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  2. Big thumbs up to your brother. I love the new Songbird logo. Great job incorporating the Atari fuji logo in it.
  3. I'm more of a Honda and Indian guy. But I'll still take it for a spin. Thanks
  4. http://commodore.bombjack.org/atari-st/st-magazines/st-informer/st-informer.htm Some of them are up guys! Thanks so much for all your hard work scanning them to share!
  5. I like your idea of a console only version Reaperman. It would be nice to have that and a lite portable version. I'm not really in the market to buy another console or handheld, but I am a fan of what Nintendo has done with the Switch software wise. Solid library of games for sure. My oldest son (22) who owns one praises the system constantly. So I'll keep tabs on this thread.
  6. Get The F*ck Out? :-) Or https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=extreme+get+the+funk+out
  7. $330 is a very fair price for a XB1X. You new to the xbox? Or upgrade from the one? Did you get any games with it? Forza Horizon 4 is fantastic on it. A showpiece and a super fun game to boot.
  8. I played about 60 plus hours last year. That dropped to less then 5 hours this year. I deleted my original save by mistake. So stupid! I really should jump into it. Sometimes the gameplay feels more like work then fun. Maybe I need to multiplayer it with someone.
  9. Kevin Savetz was there? Darn, I could have got my copy of Terrible Nerd autographed! That's the same fellow, correct?
  10. Wow! That's alot to digest. Thanks for the link ParanoidLittleMan.
  11. Kurt Vendel ,nice to meet you even though it was quick, you looked very busy. I absolutely loved the eight bit tribute you set up there. Random guy that I played Miner 2049 with ,sorry I didn’t catch your name , but that was fun. Great memories of my 800XL days. Fletch , nice to meet you and thanks for all the Falcon advice. Was all that hardware yours? Damn impressive! PM incoming soon. Unfortunately I didn’t get to say hi to Amiga Bill. He had a really nice set up with a video camera I believe. Get your picture taken with him and Jay Miner on a cardboard cutout. I wish I could have stayed longer (I know i missed lots of AA people )at the show but I had to meet up with friends before heading back to Massachusetts. I picked up a couple things at the consignment store. I didn’t realize it was in three rooms I only hit two. But I got a nice old magazine in a book that looks recently published.I never heard of it before. I look forward to reading it the summer. Thanks to everyone that put on the show I thoroughly enjoyed it!
  12. Im almost there. We stopped by the beach first.But we did drive by the festival and their were people waiting to get in before the start. I didnt make a avatar AA pic to wear. But I have a rainbow Atari T-Shirt on and a Indian motorcycle baseball cap on. Ill definitely take pictures
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