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  1. As of writing BupSystem does not feature a scanline filter.
  2. Maria's timing is fixed based upon the type of data being fetched, not where it's being fetched from.
  3. If you haven't done so already - I recommend trying to get in touch with developers, publishers, and distributors outside of the AtariAge community (I know Cote Gamers was looking for 2600 / 7800 shells awhile back). There might be more interest there.
  4. Yeah, that sort of setup has always been my preference. Adding in luxurious debugging features like nocash's work would be ideal, but no idea if that'll ever happen. This seems to have already been addressed here, and (generally) I cannot help you find ROMs - you're all on your own for that. However, I do want to point out that many "goodsets" for the 7800 aren't actually that good. Faulty headers, missing Pokey bits, etc. The PROPack by @Trebor is properly curated and checked - if that doesn't work then it's definitely my fault!
  5. Update - you can have this thing for the cost of shipping it to you.
  6. To dive into this for a bit - as some of the issues seem to be recurring... When something "works on the hardware" this also includes what type of cartridge (or flash cartridge) you're using, and how that affects the game software. What's the exact partitioning and r/w setup of $4000 - $FFFF? Is the internal memory and any EXRAM initialized for you? Are there any "secret" registers you might be hitting by accident? Agreed, with the addition that you should also check for (unintentional) accesses in unallocated regions of memory by either Sally or Maria. The latter is particularly dangerous since fetching a garbage DLL could trigger an NMI when you're not expecting it. If I remember right, this is one of ProSystem's biggest faults since it treats any unallocated areas as zero instead of open bus - not sure if any of its forks change this.
  7. Hah, well I dunno if five months ago counts as a 'recent' update but I'm glad you're enjoying it. I do want to be clear that BupSystem's development is still on hiatus, so I'm still keeping track of any issues noticed in v0.9.6.3 but they're not necessarily going to be addressed soon... possibly never. Regarding accuracy - some of Maria's timing stuff is definitely off and so is a bunch of POKEY's behavior. I'd definitely recommend sticking with A7800 if you're doing anything serious with POKEY or the XM's features. The only things BupSystem "leads" in are support for SOUPER, PMC1, and the BupChip.
  8. Yes, this is also similar to how GTROM + GTMP3 was implemented for the NES. ...or how the CD-Player was implemented in my stereo cabinet.
  9. THREAD_TOPIC EQU $2808 ; -/W ; Writing any value contributes noise to the thread and increments the subject counter by one. ; ; After 192 ($C0) writes the subject counter will automatically wrap back to $00. While the counter's value can't be ; read directly the loopback point can be detected by an uptick in complaining about the hardware's poor audio, lack ; of POKEY, and assumptions regarding GCC's intention to make their own way-better-than-anything-ever sound chip ; which could have saved the 7800, satiated world hunger, cured all diseases, cleaned up all pollution, ended all fighting, ; and funded the development of a truly sentient robot dog.
  10. Not just one, but two SIDs... Up for sale or trade are a whole bunch of Commodore [MEMSIZE] goodies. Below is a full inventory - and, as usual, you've got to take the whole lot or nothing at all. Commodore 64 (NTSC) PLAnkton in U17. Commodore 128 (NTSC) Turbo Illasm in U36. Socketed VRAM in case you'd like to upgrade the 8563 VDC from 16KB -> 64KB. Modified C128 Power Supply which works with either unit Cartridges EasyFlash 3 Omega Race Rootin' Tootin' Disks Math Manor Phonics Prime Time : Volume 1 Word Spinner As working isn't always a feature with Commodore anything, I'd like to go into exact detail about what's here. Let's start with the C128. This is the machine I was primarily using, and quite a lot. While the case is fairly yellow the electronics inside are in great shape, it's never failed to start up or acted wonky - super stable. The original heatsink plate for the VIC II and VDC was rusty so I removed it and made two new sinks. The VDC's VRAM has been socketed if you'd like to drop in a 64KB upgrade. Turbo Illasm has also been installed as the Option ROM (U36). Now the breadbin is in much rougher shape and I originally got it broken to see how miserable a restoration would be - the answer was very. If you look closely at the board photos you'll see there's acorn nuts instead of screws holding it in place - all the plastic standoffs aside from one had snapped so I drilled through the bottom of the case and fashioned new ones with some screws + washers. The PLA also died so there's a PLAnkton in there which replaced it. All the other chips have been socketed since I had removed all of them for testing at one point or another. It seems to run software fine, but the case is definitely rickety and the keyboard needs to be replaced. Many of the keys were already broken or glued back on, and the CTRL key decided to liberate itself after I got the thing out of storage. This is a good machine to have around if you're repairing lots of other Commodore hardware or need a board with everything socketed. Mostly I had this around to test for compatibility issues relative to the C128, of which there's (impressively) few. I found a bag with the original heatsink plate and screws which will also be included. The MooltiPower is just a C128 power supply with a C64 power connector in the middle, you disconnect this to use it with the C64 and put the C128 end back on for use with the C128. It's pretty convenient. Cartridges all work fine, EasyFlash is great, absolutely no idea if any of the disks work. I'm looking for $150.00 + Shipping for all of this, the items may need to be split into two boxes to ship safely - I'll let you know. My biggest concern is making sure the C128 doesn't get damaged. As with the Atari 800 that started this fantastic junk trek - cash is great, but I also like to trade! Here's some items I'm looking for which could possibly reduce or remove the price... TurboGrafx-16, PC-Engine, or PC-FX stuff Game Gears, if not recapped Watara SuperVision or TV-Link, especially these since I'm reverse engineering the hardware I'm happy to ship this anywhere in North America. If you're interested, send over a PM!
  11. This isn't a balancing issue, this is an amplification issue - i.e. the currently available mods tap the chip outputs directly rather than using something like a 358 or 4558 in their output stage.
  12. If whatever cartridge or expansion hardware you're using has a timer connected to /IRQ it'll be way easier to play the samples asynchronously compared to the stock hardware. No idea what the XM supports, but it was mentioned as a feature in Dragonfly.
  13. 320A is only going to net you eight colors over 320B's seven, and then you're stuck with 1bpp draws - but this nearly doubles your fillrate. This was the mode I wanted to use if we were going to shoot for a second title on the hardware, but it's not a performance panacea. If you think you can stylize the graphics well then it's worth a try. Really the biggest restriction with 320B is how many of Sally's cycles will be absolutely decimated by Maria's fetches, so if you have anything with complex physics (for this hardware class anyway) it'll get a little rough. At the end of the day any use of the high resolution modes is going to be more difficult than 160A. But to me the crisp visuals are worth it. Again, still convinced 8-way scrolling in 320B can be done without too much extra junk in the trunk.
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