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  1. Soundz like a cool stuff. You begann working with ASM?
  2. This is not the best quality I should do, but somehow, as I recorded the TIA even either RF or RCA, it was so dissorted I couldn't stand it, but I will do something wild with this compilation, so don't worry.
  3. Somehow I missed this one, really lovable. Your were able to record more speech than I on 2K, imprissive! Is it 2bit only?
  4. Thank you. DK Arcade is one of the "how the hell did he do that??" kind of game, like a straight conversion to the VCS. My problem was until now I did not know that with ASM you have to think of everything as a ROM address and it's value, so you can use it as an addressed database, which is kind of insane on the VCS (like playing WAVs). In my next project, I want to do a fully animated dancing Dizzy for the title.
  5. Draconian had nice robotic sounds, really liked them, altough I don't really understand the method you are using for inclusion. https://simulationcorner.net/index.php?page=sam With your knowledge you could even do a speech synthesizer ROM like SAM for the Atari and that would be freeking cool.
  6. Unfortunately, the game is like a complete mess. 😕 Everything is a bit off. The music is the soviet hymn on purpose, or it's just really similar to it?
  7. Soundz like a really drunk robot. Maybe this could lead to a new speech synthetiser
  8. Checked it, interesting. Managed to create az executable for perl. The only problem, that I excepted, that it can only do really short samples and you have to turn off graphics, so the best usage is maybe a deathcry in some game.
  9. Interesting, I was doing the search again and now it had the result for it.
  10. Deltas were someting to decide which hexa part of the data should the program import, I guess it"s for compressing. What is this Wav2Atari? Even google has absolute zero results about it.
  11. I just looked up some examples and tried to make it simpler, so there are no deltas to decide which note to import. Can you attach some kind of code too?
  12. Now I want to learn how to do wave samples, but first, I want to understand the basics, so the primitive, cycle wasting way. First, I loaded the .wav song into Audacity, saved the sequance I want to play as a headerless binary, then used bin2hex on it, so I got a hex text file. I wrote a little piece of code like this, copying the beginning of the REALLY long code for Wavetable. ldy #0 sty AUDC0 .Loop iny lda WaveTable,y sta AUDV0 jmp .Loop WaveTable hex 80808080 80808080 80808080 7F808080 hex 7F7F8080 80807F7F 8080807F 7F80807F hex 7F80807F 7F80807F 7F80807F 7F7F8080 hex 7F7F8080 7F7F807F 80807F80 80807F80 hex 80807F80 80807F80 80807F7F 807F7F80 hex 80807F80 80808080 7F808080 7F807F80 hex 80807F7F 807F7F7F 807F8080 7F7F807F hex 7F7F807F 7F7F807F 807F807F 807F7F80 hex 80808080 80808080 80808080 7F808080 hex 7F808080 7F808080 7F808080 80808080 hex 807F7F80 7F808080 8080807F 807F7F7F hex 8080807F 807F7F7F 807F7F80 807F807F hex 807F8080 7F80807F 7F7F807F 7F7F807F hex 807F807F 807F807F 7F7F8080 7F7F807F hex 7F7F807F 7F7F807F 7F7F8080 7F80807F hex 7F7F807F 7F808080 7F808080 7F7F7F80 hex 7F807F80 80807F80 807F8080 80807F80 hex 7F80807F 7F807F80 7F807F7F 7F808080 hex 807F7F80 80808080 8080807F 7F7F7F7F First, I tryied it with a hex code like 00010203 04050607 08090a0b 0c0d0e0f and after adding sleep 64 before the jmp, I heard it pulsating, so it worked. So I tried the one above, but it only generates noise. What is the duration (number of cycles) between two notes played you recommend?
  13. Today, it's a big archievement. I managed to create an animated title screen. This logic will be useful for making scrolling playfield as well, or animated big sprites for title. https://youtu.be/bOIJtgWb0kw
  14. Instead of a game, I decided to make a music cart for the Atari 2600 this time, based of the ten years old song of Amorphis, Silver Bride. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVfoET8fLvg This is where I'm now, done the instrumental part and the indicator. It's unexpanded system, no DPC+, so I have two channels, but I tried my best to mimic four. The lyrics will be played through the Kid Vid, so I think this will be the third ever made ROM for that device. I have other ideas, because I have a lot of space left, so stay tuned. https://youtu.be/l76vFF9hRPA
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