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  1. For Mountain King, it's better for your score to not try to escape too soon. Wait as long as you are able, to maximize your diamond collection and try to find all the hidden treasure chests. I usually end up doing this unintentionally just because the bats keep stealing back the crown on my ascent.
  2. what's the best timing to avoid the boulder. I just rely on luck, which is not a very reliable method.
  3. you have to jump (press up) from an awkwardly wide angle. its also better to jump down then to fall, so that it doesn't waste as much of your timer.
  4. finally escaped the mountain and made it to level 2!
  5. watch the color of the eyes in the caves... they turn brown before an Eagle appears, just have to make sure you get to a shelter right away...
  6. I find this game strangely addictive, but I wish the 3rd and 4th screens weren't so dependent on getting lucky with the RNG
  7. so many times I nearly make it to the top and get hit by a stupid bat!
  8. I was going for my second loop but froze to death inches from the summit!! 😣
  9. here's a participation score... not sure if I'll have time to beat it.
  10. intellectually, I know Pitfall 2 is a well made game and it has a lot of great qualities. I just don't like it that much. Dodging is hard and getting sent back to a faraway check point and watching all those points roll back is one of the most gutting experiences in Atari gaming.
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