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  1. I really got to start reading the dates on posts. I was about to offer $$$ for one.
  2. Updated my avatar pic for the first time in years. Yes that's me in the late 80's. 

    Might change it back. 

    1. GoldLeader


      I like it...We're all 80's kids round here...(Well ..ya know,...Most of us were around then I'm sayin')...

    2. Zeptari1


      I think that pics from 1988.. So I'd be about 21 years old. 

  3. You ever watch a movie and feel it wasn't that great, then upon a second viewing realize it's one of your new favorites!?!?

    This happend today with Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. MrMaddog


      I didn't care for the trailers, and was never interested in the comic, but when a friend took me to see it the movie was realy good.  I'd watch it again just for the cool soundtrack...

    3. Serguei2


      I don't like Popeye (movie 1980) when I watched for the first time but after a while, I started like it.

    4. GoldLeader


      Maybe not Favorite, but I'd seen The Abyss...


      And only kind of liked it.  Would Never dream of watching it again, though.  My friend then invited me over to watch The Abyss: Special Edition, and my mind was blown!  Truly a situation where the director's cut made a huge difference including changing the entire meaning of the ending and ya realize the studio made him trim out some Very Important parts!   It was a much better movie even if he left some long scenes in for no reason...

  4. Same here! Send me a friend request. xbox screen name>> Zeptari I'm on most nights. please let me know your from atariage so i accept the friend request.
  5. PM'd. I'll send Palpay the day before yesterday. Thanks
  6. Thanks for these ! Fatal Labyrinth and ghouls & ghosts are two of my absolute favorite genesis games. Keep these videos coming!
  7. Oh I’d like one, it’s just that I already have an XEGS. I gotta get some games for it someday. Good luck with the sale.
  8. Am I going mad or did you change your name?


    1. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      I did! From Travistouchdown.  Makes it easier because my real first name is Rick.

    2. Zeptari1


      Ok. I thought I was having a senior moment. Lol

  9. @CaptainBreakout, I would play the heck out of Tron saves Christmas. Oh and let me know when Star Wars: Night Life comes out, looking forward to the sequel. ;-0
  10. It's coming from: https://www.analogue.co/pocket/ Not sure if the cartridge adapter will be available when it launches. Now back to AFP... I just loaded mine with the latest rom set. Unfortunately Halo 2600 doesn't runs on it. And I gotta crack it open. Something is stuck between the screen protector and the lcd.
  11. I'm guessing it's polycarbonate. Almost impossible to buff, you'll just give it more scratches unfortunately.
  12. Did a new model of the AFP coem out this year?


  13. I'm more of a sci-fi guy myself, loved the Mass Effect games. I picked The Outer Worlds up on launch day. It's still sealed, gotta find the time to play it. Which means putting Halo,Fortnite or RDR2 down for a bit.😁
  14. I can't wait to see how games improve with the hardware ray tracing. I plan on holding off as long as I can, my Xbox One X works fine. The excitement for it won't kick off till late next year. Mmmm Halo Infinite...
  15. Power supply I’m currently using . uploaded with my phone. Sorry I have no idea how to rotate the image.
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