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  1. Sent mine out yesterday. Delivery before the end of next week expected. 🎅
  2. Just bought Minecraft Dungeons: Hero Edition for Xbox on sale. I hear it's like a Diablo Lite like game... Here I go.

  3. Modern system: That's an easy answer: Tron or Reboot open world game!!! Explore the grid OR jump into an "incoming game"! Old system: Halo 7800! This time with random rooms and an actual point system. Hey, I gotta have high scores to shoot for people! lol Ohhh man how I would love getting these some day!
  4. @DJ Clae While I'm bummed about the lack of a new Halo this holiday I'm still excited about the new hardware. I might pick one up in a couple months when the console is in plentiful supply. I have dozens of games that will benefit from the newer more powerful specs. So people knocking it for the lack of games is a non-issue for me at least.
  5. @zzip Did they patch/update the PC version?
  6. I wish microsoft did what sony did and made one without a drive and the other with drive and both models with the same specs. Yet at the same time the Series S with that $300 price point feels like a smart move. I'm really conflicted about this decision.
  7. All my items are together. I'll wrap it up and mail it tomorrow. So exciting.🎅
  8. Doing some AtariAge Secret Santa shopping on my day off today! So much fun!

  9. 1st time I saw the PS5 design I thought of Marie’s sculpture.
  10. Minter has spoken! Sounds moderately Neato to me. BTW Great job with Tempest 4000, love it on my Xbox.
  11. I’m with Metal Jesus. I’ll wait till Halo Infinite launches before I even consider upgrading from my Xbox One X. Although I do play Red Dead Online almost every day and shorter load times would be nice. 😉
  12. Lynx games stretch to fill the screen which looks awful. How can I scale them back closer to there original resolution? Also, how can I set games like Klax and Gauntlet 3 to run vertically in retropie? Thanks
  13. I’d love to see a Lynx 3 system make. A spiritual successor to the first one’s. Made with the best components available now.
  14. Maybe developers like Songbird and others have the ability to put the roms owners real name and atariage handle in the games title screen.This might deter piracy.
  15. I would frame that and hang it in my gameroom!
  16. I'm in the 2020 Secret Santa!! Feel like a kid again!

  17. I’m in !!! I think this might be my 5th year participating in the Atariage Secret Santa. The wife and I really look forward to it every year. I try not to spend to much, less then $40. And I always give something from my game collection. I hope I get lucky again and get someone with the same gaming taste as me. That’s easy, I have games for quite a few different consoles. If not I have a couple mom&pop game stores I like to support😎
  18. Hello games just dropped a massive update today! Time to start a new game and fall in love again! Lol https://www.nomanssky.com/origins-update/
  19. Thanks PLM! Downloading now. I'm hopeful many are compatible with the Falcon.
  20. Unfortunately the full game was never physically released on the 360. There's a demo of it on the Xbox Live Arcade Compilation disc. The full version is free on pc it seems. How about the Super Monkey Ball series. Those are great fun!
  21. Serious? Are you pulling my leg? I have a box of carts to trade too!
  22. Marble Madness is a great game! Loved it on my Atari ST computer back in the day. I play it on my Genesis every once in a while to remember the old arcade days. Question for @Jack the gamer 3 Have you played: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marble_Blast_Ultra ? If not you should try it. It might hold you over till the MM2 rom is released. 😉
  23. Good question @seastalker A deluxe version with 4 usb ports would be nice. I'd rock it with a Xbox One controller OR better yet an arcade stick and USB keyboard & mouse.
  24. This is reason enough for me to dig my Dreamcast out of the closet. But I'm pretty sure Omikron wins! One game has Bowie in it, and well... the other doesn't. And I'm really surprised a "show me your Dreamcast setup" picture thread isn't up yet. Jumps out of chair and runs towards closet............
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