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We got our Mattel Intellivision in early 1982. We had the Intellivoice and 21 cartridges (all from Mattel and I still have them). We also had a few Mattel handhelds (Auto Race, Football, Hockey, Basketball2). I also liked the arcades but rarely had money for that. Missile Command and Defender were favourites. The Intellivision replaced a Radio Shack Pong game which was actually a lot of fun but quickly abandoned. Never had any other video game system. I did play some PC games like Railroad Tycoon and Civilisation. Picked up some more Intellivision games around 1991, some were sealed which I opened. When I got the Internet I found the BlueSkyRangers web site and learned about a bunch of Intellivision games I've never heard of, like the INTV games. I then added a Sears Intellivision and now have about 50 cartridges, most are complete in box. Games I liked to play include Space Battle, Sea Battle, NASL, NBA, Auto Racing, Skiing, Biplanes, B-17 Bomber, AD&D, Tron Deadly Discs, Sub Hunt, and Utopia. I can also recommend The Dreadnaught Factor and Thunder Castle.

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