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  1. The Atari 7800 version is now sold out. Some lucky buyer managed to squeeze their order between the inventory running out and disabling a button, so they'll be receiving an unclaimed press copy for a total of 551 units. Regarding what happens next, I'll be taking a break from the board and scene for awhile. There may be an additional run produced in the future but I'm not making any promises on what will or will not happen. The Windows version will continue to be maintained. I am not smart enough to manage preorders so this sort of thing will not happen. Thanks again to everyone who gave the game a try.
  2. We also offer a standalone Windows version through a Humble Widget, which will run full speed on a 1.2GHz Pentium III and (in my opinion) is the definitive version. Aside from some of the Steam and BupChip work, the game was developed entirely on one of these - so I tried to keep the requirements low. No problem, orders usually go out in 1 - 2 business days. I'm impressed you're willing to use a genuine PainLine! Might want to consider an upgrade 3 Copies left.
  3. This is normal - the brackets on the game's board which mate with its plastic shell are slightly oversized, giving it a little too much wiggle room. But what you have should still be sturdy enough to last. Unfortunately, I didn't catch this issue before manufacturing since our development boards had a large socketed flash which was pressing against the bottom of the shell and holding it in place. If we were to do another 7800 game or production run of Rikki & Vikki, the board's dimensions could be adjusted to fit the plastics a little more snugly. ...and this was an absolute pain. We had to do at least 5 - 6 revisions of the shell design to make sure the plastics would fit in all variations of the cartridge guide. Definitely not one of the hardware's more elegant parts.
  4. I've been trying to nudge support for the game's mapper, or at least something similar, into the 7800GD. Not necessarily for compatibility with Rikki & Vikki but because I don't feel there's many (any?) good options for giving the 7800 a nudge in graphics - most effort has been in the audio department. I'd still like to try and finish the PMC1's hardware tests for similar reasons, as this really helps put the console on par with comparable offerings on the NES. Getting full BupChip support into any flash card is somewhat convoluted since you'd need not only a microcontroller, but standardized way to load music data into it. I'd actually be fine with someone ripping ./Data/FoxBox.bin out of the Windows version and running on a flash cartridge - otherwise I would have hidden it in the executable. But if that data were frequently given a five finger discount, especially when we already made it available for (what I feel is) a reasonable price, then there's an issue.
  5. It does do some light initialization and hardware tests, therefore leaving everything in a slightly different state than a cold boot. But you can also just duplicate this condition instead of writing your own BIOS / Boot ROM.
  6. I only have one which could be described as working and in good condition, life is difficult for such an inadequate wolf. Eh... we really should have shot a promotional video of the development team swimming in a pool of Combat cartridges ala Scrooge McDuck, hyped up a bunch of revolutionary audio-visual-olfactory nonsense, then never shipped anything. That'd net some real xtreem retro gamer credz. Reselling something at a markup is what any distributor does, so I honestly have no issue with this. If someone pays for a copy of the game they can do whatever they like with it. It's not like the digital version is going to be taken away either, and that's the version which had to move in order to immediately kick off another project. 15 Copies left now.
  7. Keep in mind that unless I have the hardware in front of me all of this is a guess based upon the symptoms, it could very well be something else. But good to hear you're keeping the console! 7800s also stack extremely well despite their funny shape - just rotate each one 180 degrees to impress your friends with a Yertle the Turtle scale of towering classic cred.
  8. Designed for long term reliability, this wedge was not... Rikki & Vikki's cartridge has very careful (perhaps somewhat paranoid) decoupling compared to both Atari's boards and the 7800 itself, this could prevent it from acting wonky if the console's 5V rail isn't stable or some of the capacitors are failing. Another possibility is the 7800's internal SRAM is what's at fault - as Rikki & Vikki places all its Display List Lists in the cartridge's EXRAM. Fetching a Display List (List) has the tightest timing requirements of Maria's accesses, so if the SRAM is drifting out of spec it might not get the right data out in time. Based upon these new symptoms I don't think Maria is the culprit. I'd first go for the regulator (just to be safe) and big electrolytic caps, then try replacing the SRAM.
  9. No, it's just bad. Since Brandon couldn't discourage you, let me give it a shot - the hardware is also made out of glass. Nintendo gave the GameBoy this really elegant voltage regulator to make sure all the chips 'n bits stay at a comfortable 5V. It's well designed enough to keep this steady even with very low or high input voltages. This also provides some protection for the console. The SuperVision, Gamate, and GameCom have no such protection. For a modern comparison, this is aliexpress bootleg engineering territory. Some SuperVisions aren't stable using NiMH rechargeable batteries, causing VRAM corruption and Commodore-style speckles on the display. You're technically overvolting the components by using four fresh alkalines. With the current cost of the hardware you're effectively paying a hundo (or more) for something which needs heavy rework just to... work. It's bad. No stars, do not buy.
  10. As of writing BupSystem does not feature a scanline filter.
  11. Maria's timing is fixed based upon the type of data being fetched, not where it's being fetched from.
  12. If you haven't done so already - I recommend trying to get in touch with developers, publishers, and distributors outside of the AtariAge community (I know Cote Gamers was looking for 2600 / 7800 shells awhile back). There might be more interest there.
  13. Yeah, that sort of setup has always been my preference. Adding in luxurious debugging features like nocash's work would be ideal, but no idea if that'll ever happen. This seems to have already been addressed here, and (generally) I cannot help you find ROMs - you're all on your own for that. However, I do want to point out that many "goodsets" for the 7800 aren't actually that good. Faulty headers, missing Pokey bits, etc. The PROPack by @Trebor is properly curated and checked - if that doesn't work then it's definitely my fault!
  14. Update - you can have this thing for the cost of shipping it to you.
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