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  1. No. But if you’re paying for all that power in The Series X you really should have a 4K TV for it. But yet not totally 100% needed. I have a friend that has a regular TV basically not 4K and he bought a Series S and he loves it.
  2. Only if your really lucky. I scored one back in July for $600. Private seller on craigslist he even delivered it to my local police department.
  3. I've been tempted to grab that. Almost always under $10 on the Xbox digital marketplace. I really enjoyed Civilization Revolution on the 360.
  4. Darn! I bought this on the 360 and they wanna charge me $5 again. This is the first time one of my digital 360 purchases just didn't transfer over! That stinks!💩
  5. Anyone have a 1 page pdf of all supported games up till now?
  6. I'm curious what was the first game you fired up?
  7. The map is great. It's the way the legend for it is set up. Once you figure how to toggle things for the way you play it's fine.
  8. More details needed. New to Xbox? Moving over from another platform? etc.... I love mine.. Super fast load times, 360 games look there best here. Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 are mind blowing gorgeous. It's really up to your needs and wants.
  9. Want to thank you so much for the Colecovision and Intellivision emulators for the DSi! Brings me and my Wife much joy to relive our childhood games again.

    1. llabnip


      You're quite welcome, Zep. Just released V3.7 of ColecoDS this morning so be sure to grab it when you get a chance. It's been fun for me too - having grown up with the Atari VCS and then Colecovision while my buddy up the street had the Intellivision. Pretty much defined my formative years!

  10. All boxed up, ready to ship out tomorrow morning!
  11. Getting a FPGA system. Now the question is which one?

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    2. Keatah


      MiSTer. Provided you don't mind some easy setup and technicals.

    3. Zeptari1


      Anyone wanna trade a fully configured Mister for my Falcon? Actually... I'm still undecided if I'd rather another FPGA like the Analogue Mega SG or Collectorvision Phoenix or even the Analog Pocket that @Reaperman speaks of.  I'm mostly into 2600/7800,Colecovision and ST stuff.

    4. Steven Pendleton

      Steven Pendleton

      In that case, MiSTer is the only option. Nt mini Noir does not support 2600 spinners, apparently its 7800 core has some problems, and there is no Analogue Atari ST core. MiSTer has all of those and they probably work just like real hardware.

  12. Looks like i can load the emulators from the "Nocash Unlaunch.dsi v2.0" front end scrolling down a list OR load up the " twilight menu++" and run only GBA backups and CelecoDS , is one way better then the other? I love the awesome access I get to all these different games. Just seems odd how the systems setup. Maybe I just need more time to explore. Anyone else having fun with this? Wanted to thank you again and ask if it is possible to switch games instead of full power cycle , like the XEGS-DS works?
  13. I noticed yours has a "load overlay" button on it? Future item in the making? Would be sweet to have them for all the games that supported them. How about custom one's too. Can you have a look at this for me: Any folders or files I can delete above that are not needed anymore now that the install is done? Thanks
  14. Mission accomplished!!!! I'm so happy!
  15. I just started the Twilight Menu (TWL++) install now. I'll update on my progress after diner.
  16. How do I install this on my DSi? I'd so excited to start!
  17. Love finding old games that are new to me. I had a fun romp playing before the wife called me for dinner. And this is the 9th out of 14! Ohh the grandson will like this. Can't wait to show him.
  18. Just needs an Atari label on it and a Gateway to Apshai 2b+ support please. Love this thread guys!
  19. It's just an arcade racer with modern graphics. I just turn off the in game music audio and run Pandora's Xbox app in the background. When going to the map filter turn off all the extra icons you don't want. I don't own FH5 yet. But I can give you these tips from my experience from playing the 4th game. Hope this helps..
  20. I didn't realize we had two threads about this topic. So I'm double posting.😉 That's awesome! Please post any new goings on with it! New hardware or games played. etc.... I'm still scratching my head trying to figure out which scsi2sd adapter to order and how to config it on mine. YouTube didn't help me at all on this. Someday I'll get back to that. I'm seeing other options here I might like to try. Ohh!! That CF to SD adapter might work nice for me as my CF access on my Win 10 machine doesn't work any more. I'd just need for someone to move my current files from my CF to a SD for me. Sorry ... Not trying to hijack thread... way to my caffeine today!
  21. That's awesome! Please post any new goings on with it! New hardware or games played. etc.... I'm still scratching my head trying to figure out which scsi2sd adapter to order and how to config it on mine. Someday I'll get back to that.
  22. So true! The last item on my list came in today from the AA store. Will ship out by Wednesday or early next week the latest.
  23. I’ll help you finish the list. 99. Karate 100. E.T. 😆
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