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  1. Ed, any update on the upcoming controller? Been playing the 5200 alot recently...dying for a proper controller!! Help!
  2. Recvd my copy this week...wonderful version of the game!!!
  3. Sweet...thanks for the update!! I cant believe I missed out when it was available.
  4. ZillaRUSH


    Any news...still trying to find a copy!! Even take a ROM!
  5. Still looking for a copy of Bosconian. Will offer $150 for the CIB if anyone if willing to part with a copy. Thanks!
  6. Rev can release it and call it Sea Venture II, Sea Scramble, Sea Avenger, Sea Cobra, Sea C*#t...whatever floats his U-Boat. ...it is challenging. Im addicted, playing it again tonite! Paul..."poss" might mean possible..or could mean... "Please Order Sharp Shot" for Rick. Heard he needs more copies!!
  7. As the pandemic never ends...most of us our building our game libraries and trying new games. I have been adding a few Atari 5200 games from AA and Sea Dragon was one recent one. Def fun. A little Sequest/Scramble combo. When playing it def feels like a poss great INTV game! Graphics and game play are easy. Been having a blast playing it. Here is the Atari 800 version same exact as the 5200. https://youtu.be/BFlo0ZX64DE
  8. Looks awesome...was just playing New Rally X last nite!
  9. Hello all. Wanted to ask my fellow INTV friends...if you were to purchase a complete arcade cabinet (with MAME)...what brand/store would you buy it from? Also, does anyone have INTV ROM's added on an arcade cabinet? Is it possible? That would be awesome!! Thanks!
  10. My updated 10... Phoenix Berzerk Galaxian Bosconian Galaga Time Pilot Pooyan Space Invaders Type Food Fight Mappy
  11. Recvd both of these new games this week. We are so lucky to keep getting new fantastic games released. These two are amazing!! Luc...R-Type rocks!! Been playing it non-stop. Graphics are spot on and game play is challenging and fun!! Instant classic! Collectorvision Lunar Leeper is wonderful! Choplifter with a hint of Defender in it. Keep em coming!!
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