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  1. Greate improvement compared to the Doremi version. I really love the jump sound effect.
  2. I tried your game and the idea is really cool, but needs some debuging. I tried clone and I was pretty sure what will be the problems. Only the leftmost missile does damage and the clones are going out through the wall. I think this is a disadvantege, because I get damage for sure, even if it's smaller than normal because one of the clones will be shot for sure.
  3. Mostly I use up 32K of ROM because the music I do takes a lot of space. But my Fortari2600 plans will support only 4-32K carts (with the option of SARA), 64K is really a bit overdoing it. The biggest advantage of 4K games is you can't create buggy jumps while bankswitching.
  4. Sorry, I wrote it wrong, it's called EF bankswitching. And with the superchip RAM added, it should be called EFSC. The other, F4, is the common 32K Atari bankswitching method by Atari Inc., with no SARA added.
  5. I used two of them, the F4 (32K Atari bankswitching) and the FE (64K) with SARA support. I tried to narrow things so Sebastian does not need to create too many type of boards.
  6. I have Sebastian Kotek for designing the boards (he's mostly familiar with the 5200 and 7800) and Jerzy (Retronics, mostly Atari 8bit computer and PC line) for publishing the games. they are both from Poland. The real problem is that Jerzy does not want to use used plastic shells for games, the others are mostly easy to be produced. My last information is that he ordered the mold from China, but the production was held because of the COVID-19 story.
  7. Added manual and latest bins. Abyss0.81PAL.bas.bin Abyss0.81NTSC.bas.bin
  8. Box art is ready, manual and overlay is yet to be done.
  9. Nope. He thinks that it's not perfect for mass production (I found someone with 200 pieces of Combat in Germany, he could help, the earliest cartridges were the best in quality). So he went to chinese possiblities, from US, it would be too expensive.
  10. You can handle and blow up the reactor, use boron to kill fire, go underwater and turn the gears, kill the animals in the surroundings and get rid of the graphite on the roof, all in one game. Gonna do the manual soon. If you can help with debugging, I will be very thankful. Abyss0.79NTSC.bas.bin
  11. I have Jerzy (Retronics) from Poland to help, but everything happens so slow, just because, you can't get new shells for the cartridges here easily and he don't want to use used ones.
  12. Now the speed of water turbines and the performance of the reactor changes the temperature, which causes the water to boil, and that will fasten the incrasing performance, which, at 30 000, detonates the reactor. Over 6 000, you can't shut down the reactor and the reactor with the usual way. TODO: AZ-5N
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