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  1. Uploading some reworked Coleco Game Title Artwork into higher resolution files. Disclaimer, These files are intended for those who wish to create non-commercial reference materials or historical databases regarding Colecovision games, . The Coleco/Colecovision logos, marks, or any associated/affiliated trademarks or IPs may NOT be used without expressed written consent. All rights unspecified are retained and we make no warranty or representations regarding. Enjoy crossforce.svg Dilswell.svg JumpmanJr.svg Miner2049er.svg omegarace.svg rolloverture.svg Sammylightfoot.svg SirLance.svg spacepanic.svg squishemsam.svg Threshold.svg warroom.svg Wingwar.svg zaxxon.svg
  2. Uploading some reworked Coleco Game Title Artwork into higher resolution files. Disclaimer, These files are intended for those who wish to create non-commercial reference materials or historical databases regarding Colecovision games, . The Coleco/Colecovision logos, marks, or any associated/affiliated trademarks or IPs may NOT be used without expressed written consent. All rights unspecified are retained and we make no warranty or representations regarding. Antactic Adventure.psd Aqua Attack.psd brain strainers.psd Bump n Jump.ai choplifter.psd cosmic avenger.psd evolution.psd fathom.psd flipper slipper.psd fortune builder.psd frantic freddy.psd frenzy.psd Gateway to Apshai.psd gust buster.psd hesit.psd jungle hunt.psd moonsweeper.psd mountain king.psd ms space fury-1.psd nova blast.psd slurpy.psd Space Fury1.psd tournament tennis.psd venture1.psd
  3. Enjoy NL_MINICABINETART.pdf (Mini Art Template with disclaimer )
  4. Ban me for what? The messages were directed as a request to review and to step in. No rules were violated
  5. 128k, I don't really know this Doctor, I probably should-- but regardless, you make a good point. See the comment that was made below by TPR. This was not made by Fred. This was made by the MODERATOR of ATARIAGE. This is the FACE of this site! Should we not hold TPR to a higher set of standards as the one entrusted to the keys to the site -- the keeper of policy? Quite honestly, I one of my employees of Coleco ever talked to a client, supplier or co-worker in this fashion, he would be terminated immediately. And this is just one of many attacks that were incited or carried out. Albert can you help us understand this a little better? Is this what you set out to create? Or do you possibly think that threads like this are a black eye on your site considering that your own moderate fans the flames, speaks to your users with such distain? Should the FACE of the site be allowed to use the site to further a personal vendetta over a private business disagreement? Albert, YOUR agent publicly incites your users to attempt to bully and personally attack people. Then they actually boost about it! Albert, you have a voice here. I have requested that your MODERATOR to STOP a number of times. The harassment continues. One reader or member attempt to log into my Instagram last night. One reader or member attempted to delete my eBay items and who else knows what. So 128k, when you say, be careful who you hang out with, i urge you to reconsider which side of the line you are truly on. Most of you probably have kids who you hope to share your love of gaming. You want to get your kids involved with AtariAge. Is this the type of behavior that you want them to see. Do you want to teach them that its ok for their friends to gang up on people over persoanl disputes on Facebook??. What if it was YOUR kid who disagreed with the MODERATOR, the HEAD of the site. You know, the one who is supposed to keep the peace. How would you feel if the moderator said to him. "You all can kindly fuck right off" and you shove it as far up your ass as you can get it. Please note that you ALL have a voice and a decision here. Every time we get close to resolution, we get great write ups and understanding things go a certain way. I can see that you reeeealy want to voice your opinion, but you don't.... why? Oh I can see why you are all afraid. You seeee what happens when you don't fall in line (Can someone get me the Apple 1984 commercial, i'm busy up on my stump). What's happening here has happened on other sites with the some folks. You can do that research yourself. If you feel like you would be victimized if you disagree, feel free to jump on our page were your constructive opinions (not your trolling) will be appreciated. Unfortunately, as i said before, I don't plan on having someone Bully me or the people around me, or kids that i don't even know, or people that work for me, or with me. I'm going to take a wild guess here and figure that some of you were bullied in school. The bully attempted to gather support before going-in on someone. Correct? You have two options here. You can join the ridicule, and the false accusations, or you can speak up. Hell, you can even ride the bench for all i care. But joining in the jokes and the going on other pages changing info, making fake profiles. That makes you a coward. I'm sure a number of you watched some bully movies. The bully looks pretty stupid when everyone stops listening to them. Doesn't he? When you get called to school and your kid is the one picking on kids, how you feel? When YOUR kid gets picked on how do you feel? If anyone wants to talk to me direct. PM me. If you have a concern we can work it out as grown adults. I've never backed down to a bully face to face, so I'll be damned if someone behind a keyboard is gonna make me sweat. If you can read through these pages and the CVF site and not see this as an organized personal attack, then we will most likely never agree. The fact is, that most of you are reasonable and would have resolved this long ago. Quite frankly, if i was Albert, i'd hit the reset button and have a long sit down with the head of the show who is running UNCHECKED with statements like the one below. Bad look. Real bad look. The arc of the universe is long, but it bends towards justice. -MLK
  6. Day 1 you voiced your opinion. Days 2-whenever you bullied anyone associated with me or the company. Um yeah. It would be nice if you retracted all of these attacks at everyone. I would hope so. Especially considering that they are unfounded. Especially since I have shown you that the information presented was incorrect and slanderous. .
