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  1. I'm a Jabba the Hutt fan, so my Atari Game would be "Star Wars: ROTJ Jabba's Palace" Battle of Wits: a simon says type game where you have to repeat back the pattern, when you inevitably fail, you fall through the trap door to the rancor Rancor Stage: Evade the chasing Rancor, while throwing rocks to try and drop the gate down on top of it. (watch out for little alien rats and spiders too) Sail barge: swing from deck to deck over the saarlac pit, lightsabering the enemies into it, while dodging their lasers
  2. I imagine this would be better with paddles. Keyboard is almost unplayable.
  3. wow, another week where I played but forgot to post my score. I need to stop waiting till Sunday to post, because that doesn't seem to be a reliable strategy.
  4. Forgot to post my score! I had been holding off trying to get the patch, but the closest I got was 73,650
  5. a very simple rule of thumb for remembering which way to go: always take the path of most resistance. If there's a wall to blow up, or a spider to shoot, that's the right path.
  6. I improved my Pressure Cooker score, but forgot to upload it. oh well.
  7. On round 3 I got the easiest blueprint ever. All the pieces went into the houses in sequential order, but I still managed to run out of time collecting them!
  8. I will try to improve on these but it's a start.
  9. congratulations to everyone who earned a "space cadet" medal
  10. back in the day: complete the secret word and send it in to the publisher for a prize. Not sure what the prize was; it might have been the "Solar Fox rocks!" t-shirt that I've seen photos of online.
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