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  1. What happens when you disable the colorburst mid-frame isn't going to be consistent across all sets. I'd put this in the same category as the rapid flickering techniques to get more colors I see around here : not recommend, but if you want to do it - do it and put a warning in the manual that it might not work with certain setups.
  2. Thanks, and no problem. I think your current recommendation of having testers ensure the high score screen works on their consoles is best for now. Even if it's a happy accident - that's still the behavior which emulators should replicate. But the high score screen getting stuck thinking it's been spuriously paused is a little suspect of an incorrect read, write, or mask which happens to work.
  3. I'm not a 7800basic user, but some general stuff for unrolled Display List techniques like this... Using only 4-Byte Display Lists and grouping your tiles together into larger draws when they're both sequential in memory and share a palette makes the fillrate go way, way, way up. Then you'll have more time to draw foreground items or have Sally actually run the game. You can also use it for scrolling by having your unrolled background drawn slightly larger than the visible screen. Nudge your tiles each frame the camera moves while unrolling the Display Lists for the next coarse "step" left or right.
  4. While the hardware test already went through... ...I have a possible explanation for this. Hardware tests have shown Maria's NTSC timing is 263 scanlines long, which causes her rendering to be slightly slower than the 59.94 or 60Hz used by most other consoles or computer displays. BupSystem keeps the 263 scanline length but artificially cranks the speed up to a fixed 60Hz so there's less chance of tearing or skipping. So A7800's speed is likely correct, but your computer's display is off sync from its updates which causes the stuttering.
  5. So, @RevEng contacted me regarding this issue when it first popped up. At first I thought it could be an issue in either my RIOT implementation or how the controllers themselves are interfaced with it and the TIA. BupSystem drives all the controller inputs high or low depending upon if a button is pressed (which is how my adapters and some other controllers work). The joystick on an actual ProLine leaves the inputs open or shorts them to ground depending upon its position. Some software uses really bogus AtariVox / SaveKey detection which doesn't account for an input stuck high or low, which can happen with either style of input but is more easily triggered with the former. I watched what Dragon's Cache was doing in terms of setting up SWCH(A/B) and SW(A/B)CNT to see if there was anything off there - it looked okay. But I didn't investigate what it was doing with any of the reads. Leaving the High Score screen by pressing [PAUSE] bothers me since this could be caused by either a fault in the emulation or a happy accident in the game which still works on the hardware and A7800. As of writing I don't know which it is BupSystem's development is on hiatus, but I'm still keeping a tracker. Any issues should go in its thread.
  6. Rikki & Vikki is difficult and while I'm severely biased as its lead - Ghosts 'n Goblins is entirely its own echelon of cruel. Ghouls 'n Ghosts is much closer to the tuning here. There's 83 copies left, moving at a fantastically medium speed. But once these are gone the digital version won't be .
  7. Oh hey, it's BupSystem v0.9.6.3 "But wait, I thought you said this wasn't going to be released until 6/5?!" you shriek, or fervently type. "Software can only be late, what is this nonsense?!" Ah, well for one I ran out of small things I wanted to patch. The second reason is that today marks four years since BupSystem's first (albeit secret at the time) release - so let's celebrate by pushing this build now. Anyway... What's new in this version? Added Separate menu item icons for Aero themes. Support for using the menu in Full Screen Mode. Optional confirmation when erasing the cartridge history. Multiple file support for Drag 'n Drop. Cleanup All menu item icons redrawn in monochrome. Custom images are a little more considerate of system metrics. Disabled menu items could still be triggered in Full Screen Mode using their accelerator keys. Adjustments in the Color Dialog are now shown whether or not a cartridge is loaded. Disabled mouse cursor autohiding while the Color Dialog is visible. Corrected longstanding GDI Resource leaks in the Input and Joystick Disconnected Dialogs. While there's still a long way to go in terms of accuracy and other improvements, I feel what's here is enough to justify a long hiatus from the platform.
  8. It should be fine - as long as the write makes it in. Maria walks the Display List each active line. Three options, now
  9. Always nice to have more options for emulation - and hey, this one's cross platform out of the box. Great work!
  10. That's going to be the case with most improvements or new features. I'd like for most requests to go in - as long as they don't conflict with what's already there and (in this case) be configurable. It's really a question of when. I'll look into it, since having this as part of my render library would be nice. But it's a low priority. I did get the autohiding menu in Full Screen Mode working as part of, which would be a prerequisite for this feature.
  11. This is feasible, but is in the same category as overscan where I'm only going to add the behavior when it's fully user configurable. So I can't nudge this into but it will be added to the first post's grocery list. Whenever the advanced options dialog shows up it'll be in there - with the asterisk that only *.a78 format cartridges will support automatic region selection. Ah, you mean different Full Screen Exclusive modes. The requirement for these has (mostly) been eliminated through things like NVIDIA's G-Sync, which now supports Borderless Windowed programs like BupSystem. I'll confirm it actually syncs for PAL / 50Hz when I have access to a friend's (better) PC next weekend - we tested it in NTSC / 60Hz and it works great.
  12. ...and what would new features be without new mistakes. Just found out I was drawing the menu item icons out of spec, which worked for classic Windows but resulted in broken alpha on anything which supports Aero and has it enabled (Vista+). So I'm gonna toss together two sets of icons for both scenarios (you can even be extremely rude and change it while BupSystem is running). If you do heavy customization of your Windows themes or use a really crazy DPI setting the icons may be disabled to prevent distortion of the images. Also added some more warning prompts before erasing the cartridge history, etc. Thought I was gonna get to take like a year off from wedge development, but I'll try and put together a new build for 6/5/2020. As usual, any other reports (especially for the interface) would be appreciated.
  13. I'd honestly rank ProPads below the Master System controllers because of their wiiide button spacing. Additional DIY options are the ProNES and ProSMS adapters I designed awhile back - I used the former through most of Rikki & Vikki's development (then gave them all away) and the latter since.
  14. I hope so too - gotta use all these shelves to catalog my toilet paper hoard. Again, despite the poor digital sales it has been really cool to see the game recommended as part of a 7800 starter pack - or sell the console outright to players who would not have considered it before.
  15. There's even bigger gains for this approach if you're not using character mode and want to keep your background drawing generic. Another method which favors low color modes (320A / 320B) is the following... Don't modify the height of the last visible DLL region in your playfield - as with the DMA Masking technique. Trigger a DLI on the entry before this, then WSYNC into your fine scroll offset. Zero all the palette registers. You'll lose cycles in the opposite direction here, and there is some risk of jitter since Sally is responsible for making the change. But since there's only a few registers to change the noise isn't much worse than the status bar divide in Super Mario Bros 3 or Kirby's Adventure. This is one of the reasons I dropped a raster comparator into a mapper, which drops the requirement for the WSYNC step.
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