  7. I'm assuming that with all this, and us retracting the complaints, this involves you removing all of the associated threads on Atari age as well as your fan page, and us also removing our statement on our page? And any other associated post that either of us have control over? Is that your understanding? Our most sacred point is your first point concerning the questionable material. Your stance is that you have no investment in these games and "as a journalist" you should enjoy freedom of press. In the sprit of compromise if we concede that point then you agree that should you become involved in any business relationship with a developer then u may not promote THAT developers games unless of course they are licensed. As you stated you are not involved with these developers so this should really not be much concern. Does this seem logical? 2-4 and even 5 I agree with. So those are not an issue. You agree to cause (ikranaka ) to restore our wiki to its former state and then don't mess with it. You agree that the legal description I have provide regarding action figures is sufficient to show that no "black major or red laser figures " to your knowledge are "bootlegs" or "illicit." We invite you, but not obligate you to assist in a style guide.
  8. Not any office - Mr. Lee's office!!!!!! i kid i kid...
  9. Saw a quote today that perfectly characterizes this: I THINK THE SADDEST PART OF THE STORY IS WHERE THE VICTIM BECOMES THE VILLAIN. You have been at me for three - four weeks. Having your posse contact my friends, acquaintances, accuse my company of illicit activities, you have continually posted on your own page, made your page an 'i hate Coleco' page. Promoted people to contact us as well. All this time, all we have done was publicly defend ourselves and stand up to you. Hey, your good at what you do. IF your so tired of the game, stop posting online. Stop provoking people, Stop prodding people. Stop posting things, Stop making accusations. Stop promoting miss-truths. Tell your friends to stop bullying little girls on my page. Stop making posts that people share about Coleco. ALL THIS IS IN YOUR POWER to stop. But you and your team keep going and going. At what point, other than making a statement did we provoke the issue further. We didn't push you, expect to repeal your attack. And that goes for some of you as well, STOP posting derogatory inaccurate articles. STOP making false claims on public pages. IF YOU WISH FOR THIS TO STOP, then you need to put the keyboard down brother. I jumped on here one more time to resolve this. It failed yet again. ALL WE HAVE DONE WAS DEFEND OURSELVES STOP BULLYING PEOPLE. You want it to STOP? Then it starts with YOU.
  10. Fair enough, I have tried my best to mitigate your concerns here.
  11. Ok, so what you are all saying is that despite suggesting that we work through this, no one wishes to actually work things out, but rather attempt to disparage myself, company, partners, vendors, etc as much as possible?
  12. That's pretty cute and creative... Have to admit, i LOL'd. Getting back to the issue, let me know if you would like to work things out
  13. LOL, like i said. There was NEVER any desire for the main guys here to resolve any concern. Never was. Never will be. Ed was at least willing to hear things out. Let me know if the REST of the community wishes to resolve this as a group, bc it woulds like the rest of us had this thing resolved about a week ago. Lmk if anyone is on board.
  14. The reason that i talk to Fred on OCCASION is because he helps me with learning engineering and has helped me with repairing arcade machines. I believe that this was done publicly. or i a least posted it publicly. I have NO Coleco business with Fred. I treat EACH individual with the same respect that they show me and until he does not, i will consider his conversation. I was told by someone if you SO MUCH AS TALK to him, i will not deal with you. I did not think that this was fair. Fred, DOES NOT WISH to seek any business with Coleco and we do not have any current projects or foresee any future projects at this time. Fred was introduced to me by a member of your community. So was MK for that matter. I knew Fred before i knew OpCodes and Robb and many others. He asked me if he could produce a sound card of some sort for Coleco. I told him that i had no idea what this card does. He said that he would send me one. One did not come. When i asked him about it, he told me that he had some bad experiences with some folks and didn't want to do Coleco anymore. We have not spoken about the card since - at least to my recollection. At one point there was an eBay disagreement between Fred and another group. Ebay asked me to clarify. I told Ebay that I wished to stay out of it. So i did. If anyone has a problem with Fred that is between you and that man. I am not in high school. I am not going to stop talking to someone because a grown man tells me not to. Quite honestly, thats just..... weird. But ok. I guess. As an 'outsider' or 'new guy' you guys have no idea how much shit you talk about each other... Hearing that someone doesn't like someone else, is another day is the AAge park. - No offense. I just ignore it. I have plenty of screen shots that this guy said about this guy. Haven't forwarded them - don't care. treat everyone how they treat me. --- Lmk what else i can clarify...
  15. Also, you guys forgot to blanket quote me... Anyone want to do that?
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