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  1. Atari releasing new hardware is pointless at this time. They should just licence their IP's out to competent game creators on just about any device. I have two friends that are die hard Nintendo fans and even they'd like to see Nintendo go the software only route. Totally surprised me. They hate the way Nintendo is handling online support for games and friends. One said " Imagine a new Zelda game on the new Xbox" his words not mine. And I'm thinking Imagine a new Zelda or Star Raiders on the Amico!!
  2. This is a game that deserves a revision/reboot on a new console. That dud on the Playstation and Xbox doesn't count. After playing so much Star Wars:The Arcade game back in the day I had a thirst to experience that same thrill at home. An Atari 800XL and Star Raiders got the job done for me. Tommy I'd love to see a modern take on the Amico!!! Please consider this.
  3. Will this hook up to Atari 7800, XEGS or Atari Falcon? I'm in the Springfield Ma area. thanks
  4. Zeptari1

    WTB: Atari 600XL

    How did the testing go?
  5. This is really reaching, as no one reads this forum, but I figured I'd try my luck. Back in the early 90s I owned an Amiga 600 that I foolishly sold or traded for a Atari Jaguar with a handful of games. This transaction took place in Westfield Ma in maybe 1993. It would be awesome if I could get my old A600 back. But I'm not gonna hold my breath.
  6. How about Store 24 on Boston Road? Across the street from a certain school. 😉
  7. I've been telling people for years your related to the screaming demon! It is true, correct?
  8. My latest struggle.How do I set up my 2 pc's next to each other? Do they make extra wide desks?

    1. xucaen


      Put them on the floor. 

    2. Zeptari1


      I'd like to avoid the floor at all costs. I'll just trip over them.

    3. Zeptari1




      Maybe I'll go with something like this. Looks like it'll fit my Windows PC & Falcon. 

  9. I'm going keep tabs on the Amico as it gets close to release. I'm very excited to see what family fun is like on it. Hey!! I like the Amico and the new Xbox look! Amico for family fun night and Xbox for my Red Dead 2,Halo and Fortnite solo nights with my online friends and family out of state. Yes some of us can enjoy both.
  10. Can you convince the bean brains @ Disney to that we need Tron 3! Please!!! Ohh and a new Amico game based on said flick! 😉
  11. Darn. I was hoping for a PAX showing in Boston. It would give me a reason to go, I've never gone to one.
  12. This is news to me too. I was under the impression this was a digital downloading only console. And I was OK with that. Given the low prices.
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