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  1. Sorry for the necrobump, but I just bought said English-Asian-Japanese "Setsuna" version, and while it's not here yet, I was wondering if you could give me any tips as to how to "free" the cover from the plastic wrap without any damage. I tend to damage stuff when trying things like this so while this might seem like a silly question I would greatly appreciate any kind of advice. Thanks.
  2. One of the best sellers I ever had the pleasure to work with! Highliy accomodating, very very nice, and he sold me a game I have been wanting all my life (well, most of it)...amazing!
  3. I'm sorry to have to leave negative feedback, but I'm really pretty disappointed it in user. However, I have not lost any money here so maybe this is uncalled for? In some forums that end on -Age, "time wasting" is considered an offense though, so I'm thinking this should be okay...if it isn't, I will delete this, of course. Anyway, this guy had a number a few Nintendo games I wanted to purchase from him, and we negotioated for quite a while, mostly because his prices went up and down. I offer 35 for a game, he says he wants 40, I agree, then he wants 45. I get confused, he then says it was a mixup in his messages, and now in the end he decides he does "not feel comfortable selling to me". Excuse me? All this trouble got amplified by the fact the was unwilling to do international shipping, but since he had several games I REALLY want I dragged some other person from on here into this mess, who was incredibly nice being willing to forward the package on to Germany for me. Now all this trouble and a lot of time checking up prices to send him offers, not to mention days of writing messages back and forth, all for nothing. I'm sad and confused and have no idea what happened there. All in all that was a pretty bad experience.
  4. Any chance for "Dogs of War"? I loved that on Amiga, especially two player mode!
  5. Just a quick word from me that my reprint of "Gunlord" AES JPN arrived a couple weeks ago, and boy, is it glorious!!!! What a game. Waiting all this time for a reprint to happen was absolutely worth it. I am loving the visuals, the music, the feeling, the flow...but I'm also taking it slow, as to not see the whole gam at once. Excellent stuff!
  6. So....you're saying there is some hope for "Blood Money" yet? Would be a dream come true! But also the other shmups in my list....would love to see each and every one of those as a physical cart release even, like some of the other games got.
  7. Oh, shame...."Blood Money" was my most wanted. :-/ How come...what's wrong with Psygnosis games? Are they different somehow? Great news about "Dragon Breed", I had no idea.
  8. Do you take requests? Not sure if any of these would even be remotely possible, technically....but I absolutely love shoot'em ups and these come to mind: Blood Money Wizball X-Out Z-Out Lethal Xcess: Wings of Death II Wings of Death Xenon 1 Menace Dragon Breed Armalyte Star Ray Awesome Gemini Wing Frenetic (would need better SFX) Foundations Waste Goldrunner Outlands Could one or two of these be an option, at least? Maybe?
  9. Well, I get what you're saying....but as a buyer, I can only say positive things about USPS stamdard shippimg. Well, except for the rates. I've been buying from the US for years now, through several forums, and I've yet to run into any kind of trouble. Usually sellers were even very helpful in working with me to avoid any kind of customs interference. But I can imagine that there can be difficulties with some people so I can't fault anyone for not wanting to go through with this. Anyway, prices on eBay are pretty high as is, and add to that those massive GSP rates plus the customs fees they add automatically, and it's easy to see why it's not all that tempting, from a buyer's perspective.
  10. Oh....I'm so sorry. I totally assumed you meant something else. Thanks for your message, I'll take a look!
  11. They really won't.....that GSP has outrageous fees and the automatically add customs on top. But I suppose you're saying my request isn't welcome here due to my almost non-existent post count. Yeah...got it. Maybe I was too optimistic. Thanks anyway.
  12. Alright....giving this another shot almost one year later. Maybe I'll have some luck this time around.
  13. Okay, yeah, I admit there's some hassle. Filling out the customs form, first and foremost. And sure, the games would have to be packed with some bubble wrap but I imagine that's no different when shipping within CONUS? All I can say is that I'm not a mint freak. If a cardboard box has some dents and creases, no biggie. Plus, eBay folks are easily upset. I'm easy to please and just grateful when someone ships me some games across the Atlantic. If you don't mind, just send me PM with what you've got, or I can send you one if you prefer. If there's something I'd like to buy from you we can talk and maybe I can convince you to go through this with me. Or not. Let's see! EDIT: I'll gladly refer you to my buyer feedback on other US forums -- it's all positive
  14. Uh...why? I mean, yeah, it's a bit more hassle with stuff to fill out but it's manageable, usually. And consider helping out another Jaguar enthusiast! Also, maybe I should add the games I already have. Didn't want to at first because the list could be mistaken for the games I want, but maybe down here in a reply to the main post. No time right now tho ^^ EDIT: Or are you worried about the stuff arriving in good condition? Never had any trouble with boxed NES or SNES games so far
  15. Hey guys, I,ve got a couple of Jaguar games on my shelf, but I want more!! Can you help me out? Can't really post a Want List since I don't know of all titles I might be interested in, but if you have anything boxed, shoot me a PM! I am located in Germany but have done international shipping countless times, and I have PayPal, of course. I can provide lots of good feedback from other boards and eBay, if needed. Talk to you soon Samuray
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