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  1. Thanks PLM! Downloading now. I'm hopeful many are compatible with the Falcon.
  2. Unfortunately the full game was never physically released on the 360. There's a demo of it on the Xbox Live Arcade Compilation disc. The full version is free on pc it seems. How about the Super Monkey Ball series. Those are great fun!
  3. Serious? Are you pulling my leg? I have a box of carts to trade too!
  4. Marble Madness is a great game! Loved it on my Atari ST computer back in the day. I play it on my Genesis every once in a while to remember the old arcade days. Question for @Jack the gamer 3 Have you played: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marble_Blast_Ultra ? If not you should try it. It might hold you over till the MM2 rom is released. 😉
  5. Good question @seastalker A deluxe version with 4 usb ports would be nice. I'd rock it with a Xbox One controller OR better yet an arcade stick and USB keyboard & mouse.
  6. This is reason enough for me to dig my Dreamcast out of the closet. But I'm pretty sure Omikron wins! One game has Bowie in it, and well... the other doesn't. And I'm really surprised a "show me your Dreamcast setup" picture thread isn't up yet. Jumps out of chair and runs towards closet............
  7. I bought 4 duracell batteries with wall charger years ago. They last I'd guess about 20+ hours. I have 2 in the controller and 2 in the charging base at all times. I find this is the best solution.
  8. I'm on staycation this week so I figured I'd wrap up some of my older games. Finished the story finally, only took me almost 5 years! chicgamer is correct on all accounts. I actually prefer this style of gameplay over something like the Fallout series. I guess I'm off to Rage 2 now.
  9. Two single player campaigns, gain xp to upgrade ships, first person view and on console for $40! SOLD!
  10. Maybe @Paul Westphal would take my XEGS towards a 800XL. The XEGS is cool and all, but the 800XL is the one I owned back in the day. Plus I believe he has the skills to replace the XEGS rom. Just thinking out loud. 😃
  11. Ultimate Cart gets the job done. I added Missile Command to it,so now I can just bypass the included ROM software. If things turn for the worse I'll be back. 😉 Thanks all for your suggestions and help.
  12. @Curt Vendel As a programmer,fabricator,artist and atari lover I find these drawings just awe-inspiring! Thank you so much for posting them.
  13. Holy Smokes!!!!! Awesome! I'm on a XEGS kick as of late. So this is very exciting! Bring on the disk to cart and homebrewed games!
  14. 😍🤩 Love these gray [email protected] Does this mean we'll see more new games in the store?
  15. I loved that game! The EA record style packaging that held the disk was so cool back then. It would be great to see a disk to cart conversion. My Ultimate Cart would enjoy that! Back to the topic on hand....
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