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  1. Yeah, I did try the loop and it was too slow.
  2. Okay, there wasn't enough room for my HUGE post, so I saved it as a PDF. I was feeling a bit blah, but typing out what I've been working on really helped (for some reason.) Enjoy! Thanks for the feedback.pdf
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I have been feeling a bit down and discouraged lately, and it helps to see people giving their thoughts. The window is small because it is made of sprites. If I wanted a bigger window, I would've needed more sprites and there would be no room for other objects (sprites). The windows will only pop up if a certain key is pressed, or if combat is initiated. I PRINT the screen like this: I have all the data for the maps in memory as CHR$ values, not POKE values. I set a value that I call the cursor (represented by the variable "L" currently). I read 12 values across, 12 times, adding 64 each time, since the maps are 64*64 bytes large. So my cursor is "L". Lets say "L" equals 36864. This means the top left character in the window is the top left character in the map, 36864 is the memory location where the map data begins. ($9000 in hex.) There As for the scrolling, here's how it works. The orange border is made of 4 multicolor sprites. They are actually black and orange, but you can't tell because of the black background. They are enlarged. There is enough room (4 pixels when small, but 8 when large) on each sprite to cover 1 8*8 pixel area (the size of a character). When I want to scroll left, I PRINT all the tiles (characters) behind the right border. They are completely covered because of the black on the sprites. Then, I scroll using the scrolling register. Next I set the position of the cursor to 1 tile left of where it was. Finally, I redraw the screen. This may sound complicated, so I might make a video to explain it better (I talk better than I type if you know what I mean.)
  4. still working on monster sprites. what do you think of the new mockup (this shows what the screen will look like; how it will show up, where stats are displayed, ect.)
  5. I am away from home now, and I can't look at my notes and books that have information I need to get all the sprites working. I'll be home tommorow and I can do it then. For now, I do have a few sprites (you can see the rogue in the mockup.)
  6. I threw out the rock tiles in favor of bricks. Here's a real mockup:
  7. I'm only 14 so... yes. My wishlist includes: A uIEC/SD for my C64 A Retron 5 Wizards and Warriors 3 (NES) And... no, I won't be giving any games this year.
  8. Looks very interesting to say the least. Any plans of ports to other systems?
  9. That will work. Chars are at $C800 Sprites are at $E000 Level maps are at $9000 I might have to make the maps smaller to make room for BASIC. I haven't needed machine language yet, although I may need it soon if I want music. The smooth scrolling uses PRINTs (not trying to brag, but that was a great idea). I need to put in the sprites before I can show it off, you'll see why then. More soon!
  10. Hmm... roguelikes take a lot of memory. I need to find 2016 free bytes for my 32 sprites. Hey, that rhymes! If necessary, I can make each dungeon level smaller... What do you think?
  11. I have an HD TV. Is it possible to hook my C64 to it? I know absolutely nothing about hardware, but there are red, blue, and green ports that seem to be for video and white and red for audio. No yellow to speak of. I have tried a few combinations but keep getting a gray screen.
  12. I do know about those. Temple of Apshai is probably my favorite roguelike/dungeon crawl.
  13. I know there are some, but what are your favorites? I currently developing a roguelike on the C64 (with possible ports to Atari computers) and could use the inspiration. The best I have seen so far is A-Rogue.
  14. Even though I like CRPGs best, I'd say dragon warrior. Honestly, I like pretty much everything about Wizardry - except the gameplay. Nice graphics, great music, cool box art and a detailed manual (I'm talking about the NES version not C64 or Apple][ versions, which I don't own.) The game is so boring. However, I love the anime based on it.
  15. Hey, where should I put the maps for the dungeon? (This is a roguelike) I will have each 64x64 level loaded from the disk, but I need a place for them to go. 64*64=4096 bytes
  16. Okay thanks. I was messing with double buffering earlier, but decided to try some other stuff first.
  17. Hmm. This code should smooth scroll the screen, but something is off... I can't attach a snapshot, so you may need to type it in
  18. I'm only loading the chars once. Since I no longer need to read the data values (since I'm not using bitmap mode) $E000 sounds like a good place for the chars. Okay.
  19. Actually, I was only using monochrome graphics because of bitmap mode, not anymore. Where's a good place for the color copy?
  20. *Sigh* Smooth scrolling is so simple! I wasted a lot of time with the bitmap thing. Been playing around with the scrolling registers lately. So, from what I can tell, I just make a copy of the screen shifted in a certain direction, scroll in that direction, the replace the current screen with the copy. Okay, I think I get it now. Where in memory should the 1000 byte copy go? (Is there a best place?) And I must consider that the charset is at $C800.
  21. Hmm. How does smooth char scrolling work, just out of curiosity?
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