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  1. Here is the other board that’s not displaying video either
  2. I recently picked up a couple of 3DO FZ-1 and neither of them will display any video. Both of them have been recapped, I’ve tried with the cd drive in, with the usb loader, with no drive. It powers on ok but not even the 3DO splash screen comes up. What could I be missing and what else can I try? Thanks!!!
  3. If you’re still taking pre-orders I’d love to get one!
  4. Pre-order position 217. Looks like 3rd batch for me. Doesn’t matter. Thanks for making this happen @SainT
  5. Maybe it’s broke 😂😜
  6. @Stephen Moss That’s way more of an answer than I was hoping for, you the man! I was thinking of option 1. But what are the drawbacks if any to doing this? Seems like it should have been something everyone does.
  7. I saw someone was replacing the 2600 power jack with a mini usb plug. Just curious if anyone knows how they might be doing this? Maybe using a breakout board or a converter?
  8. That is what I suspected that happened. I have about 20 systems that I need to mod and if there was a good way to do HDMI I would have loved to but I'll stick with composite. Thanks for the answer!!
  9. Sorry to resurrect an old thread but there is someone on facebook (Video Game Repair) and eBay (Retromachinerepair) who is HDMI modding 2600s but he's not giving any info how or selling kits. Any ideas to what he's doing? I'm assuming that he is just using an upscaler
  10. Anxiously awaiting! Thank you @SainT for your hard work on this!!!!
  11. How long does it usually take him to respond? I’ve placed the order via his webpage, I believe he needs to send me a PayPal invoice?
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