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  1. Hello all! Having an Xbox modded of course INTV will be on it. I want a personalized Zaxxon Mod. Need art for the exterior of the Xbox. Anyone know where I can find great HD pics of Zaxxon? Need logo and something to fit in the "X". Rough idea is attached. Thanks!
  2. Where we due to have access to the Intellivision vault as well?
  3. Lathe26..thats right I remember seeing yours in Portland. Great idea!! It is pretty cool. You can even create your own designs on the app.
  4. Picked up one of the Divoom Pixoo's (Digital GIF Frame)....it is awesome!! One option for Intellivision...see the vid attached. Love all the 80's Arcade gifs as well. Download the free app (Divoom) and you can create your fav list and see what is available...just connects via Bluetooth to your app. Super cool! https://www.amazon.com/Divoom-Pixoo-Digital-Controlled-Screen/dp/B07HHXWN3C/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1DCT76C6CDHDF&keywords=divoom+pixoo+digital+frame+with+app+controlled+16x16+led+screen&qid=1583950910&sprefix=divoom+pix%2Caps%2C212&sr=8-1 IMG_0689.MOV
  5. Both of these just arrived...thanks Luc! They are awesome!!!! Cant believe I'm playing 1942 on a Colecovision! Ghost is a blast! Team Pixel Boy rocks!!! Thanks for all of your hard work!! Amazing games.
  6. My copy just arrived.... will dig in this weekend. Anyone have it? Thoughts?
  7. Unfortunately, I did not join the Collectorvision INTV Club in time...was lucky enough to grab one of the extra copies of Jungle Hunt. Just arrived the other day. Been playing it...wonderful!!! It is such a great time to own an INTV! I'm just hoping that with the AMICO arriving the original INTV homebrews don't fade away! Jungle Hunt was on my must have lists....how about these as well: Wizard of Wor Bosconian Berzerk Galaga Phoenix Time Pilot
  8. Rev, ordered my copy of Aardvark on Dec 19th...nothing recvd yet. Any plans to ship soon? Thanks!
  9. Anyone selling a cover yet for the Phoenix system to prevent dust?
  10. Zoo Keeper Crush Roller Phoenix Food Fight (would love to have this one) Solar Fox
  11. If anyone has a copy they want to part with...DM me.
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