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  1. It seems the problem was solved.


    Apache decided that if it can't read a file it throws out a generic "you're a spammer" message.


    Something has changed the file permissions of viewtopic.php and set the immutable flag, so I couldn't fix the attributes even as the root user. Grrr.



    Somewhat incomplete workaround working now.

  2. This project has been degenerating. My latest screenshot is a great example of me trying to push a few graphical effects even if it means sacrificing gameplay, which is basically all I've been doing.


    We need to get things back on track. I don't have anything else for now, but it looks like I need to get raster interrupts figured out. How does one go about "interrupting rasters" anyway? :P


    I may start a whole new thread soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

  3. Well, the original Legend of Zelda is what got me into retro gaming, I played it when I was 8 and I thought it was great. Now I'm 14. It has nothing to do with nostalgia for me. I discovered Zelda and the NES, then got into Ultima through Exodus and found CRPGs and the Apple II, which lead to the Commodore 64, my favorite platform. Somewhere along the line, I got into the 2600, which I also love.

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  4. Okay, I did @"CD:thewan.d64", and the C64 froze (I assumed it was loading the .d64). It was taking quite a bit of time and after a while, I turned it off so that I could go to bed. Now, I know the C64 is famous for its long load times, but I did have a fast load cart in. Does it normally take a long time or did I do something wrong?

  5. You're 14 and you have a Commodore 64?! That. Is. Awesome! There is hope for the future, after all! Lol!

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    Yeah, I like me old games! :P I got all the things I wanted, and thanks to my uIEC/SD, I am currently enjoying some Boulder Dash.


    Merry Christmas :D


  6. Hmmm...


    Are there any other changes I need to make to the sprite building program? Any other numbers need changed? The program just generates 3 of the 8 sprites, and they are all solid black squares. :?


    Where do you suggest I put the sprites (in memory)



  7. Hi guys.


    A lot of progress has been made lately. I've been having a lot of fun working on this project so far :D .


    BTW the graphics style has changed, I'm now using MC mode.


    A question about sprites.


    Screen mem starts at 49152 ($C000), chars are at 51200 ($C800).


    Where do sprite pointers start? I have misplaced my reference guide (I'll probably need to get a new one actually :( )



  8. Hey, that's what I do sometimes! (Minus the music part on U5, I usually listen to my "RPG Music" mix on my Youtube channel on repeat :P .)


    I just finished U1, now going to U5, beat U3 a long time ago, next I'll beat U2, then I'll beat U4, then I'll attempt U6. I think the C64 version of U6 is okay, if it weren't for load times and disk swaps. I'm planning on getting a fastloader anyway, so that'll help. :)

  9. I switched the HD TV out with the non-HD TV in my parents' room (no, I'm not a 30 year old man child who still lives with my mommy and daddy, I'm in middle school.)


    It works great! :) There is a weird problem with my AV cable causing rainbow 'fringe' around characters, so I set the TV to black and white usually, which eliminates this problem.


    See for yourself:post-43309-0-48086100-1449110059_thumb.jpg

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  10. I've seen negative things said about Lemon64 more than once (or twice, actually numerous times). I personally think it's a good community, certainly not as friendly as AtariAge though. There are arguments occasionally, and once in a blue moon someone is banned but all in all, I think it's okay.


    But I notice several Commodore users here are not on Lemon64.


    What are your thoughts?

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