders AHD. I made a minor modification to one of the sprites and saved the hack. Only problem is, for some reason the sprites are upside down! Why did this happen? Thanx to anyone who can help. LVE
  10. some of my fave games: Enduro Starmaster Q*Bert Crystal Castles Dig Dug Pengo Kangaroo Tapper (really great adaptation!) Joust Star Wars: The Arcade Game I also have some faves that I wish had better graphics: Pole Position Mr. Do!'s Castle (altho they did a great job with the music) I really wished they could've added more courses to Pole Position, but I know you can only go so far on the 2600...
  11. lvanett

    All 2600 roms

    dumb newbie question - why doesn't AA have the Activision roms? Legal issues? Had to do some searching around to find the ones I wanted (Pressure Cooker, Starmaster & Enduro) but I got em. (And yep, I own the carts to these.) -Lynda
  12. lvanett

    Stella question

    I tried Z26, and it works much better, thanx! On some ROMs tho, I can't get the controls to work. I wish in some cases these came with a readme saying which joystick port to use, etc. etc. I tried Stella 1.3 on a PC with a Pentium II processor (450 mhz) and it was fine. Maybe it's better suited for the older PCs...
  13. Hi all, I'm new to the forum but not to the 2600. I have a small (but growing) collection of games - including some on CD from the Activision Action Packs. I recently got WinXP and DLed the new version of Stella. It works great, but for some reason there is a "bug". Since I'm not techno literate, I'm not sure if it has to do with my processor (a P4 2.2 ghz) or my sound card. There is a constant noise in the background every time I run a BIN file. I was wondering if any other XP users experienced problems with Stella 1.3, can it be fixed, and where can I report it? I've also tried DLing the 1.2 version of Stella, and the "noise" is not there but for some reason some games won't work, and on others the colors are wrong. Most ROMs will work on the newer Stella tho. Thanx for any help Lynda V.E.
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