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  1. When can we expect the Galaxian game to be out on Cart? Looks amazing! Anyone working on Bosconian for the 7800??
  2. OK...I know its been noted before, but please someone give us Bosconian. I know Star Merc is due out soon..looks only similar. Fellow Systems: Atari 2600 - Draconian - amazing game! A+ Atari 5200 - Bosconian Ultimate - solid (only downfall is the controllers) A Colecovision - Bosconian - fantastic! A+ If you have played any of the above.... Let's add it to INTV game list! Name options: Blast Off Alert Alert Intv-onian Starfighter Orbitals Amiconian Revonian (for you Rev) Thanks!!
  3. The game with the longer title is amazing...game of year candidate. Challenging and fun!! Never played it before and really enjoy it!!
  4. Have not had a chance to look at the ROM list...any new ones added? Games are amazing!!
  5. Saw a post on FB...they did not list the name. Thanks!
  6. Sweet! Add in Ivan Drago....name him "Intvan Dramico"
  7. https://retrogameboyz.com/ on a side note...I also ordered the Robotron controller for 7800/2600...that is unreal as well!!! Now we need one for the 5200.
  8. Def buy one...it rocks!!! Played more tonite. The knobs are used to help the up/down - left/right positioning. I set it for each new game. Take a few seconds. The lit up buttons are sweet! A few games struggle. Gorf I had to use the knobs. But actually it was pretty cool. I was waiting for the Edladdin controllers to arrive...now that thought is on hold. This works great!
  9. This just arrived yesterday. It is amazing. Finally get to enjoy my 5200!! Fast delivery and quality product. First game was Bosconian. Played flawless. Kept cranking thru my Atarimax games giving each a try. The knobs can be used for paddles in games like Kaboom. Cant wait to play again tonite!
  10. I def enjoy all the recent games, but let's focus on some arcade ports! WoW, Jungle Hunt were sweet...keep em rolling in! How about Space Intellivaders? Finally time to have an upgrade from Space Armada.
  11. Anyone try this game on the Atari 5200? A WIP...but not bad! Def cool to see diff graphics. ROM is on 5200 forum. You use the keypad to throw the disc.
  12. Oops... paddle on Robotron.
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