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  1. The laser gates are where I have trouble
  2. Best: Millipede, Mountain King Most Surprising: Star Trek, Subterranea Worst: BMX, Pitfall 2 (a very well made game that I just don't enjoy) Honorable mentions: Strategy X (kinda fun, Jackal-esque), Tower of Rubble (loved it), Venture (better than I thought/decent port), No Escape (a fun challenge/hard but addictive), Spikes Peak (wonky/but I still love it), dark cavern, Moon Patrol, Dragonfire, Super Cobra (not bad) dishonorable mention: Empire Strikes Back 16a is TOO hard!!, Me for missing weeks 13,& 18-24.. luckily my participation in the first 2/3 was enough to carry me
  3. wow. I made it to the paper medal round! I've been a bit preoccupied for the past several rounds but I'll definitely submit a score here.
  4. Not a Scramble fan? It's not that bad.
  5. Tower of Rubble is cool, but if you make a mistake, it takes a long time to get back to where you were. Repeating the parts you already have memorized is a bit tedious... It would have been cool to use the button to increase the tempo.
  6. I made a little Mountain King badge graphic. What do you think the challenge score should be? 100k?
  7. I play whatever is the high score contest game. This week is Super Cobra, which is a primitive yet fun little Scramble clone.
  8. how did you get a screenshot of your score? when I die it instantly asks if I want to continue...
  9. http://www.virtualatari.org/soft.php?soft=Super_Cobra
  10. more Mountain King tips: You can collect a nice bonus by finding the flame quickly. have your escape route memorized and do the same route every time. Favor ladders whenever possible, the game is a lot more forgiving with jumps to ladders than to ledges
  11. I was ONE JUMP AWAY from escaping level 2... 😖
  12. I just got 80k in Mountain King!!! but I accidentally hit the button, triggering a new game before I could take a screenshot.
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