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  1. I like my PSTV,lots of dungeon crawlers came out for the Vita so i been playing those.Only problem i have with the PSTV is there is quite a few Vita games that will not work with the PSTV,so i have to be careful when buying cheap Vita games.
  2. Looks cool to me.I want one if its not priced to high.
  3. I bought a variety of stuff from him.cheap prices,fast shipping,what else could i ask for? Thanks man.
  4. Awesome video on the genesis.You got yourself a new subscriber on Youtube.
  5. Got my atari repro games super fast.and for a great price!!
  6. I love my Intellivision and would be really cool to own this great homebrew for it.Please consider me for a copy of the game.
  7. got thunder force 2 and Revenge of shinobi along with my Genesis on christmas of 1989.I remember renting Rambo 3 After christmas,not sure of month tho(pretty sure it was after new years).i also remember buying super hang on like during the spring or summer of 1990.
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