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  1. This all day! Just about any game released on Atari range of consoles or computers remade would be excellent! To me ThrustLander looks like a modernized Jaguar game!
  2. Huh? I was just curious if he might have a copy of one of my favorite ST games of all time. Epyx’s Rogue. That’s all.
  3. I might be interested in a few. Excited to see the pictures.
  4. My video output is decent, I think I'll keep it as is for now. I was just curious if S-video would be a real benefit. Thanks for the keyboard adapter link and label idea! Speaking of labels, my ultimate cart label keeps falling off! Any idea's? Actually I'd like to replace the whole shell. Ohh here's a couple pictures of my modern setup. The first one with my Grandson was taken about 2 years ago. Big thumbs up for Montezuma's Revenge! And the 2nd picture was taken a couple days ago.
  5. Give me the dimensions. I might be able to help.
  6. I love it's looks too. I wish the text on the buttons was easier to read. Easy upgrade to 128K? Interesting...Anyone use S-Video on the XEGS?
  7. I was wondering if I should expect the same from my XEGS with a S-Video cable on it? edit: without any extra hardware. Is it worth it to upgrade from composite to S-video on my XEGS?
  8. XEGS kick lately.

    1. jaybird3rd


      Great system!  For some people, the NES is the pinnacle of "classic gaming," but I much prefer the Atari 8-bit computer series, including the XEGS.

    2. Zeptari1


      Same here. Playing Caverns of Khafka right now.. What a crazy game!

  9. Advertised on TV the day after release, awesome! !Thanks for sharing.
  10. BUMP! I love Wipeout! I made a label for fun....
  11. Star Trux? typo for sure. lol 999.00 for a A800 in 1983,crazy! I think I paid under $300 USD for my 800XL in September of 83. I did so much work around the house and grandparents house to earn the cash to get it. But luckily may father meet me halfway.. and Christmas the 1050 made it way under the tree. Ohh.. sorry , no pictures.. edit: wow! was I wrong: http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-star-trux_5005.html
  12. How much I can expect to pay for a Collectorvision Phoenix? How did I miss it!?!

    1. GoldLeader


      I'm a huge fan of the Phoenix!  But I really don't know if/when they'll make more etc.  Going off my (usually bad) memory, I think it was ($200-$250) + shipping...Probably want to look here (And check the last few posts...)


  13. Not true! It actually unlocks access to the pokey sound chip hidden under the 7800 motherboard with most games. 😉
  14. I have to check my collection, I'll pm as soon as I figure out which ones I'd like to add. Off the top of my head I'd like PitStop and Gateway to Apshai.
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