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  1. Sorry the Depthcharge ROM is for another system...he said coming out for CV soon.
  2. Playing some oddball games on Mame this afternoon and came across this gem! Triple Punch. Let's get it on INTV. We need a Pepper II style game. Fun and enjoyable.
  3. Just found this one a few mins ago...Electric Adventures (has FB page)...recently released a ROM for Colecovision of Depth Charge. DC is the arcade game that paved the way for Blowsub. Here is the ROM link for the CV game.... Depth Charge ROM If link does not work...its on his FB page. Will give it a try later today!
  4. I just picked up a Namco Arcade Stick for PS1...its awesome!! Any chance a PS1 to Atari 2600 controller adapter is avail? Slim chance...but had to ask.
  5. After recently playing Blowsub on the Atari 5200...its great. I realized we need more sub games for the INTV! We have... Sub Hunt Go Sub Seaventure Would enjoy having an equiv of... Blowsub - (5200) Sub Scan (2600) Sea Wolf (2600) Sea Dragon (5200) - def a fav!! Missing any?
  6. Fantastic game....and challenging! A paddle might be better than a joystick? Hope one day to have it on a cart!!
  7. Looking to add a folder on my Harmony for Paddle games...any new ones to add to the list? Avalanche (AA Store) - new Action Force Astroblast Bachelor Party Bachelor Party/Gigolo Bachelorette Party/Burning Desire Backgammon Beat 'Em & Eat 'Em Beat 'Em & Eat 'Em/Lady in Wading Birthday Mania Blackjack Breakaway IV Breakout Bugs Bumper Bash Canyon Bomber Casino Circus Atari Demons to Diamonds Dukes of Hazzard version 2 Eggomania Encounter at L5 Fireball G.I. Joe - Cobra Strike Guardian Kaboom! Marble Craze Medieval Mayhem Mondo Pong Night Driver Party Mix Picnic Piece o' Cake Poker Plus Pong Sports SCSIcide SCSIcide PhillyClassic3 Secret Agent Secret Agent Solar Storm Speedway II Star Wars: Jedi Arena Steeplechase Street Racer Stunt Cycle Super Breakout Tac-Scan The Music Machine Video Olympics Vong Warlords Warplock SWOOPS! Testcart Toyshop Trouble Ultra SCSIcide
  8. Looks great...kinda like "This Planet Sucks" on Atari 2600....fun game in AA store.
  9. Cavern Fighter is not working on my Phoenix. Heard same issue form a few folks. Hope a core update will help? Playing on my old CV.
  10. When can we expect the Galaxian game to be out on Cart? Looks amazing! Anyone working on Bosconian for the 7800??
  11. OK...I know its been noted before, but please someone give us Bosconian. I know Star Merc is due out soon..looks only similar. Fellow Systems: Atari 2600 - Draconian - amazing game! A+ Atari 5200 - Bosconian Ultimate - solid (only downfall is the controllers) A Colecovision - Bosconian - fantastic! A+ If you have played any of the above.... Let's add it to INTV game list! Name options: Blast Off Alert Alert Intv-onian Starfighter Orbitals Amiconian Revonian (for you Rev) Thanks!!
  12. The game with the longer title is amazing...game of year candidate. Challenging and fun!! Never played it before and really enjoy it!!
  13. Have not had a chance to look at the ROM list...any new ones added? Games are amazing!!
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