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  1. I'll take one...stick on right/buttons left
  2. Purchased vinyl ones...pics on the website...look exactly as advertised. Keep you posted if he responds on the Phoenix cover.
  3. Just recvd my shipment from Printer Boy...ordered about 7 covers for my classic game systems. Awesome dust covers! His web site: www.printerboy.net I asked him to make a cover for the Phoenix. Hoping one day soon! After it ships (coming from Mexico)...took about 6 weeks to arrive. Enjoy!
  4. One of the baseball versions and Slam Dunk Basketball...need some sports!
  5. Does anyone have a full list of all the available ROMS for CV? (Std, Collectorvision, TPB, etc..). Thanks!
  6. I join every year...Collectorvision was nice enough this year to include the INTV ROMS is the vault. Just released yesterday. Astro Invaders Flappee Bird BC Quest Jungle Hunt Mad Bomber Moon Sweeper Princess Quest Space Raid Super Minefield Sydney Hunter Sacred Tribe Sydney Hunter Shrines of Peril Wonderful to have these now on my LTO. Jungle Hunt is awesome! (Have cart already) Just about to go try Mad Bomber.
  7. For the classics game systems (INTV, Atari 2600, Colecovision)..what are your top 5 go to games My list: INTV: Super Pro Baseball, D2K Arcade, Burger Time Super Chef, Ms. Nightstalker, Space Patrol Atari 2600: Space Invaders, Phoenix, Draconian, Demon Attack, Juno First Colecovision: Wizard of Wor, Bosconian, Pepper II, Moon Patrol, Jungle Hunt Just hoping one day for Bosconian on INTV!
  8. Dumb/simple question.....I have a modded CV with F18 and HDMI...dont have the Module #1 Atari converter. If I put the module on the modded CV...will the games play similar to the Phoenix (high quality). Second question, do homebrews work well with the Module #1? Any play issues? Thinking about getting one. Thanks!
  9. +1 (Pokey&YM) Thanks!
  10. I must say after playing Bosconian after a few days...love this game! I say Wizard of Wor #1, Bosconian #2...my favs!!
  11. OK..pulled out my modded HDMI CV with SGM...all good. Game worked perfectly. Def a Phoenix issue. So nice to play a full game. I have not tried the NES controller on Phoenix. Will try tomorrow. Thanks all.
  12. I'll try! Let ya know how it goes.
  13. I see CV 0003 & Atari 0001..guessing outdated...updated now to CV 0007 & Atari 0004..thanks!! Let see if it helped...froze again. Will dig out my std Colecovision next. TBD!
  14. OK..just tried original controller...worked longer..but still froze. Hmmm. Next attempt is try playing on a std Colecovision..not the Phoenix. Firmware: A0 CPU T808E V304 VDP F18 V1.9 Latest?
  15. Thanks all!! You rock. I'll try an original controller later today and let you know how it goes. Fingers crossed. Dying to play this game fully...so far it plays amazing! ...I do have an extra copy on pre-order from this past week...my back-up copy.
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