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  1. Yep, the cartridge with an upside down label has a 1984 copyright date. It also lacks the spring loaded dust cover.
  2. Some variations aren't too subtle, like the upside down edition of Pole Position II.
  3. Yep, this thread is the best way to keep up to date. To be clear, though - even though I can't fund another game's production because of Rikki & Vikki's poor sales, this doesn't mean Rikki & Vikki is suddenly going to become a limited run. It is still my intention to produce copies as long as there's demand. But right now I need more time away from the product.
  4. Thanks for the support, everyone. As of writing, I'm temporarily postponing sales of the 7800 version of the game. This is to ensure I'll be able to deliver the Windows version's fall update before packing up, along with a few other things. If you've just ordered a copy, don't worry - your order will still ship out in the next few days. If you haven't ordered a copy yet, don't worry about that either - it'll be available for purchase again later in the year.
  5. If using a microcontroller like we did for Rikki & Vikki's BupChip isn't an option because it's "too new" you'll likely have to deal with NOS parts. I briefly discussed our reasons for going with a softsynth here, but at $4 - $5 per chip and the ability to purchase from a reputable vendor it felt like a no brainer. It depends upon the family (OPL, OPLL, OPN, OPM, etc.) going down this route for the 7800 I still recommend the YM2413 - which is fairly capable, affordable, and doesn't take up too much board real-estate. The only issue is dealing with counterfeits. Keep in mind with any of these options that some support circuitry may be required. Not all of them can get a good frequency range with the PHI2 clock available on the cartridge slot, and some might not be able to use it at all. The clock isn't stable either, if you're banging the TIA or RIOT it'll skew. I still feel if you're going to spend the effort to replace Pokey, write a new driver, bla bla - a new mapper and board should go along with it as well. The available options are still fairly limited and we don't have, say, an MMC3 equivalent.
  6. Oh hey, it's BupSystem v0.9.6.1 What's changed in this version? Added Full Screen Mode toggle on double-click (unless Light Pens are enabled). Upgraded to JoyFish v0.8.6.1. Cleanup Improved keyboard navigation in dialogs, button focus and ordering is much friendlier. Input assignment procedures can now be aborted by pressing Esc. Full Screen Mode was overwriting the user’s window dimensions. EXFIX segment in SUPER cartridges wasn’t enabled for *.a78 files. AutoSave feature wasn't working if an XBoard was installed. As I won't be able to return to BupSystem for some time, I tried to make this a little more than just a "whoops" update. Using the program with a keyboard has been significantly improved, and all dialogs are a little more considerate when changing focus. The biggest improvements were made under the hood in JoyFish, I've added support for device name hinting - so if you forget to plug in a joystick BupSystem can now tell you which joystick it was. As usual, more input devices are supported out of the box including (almost) the entire Mayflash product line. Unless there are any unexpected issues, this version will be the base for Rikki & Vikki's fall update. What’s next, or what might be next... Much of this post still holds true regarding the current state and future of BupSystem's development - minus the JoyFish enhancements which have already been added. I'd like to continue reverse engineering the hardware and posting my findings in this thread. However, because of Rikki & Vikki's poor sales I cannot continue this work full time and updates will be done at leisure - if at all. I am also still in search of a replacement 7800 cartridge slot, if anyone would like to donate one it would be greatly appreciated.
  7. You've taken no money nor made any promises regarding schedule. If the delay is to ensure you're satisfied with your work, that's nothing to apologize for.
  8. Really unfortunate news. I do want to echo the sentiments above - he always always very polite and supportive, even when we didn't agree on something. May he rest in peace.
  9. Since BupSystem's development will be suspended after the next update, I'd like to open preview builds of v0.9.6.1 to anyone interested in testing. This version must be closed by early September, so some accuracy issues may not get corrected. My primary focus is on stability and making sure the program gets along with all the variants of Windows before rolling its changes into Rikki & Vikki's fall update. Generally : Is setting up the emulator straightforward? Do you have any issues loading and running game software? If you have a supported joystick or gamepad, is it recognized by the [auto] mapping feature? If you have a (name brand - no generic gamejoy) joystick or gamepad that isn't on the supported device list, let's add it. Is HTML Help actually useful in explaining program behavior and features? If you're interested send over a PM.
  10. No worries. Again, market failure is pretty much the default for an indie / low budget game. I'll continue to develop new things, but cannot say what they'll be or when they'll happen at this moment. But there's still a few 7800 related things I'll release before closing up (BupSystem v0.9.6.1, ProSMS, Rikki & Vikki's Windows fall update, etc.).
  11. It's the link on the first post of this thread (alternatively, you can click this one). There's a Humble Widget right below the Steam link on the game's purchasing page. If you've not used Humble Bundle before or don't want to make an account with them, make sure you keep the email they send you after purchase - you can use this to download updates in the future. There was none, and considering we're over half a year past launch there likely won't be. I mentioned on the previous page that the game had yet to make back even half of what was invested in it, and that's still the case. The company is being packed up for hibernation over the next few months.
  12. Here's the numbers by platform... Atari 7800 : 354 Microsoft Windows (Steam) : 465 Microsoft Windows (Standalone) : 23 Addedum : There's also 1,704 Steam "wishlist" entries, to give an idea of our conversion rate.
  13. I decided to take advantage of the loader fault while it's there and see which SUPER cartridges would fail without the EXFIX segment mapped in. It was most of them. The only titles which still appeared to work were : Barnyard Blaster Crack'ed Dark Chambers Real Sports Baseball Tank Command Water Ski Other games have varying responses to missing 16KB of data. Some just crash immediately (Xenophobe), but others will actually play albeit with corrupt graphic data (Ninja Golf).
  14. ...and what would a new version be without new issues? The *.a78 loader isn't enabling the EXFIX segment for SUPER cartridges and Full Screen Mode overwrites the saved window dimensions. Looks like v0.9.6.1 will show up early!
  15. Yep, I flipped through that one. Thanks. Right now the biggest holdup for Pokey's accuracy is that I'm not using it in any software (and probably won't). So I'll get to it, but not soon.
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