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  1. Anyone get a Phoenix yet? Blown away!! Such an awesome job by Collectorvision. What was amazing was the Atari 2600 core. When you load the ROMS...they are bright, colorful...basically HD. I cant go back to regular quality after playing this way! I read in the manual they are planning an INTV core. Cannot wait!!
  2. While watching the Amico game previews...I thought why not mix Pac-Man and Night Stalker together? Pac-Stalker? Both games are awesome. Would love to see it!
  3. =( I'll miss the show this year. Have fun all!
  4. Anyone get this game yet? Mine just arrived yesterday. Solid! Love the box, instruction booklet and the stumpy cartridge! Super quality! Just started playing it...will write back thoughts soon.
  5. Hello everyone! I have a churning circle (Harmony Logo) on my screen and it does not get to the menu..stays on the circle non-stop. I checked my bios and eelaoder...all there. Could it be I don't have the latest version? Latest is 1.06? Any other options? Thanks!
  6. I find myself playing this often on the Atari...great game. I'll take Frenzy as well. Would be cool to have on INTV!
  7. Jsst saw this on FB in the AA Group....download for free for windows...wow...great game!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzzJOe4i12A&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR1Tkgt1lLuiOg1tqXmDrLVJU9UAWRqRUa-kuNRLZmovQcWD35QwNvzchNg Let's get this on INTV!
  8. Hello all! Had an idea the other day...missing the bowling, frog bog, etc.. leagues. How does this sound? Slam Dunk Super Pro Basketball League 1. Create your team name 2. Regular Season - 6 weeks 3. Playoffs - 2 weeks (top four teams battle it out) 4. Scoring: Points scored by a particular player in one game. Example: Larry Hawk 59 points...that is your team total for the week. You will have one week to play as many games as you want to get your highest point total for the noted player that week. Weekly code must be added to your game score photo for confirmation. 5. Week 1 - any player you want, Week 2-6 Random player (might be a good player or a bad player). 6. Start date: rough plan - July 8th Who wants to become the first SDSPBL Champ???
  9. Planning on making it again this year...but still a TBD for now.
  10. I have a few of these recent Atari 2600 releases....I have no idea how they get such an amazing quality into a cart. EX: Draconian, Mappy, (upcoming) Galaga & WOW. I am far from a game designer. Can INTV be pushed to the limits like this? These games blow me away! Then I ask why did the designers years ago put out crap at times? Im sure money/time...but quality games are heads above the rest...think DK from Coleco on INTV for total junk. I know we never reach for that cart!
  11. ZillaRUSH


    Great...thanks Al! I'll get one as soon as they are available.
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