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  1. Again, just thought I'd have my modder do some preventative maintenance while he was in there. I realize the caps in the Xegs are not prone to failure, but I dont know the personal history of this console and where is has been stored the last 30 years, also given it was released in the Tramiel Era (something I've noticed other posters bring up in other xegs repair topics), and at the tail end of the 80s, I figured it wouldn't hurt. Maybe it's foolish to spend my money on something that might not be needed but that's my choice and I'd rather not find out the hard way. My modder is an engineer who does mod work and console repair on the side and does great work so I don't have any concerns about him doing more harm than good. He had nothing to do with my wanting to replace the caps, that was completely my decision. Over the years I have looked for spare boards or boards with socketed chips to do a swap with including contacting Best Electronics, but to no avail. Maybe I should've titled the post XEGS preventative maintenence or something like that instead, I didn't think I'd trigger such a controversial topic.
  2. Thanks for the helpful replies.
  3. I understand it's not "needed" its just typical maintenance I have done to everything I have go in for a mod or install while they're in there.
  4. Is there a handy list of the caps and/or components to replace when reconditioning an XEGS? I'm sending mine off to my modder to socket the custom chips so I can have the option to install some mods and I was going to have him do a cap refresh and general maintenance as a well but I can't seem to find a comprehensive list. I could go through the diagrams myself but I am lazy and thought I'd ask here first. 😉
  5. I was looking for this exact same information as I want to get my dad setup with one of my spare C64s, a decent svideo upscaler (probably a budget RetroTink) and a bunch of software. However I have another question: How user friendly is using the SD2IEC? Is it as simple as dumping images on a SD card? My dad is not super technical when it comes to newer tech.
  6. $45 for the backlight kit and install? That's pretty hard to pass up. I get so nervous working on old electronics like this. Still taking pre-orders for the backlight kits? They look pretty sharp!
  7. Left over from an unrepairable console. In great shape. Includes expansion port door. Does not include power and reset buttons. $10 + shipping (using your service of choice). Shipping to continental US only. Shipping Weight: 4 lbs 6 oz. Dimensions: 17 x 14 x 9 in. Shipping from: USA, zip code 85032
  8. Interesting. Is the idea that the circuit is the same for all the systems you mentioned you just have a different "core" flashed to the cpld? That being said would the pallette be swappable by programming or by could it be swapped externally (say with a button or switch)? Sorry if these are dumb questions, just curious and excited no matter what your answers!
  9. Oh wow, you will probably get a lot more interest if it will work with all those as well. I can't wait!
  10. Oooooo a CPLD you say? I'm in! S-video and composite were simply a bonus as far as I'm concerned. RGB is where it's at for me really. What other consoles this would work with? I'm guessing some of the others from the Signetics family of compatibles?
  11. Just to clarify I was never saying I agreed with the sentiment that 5-11 should halt progress I do think it's kind of rude to demand so. I think rw should start a separate thread.
  12. The more microvsion screen replacement options out there the better. Don't see why both can't exist.
  13. I'd love to get a couple if you do a batch. I might pick up an extra Arcadia as a guinea pig unit. Much thanks for all the hard work and research you've put into this!
  14. Well you have my interest! Excited to see what comes next. The Arcadia is neat little system with some fun games, RF just doesn't do it justice, especially when trying to use it with a more modern display. Thanks for replying!
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