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  1. Hi I just resuced from eBay, a Coco2 16K 26-3134A, with matching box and a CCR-82 Tape Deck. The CC-82 Tape Deck, has some battery corrosion on the upper battery terminals, which I will replace. All seems to work okay, the computer connected to the TV , boots into Basic and the keyboard works great. There is a warranty seal intact on the underside of the Coco2, I was going examine the intetnal CoCo2 computer board. If removal of the warranty seal to done, does affect the value of the computer, clearly the computer is out of warranty... Does the Coco2 have problems with capacitor leakage on the power supply?
  2. Hi, The F10 key on my Mega STE has a broken keyboard stalk is broken. This which is the part the Key Cap locates on. I have dismantled the keyboard easily. The keyboard F10 key internal switch part that presses onto the Mylar membrane has broken in the Key Cap. See photo: I have searched on Ebay and Internet. No luck, does anyone know where I can get a replacement Switch. Regards, Derek
  3. Hi, Just new to the forum, I have just aquired a Falcon board without a case, so I am thinking of fitting the Falcon board into a Tower Case. Can anyone recommend a Tower Case. Regards, Derek
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