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  1. where can i find robopods? it is not listed on the ti gamebase. (http://www.gamebase64.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4611&start=30)
  2. Found a cassette tape of Lode Runner, Japanese version for NEC PC-8801. I don't have a real PC-8801 machine (threw it away many years ago) or a tape desk for it. I don't want to buy one just for dumping a tape (and the price now is so crazy!). I don't know a normal radio cassette recorder and a line to sound card can help or not. Anyone helps?
  3. Still not works. It says "missing tidiskdsr.bin". the second problem either.
  4. Hi all, I tried out the java V9T9 emutator but I can't open dsk-formatted games. For example Aztec Challenge (I downloaded from tigameshelf). I loaded it on extended basic mode but it showed an I/O error message. Another question, I played some games with this emulator but I can't move the character in game (such as Donkey Kong), the direction keys don't work. How to solve this two problems? Forgive me for my poor English. Thanks.
  5. Thank you. Everything is well on the CoolCV emulator. Seems that this only happens on the DOS Adamem emulator. (I always get stuck on the options menu of game when I using it)
  6. I pressed right button here but didn't works. But according to the walkthrough video, what I did is right. drglar.bmp
  7. Thanks. I'll check it tomorrow. I'm not using PC now. BTW, how to run these games with Classic99? -Mission X -3D Tic Tac Toe -Ms.Pacman -Lasso -Astro Fighter -Centipede I downloaded these games from http://tigameshelf.net/asm.htm
  8. Still got white screen but I can hear "beep" when I press a key. But thanks! I want to run V9T9 because it supports save/load state...
  9. Thanks. Now I'm using classic99. I got River Rescue game from http://tigameshelf.net/asm.htmbut I don't know how to run it. I opened Editor/Assembler cartridge but the game wouldn't load.
  10. Well I got a white screen. Where to get RS232PIO.BIN?
  11. Mmm, I should create a "modules.xml" file but I don't know how to do that...
  12. And how to open a .bin or .rpk file with v9t9? Thanks.
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