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  1. Please could you add me to the list for next time you have some available 1 x cart for me please (i feel it's a bit unfair that people were ordering 2 and 3 and they've gone so quick)
  2. Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but is this guy still re-doing cracks? Took me ages to find this thread (I remember reading it last year but couldn't find it again....now following it!)
  3. Thankyou - just like mentioned in that thread - Seems like it's recognised as 16k in the first memory slot (next to the rom) and 32k in the second slot with a 16k in the first, so 48k total with the rear slot left free. Is it of much use to me, if I already have 3x 16k? Worth keeping?
  4. Anyone able to identify this? No identifiers other than the chips
  5. Hi I have some Atari 8-bit hardware which is surplus to requirements I am open to sensible offers on prices as I know that some of these items are quite rare I have cleaned all the items up and in to a cosmetic state that I would be happy with myself, I am very picky! Offering for sale here first, then Amibay, and then will be listing on eBay if I still have anything remaining Willing to post to UK, Europe, and USA but bear in mind these are all UK specification items, and international postage for heavy items will be expensive! Might have to spread this out over a few messages as cannot add more than 10mb files So we have - Atari 410 program recorder, this is the original version with 'flat' buttons not the more common version with round dimples in the buttons, complete with official power adapter and 410 operators manual - Atari 822 thermal printer, tested with power supply, the rollers seem to move around ok, but I can't test futher than this - Atari 850 interface module, tested with power supply and powers up ok, not tested further. All ports look ok. There is unfortunately a bash on the front corner of the device. Complete with operator manual - Atari 810 disk drive, standard unmodified unit, tested with power supply, powers on ok, LED's working also tested loading disks in to Atari 800 and disks are loading fine. This one I think has a couple of screws missing from inside the case holding the housing to the drive unit but does not affect operation. Slight amount of scuffing to left corner of case, and a small crack on underside of case, one of the "feet" are missing. Sounds bad but is in good cosmetic order. Comes with Disk Operating System II reference manual. - Atari 810 disk drive, contains Happy enhancement add-on board. Tested with power supply, powers on ok, LED's working, tested loading disks in to the Atari 800, tested with the Happy software and results are ok. No cosmetic faults of note. Comes with original box in average condition (no innards), Atari 810 operators manual, disk operating system II reference manual, and the disks which go with it. - Atari 800 48k computer, UK PAL version, cleaned up nicely, no cosmetic damage of note, all keys on keyboard tested working, RF lead still attached and poking out of the rear, three x uncased 16k ram boards + one uncased rom board. This is the version with screws which hold down the rear lid, rather than rotating clips. - Atari 800 48k computer, UK PAL version, again cleaned up nicely although a couple of scuff marks which won't come off. All keys on keyboard tested working. RF lead removed (can supply one). This one has three x uncased 16k ram boards + one cased CX801-P rom card. Now for the interesting stuff, inside here someone has added a little board which has a couple of "pots" which can be adjusted. These seem to adjust the sharpness/brightness/luminance/contrast (not sure which) of the output picture so you can adjust to your own preference. I got a real good clean picture using this. This one comes with original outer box which is a bit battered but intact (no innards). Have added photos here rather than attempt to upload them: https://www.flickr.com/gp/[email protected]/95uf6P I also have some more minor stuff for sale (ie ram cards, paddles, software, manuals) which will list at a later date, these are the main bits.
  6. Thanks for that, might try the Pill disk images with it and see what happens
  7. Hi anyone have any clue as to what this is? I was given it in a bunch of Atari stuff many years ago and have no idea what it is. When put in the Atari cartridge slot it doesn't seem to do anything either. There is an on/off switch. The numbers on the 'chip' have disappeared too so can't even use those. I am suspecting from a vague memory that it was used for some sort of copying device or memory dumping device?
  8. Ok so I've reseated all the ram cards and now both 800s are showing the correct result from fre(0) ! So still a mystery but one I can't replicate now !!
  9. I have acquired a few Atari 8-bit computers lately (I have a retro thirst that needs satisfying). Now, I know there is a way to detect the amount of memory using basic command PRINT FRE(0), and the amount returned is 37902. I have tried this on a 400 with 48k, and two 800's both with 48k. I have one 800 however which is showing 37890 bytes free rather than 37902. What would cause this, faulty? or a newer/older OS ROM which takes up slightly more memory?
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