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  1. I take it that there are no more tutorials.
  2. To answer the original post why not try www.gamesdatabase.org
  3. For presentation and quality software for games, Br0derbund would have to have that award. For playability, well I think that is a different story. Some games had great graphics but I found quite boring to play. I would put playability and interest of concept higher than just great graphics. Likewise, some games had OK graphics but more interesting concepts, and challenges. Here is my list of games I liked for each. Br0derbund 1. Captain Goodnight and the Islands of Fear 2. Star Blazer 3. Drol 4. Seafox 5. Lode Runner 6. Choplifter! 7. Prince of Persia 8. Alien Typhoon 9. Apple Panic Sirius 1. Cyclod 2. Bandits 3. Autobahn 4. Buzzard Bait 5. Repton 6. Wavy Navy 7. Outpost I cannot just choose one!!!
  4. Is this the end of the tutorials?
  5. Just watch this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeEGJg6vXCg
  6. Well doesn't this really come from how Apple started? A gradual progression of two guys in a garage, first the Apple I, then the Apple ][. So as they were building their machines I guess they decided, (or the need arised) , we need large capacity of storage as the tape player was too slow to load files. Hence the disk ][ was created. You want extra accessories, make a card for it. So the memory, communication , printing was created. So through learning through all of this, the first os was introduced. Apple III SOS. You can't blame theme or compare as they just wanted to build computers and literally started from scratch. It makes interesting history and I find that by looking at how it was done then (by reverse engineering) it shows just how smart they were.
  7. I don't see any assembly language, just basic. How about assembly language example. Also, do you have any animation examples as well.
  8. Sarkezein How about the following: a) An explanation of DHR graphics - b) Examples of code Or both
  9. I am reading through the GS/OS Reference Manual and have stumbled across some interesting notes written by Apple. In Chapter 10 on Handling Interrupt Signals, if none of the interrupt handlers accepts a given interrupt, it becomes unclaimed. This can cause problems and the one that caught my attention is this: random transient phenomena such as cosmic ray or subatomic particle bombardment What??? Is Apple serious? Has anyone have this happened to their IIGS? Or is it their sense of humour?
  10. I have found a copy of the GS/OS Reference Manual This is not the same as other websites such as archive.org or apple2.gs It is the Addision Wesley published version (not the beta/draft version) Here is the link www.brutaldeluxe.fr/documentation/apda/apple_appleiigs_gsosreference.pdf
  11. These are draft/beta versions. I am looking for the final versions.
  12. I am looking to getting into IIGS programming and want to know how GS/OS works/operates. Does anyone have the following books: GS/OS Device Driver Reference Exploring Apple GS/OS and ProDos 8 by Gary Little There isn't much documentation for the IIGS like previous Apple II's so that is all I can find. If you know of any other titles, please let me know.
  13. Well after searching and asking I finally have PDF copy of Hi-Res Graphics and Animation Using Assembly Language by Leonard Malkin. This is great. If you would like to enjoy this delightful book then you can too and this website. www.quartdepomme.fr Now, onto my other list of elusive books.
  14. Update **** Someone has been nice enough to scan Toolbox Reference Volumes 1&2 and put them online as PDF's. They are on ASIMOV. Now the complete set is available, Volumes 1-3. Here is the link if anyone else would like to access them. http://mirrors.apple2.org.za/ftp.apple.asimov.net/documentation/programming/65816_gs/
  15. Mike I just went to yourwebsite and you have a set of the Toolbox Reference Volumes 1,2 & 3. Can you scan these as PDF's send/put them on line?
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