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  1. This was not meant as criticism, just a heads-up that german customs seems to have smartened up against lower declarations because of all the falsely declaring sellers from China. The person in line after me received a gift-package from overseas and even from her they wanted some sort of proof of the item's worth as otherwise they would just have to look up the new-prices on the internet to calculate customs fees. Smoothest way through customs seems to be to include the invoice in a bag on the outside or for sales from private people a prinout of the Ebay-auction or something similar. I can understand them looking more closely now with all the taxes that are being cheated by mostly Chinese sellers who just under-declare everything. Don't really have a second one at hand, but I was afraid it could be something like that. The only other game with strange behaviour on this machine is SNAFU which has some colors looking wrong. All the other games work fine as far as I can tell, including D2K and such. Either way the behaviour with DotC is hard to reproduce. Are there better test-carts than the old ones from Mattel that *really* test the hardware/memory more thorougly?
  2. Just played the game for a good hour or so, including my first win :-) Very nice and beautiful graphics and sound. Haven't been able to win a joust yet, though... I noticed however that two times that in the first game after turning on the Intellivision, it threw me back to the title screen when I did an action (like the machine just reset). First this happened on my first joust after I had the choose between Territory oder Leadership, the second time just when I wanted to move my army. I have had only these two instances of the game resetting yet. Another thing I noticed, when a castle of mine was besieged after I won the battle, it immediately showed the picture of the castle again and threw me into another battle for the castle (as if another lord had the same idea), but this second fight is without background-music then. Not sure if both the throwback to the title-screen and the repearing castle-battles are bugs or just my machine acting quirky. I thought I left the behaviour here in the forum to see if others have these happen as well.
  3. Just had to pick up my copy of the game from the customs office (40 kilometers car-ride each way), because there was no invoice attached to the outside of the package. The custom-offices in Germany do not trust the value declared on the custom-stickers for some years now, since most people just declare "$10 merchandise" for everything they send (I heard there are even pre-printed labels available in China for that). Because of that customs now always require an invoice attached on the outside of the package, otherwise they will hold the package and ask for the customer to pick it up with the needed invoice and/or payment-receipt. So, I went there with my Paypal-printout in hand and still ran into problems since there was no mention of what was actually bought in the Paypal-receipt (the argument being the payment has to be connected to the item). I finally found the order-confirmation in my Gmail-account on my smartphone and could send it to the email-address of the customs office from there. After that they could finally calculate the import VAT (15.03 EUR) which I gladly paid and was on my way back. It would have been a lot easier and cheaper in the end if the package had been declared correctly in the first place, as then it would have gone through customs and I could have paid the 15.03 EUR when the postman delivered the item at my door. The item itself arrived very well packaged and I look forward to trying it out this evening. This story is just to suggest to other people or sellers to declare the items they ship overseas correctly and attach the invoice outside. Customs-office have smartened up in the last few years (at least here in Germany) and will not accept the standard $20 or $10 declarations anymore. In the end this just leads to complications in getting the ordered items. I'll gladly pay the import VAT instead of driving around for an hour and sitting at the customs office for another 30 minutes
  4. Thank you very much :-)
  5. I received my Harmony Encore a few months back, but the addendum page to the manual was not included. I emailed batari, but got no reply. Does anyone have the addendum page and could scan it or take a quick photo of it? Thanks.
  6. Does this go for D2K Special Edition as well? I have purchased all the other ones already.
  7. Is the original Sydney Hunter-game going to be available to buy as ROM-image? It is out of stock on your webpage, as is Flapee Bird. In fact there are some games I'd rather not spend $50-$70 on in cartridge form, but would always pickup as ROM-image for $10.
  8. Ok, I've managed to convert Dreadnought Factor to PAL. Thanks. Still looking for Motocross-ROM for PAL (presumably the INTV-version). Is there an easy way to identify the PAL-comaptible Motocross-ROM-file. Seems kind of tiresome to try I copy I might find...
  9. While playing around with Intellivision/CC3 and LTO-Flash yesterday I ran into some problems with some games which first made me think my console was defective. Today I tried these games with two other Intellivisons I had and both showed the same problems. I then found out that some games just don't work on PAL-machines by browsing this forum: Motocross - crashes after the track-display Dreadnought Factor - crashes when starting or a few seconds later Dragonfire - the water on the first screen does not show correctly (just a glitch, game is playable) Empire strikes back - Apparantly has some music missing, I did not try this. Are there any other games that do not work on PAL-machines? Are there examples of games that don't work on NTSC, but just on PAL? Apparantly for Motocross there should be an "INTV"-version that works on PAL, but I cannot find this :-( Dreadnought Factor seems to be patchable by a .cfg-file, but is there a fixed ROM as wel? I could not find any info on fixes for Dragonfire or Empire strikes back. Have those been done?
  10. Just ordered mine from RetroGamesShop, only 4 left now :-) Luckily I got one of the last new CC3-carts back in October 2010. But it is so nice to see an Intellivision-multicart available again! Hopefully this breathes new life into the system!
  11. Interesting! Do the VICs have different power supplies? Mine with the pinkish orange has a DIN-plug (like a C64). What do yours have? The older model just has a 2-pin-plug.
  12. Are you using an NTSC VIC-20? In that case light orange might actually look like light pink. I have both a PAL and NTSC VIC20, both modded for S-Video output. You can find comparison-videos of both here: http://www.tokra.de/vic/colourtest/ I've recorded these directly with a hard-disk-recorder of the S-Video cables from the VIC. As you will see light orange looks pinkish for me on NTSC as well, I don't think there is a solution for this.
  13. Neat expansion indeed! Will probably run anything for the VIC apart from Doom which needs 35K and as such cannot share the 3K-RAM-Block with $a000. How difficult/more expensive would it be to create a "full" 35K expansion that does not share the BLK5 with 3K-RAM? I realize you use a 32K-RAM chip but how much more expensive would a 64K-RAM chip be even if you just use a little more of it? Also: There is still an area of 2K at $9800-$a000 that can take RAM if you want to. I've hacked a 3K-expansion to do so. I use this together with a 32K-expansion and a 3K-expansion in a slot-expander, so effectively you can have a 37K expansion of your VIC :-) The area at $9800 can take a fast-loader like SoftJiffy (SJLOAD) and be nearly undisturbed by any other software.
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