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  1. Would you need it to scroll one pixel at a time as the player moves along...






    I just tested the code you gave me.


    The whole point of bitmap mode was to get a smooth scroll. Now that I see that we had a misunderstanding, I know why you were confused about why I would want to use bitmap mode in the first place.


    I know how to move a character based map around.


    I was trying to do a smooth scroll.


    I knew there was a way to do it with characters, but I thought it would be more difficult. That was why I wanted to use bitmap mode.



    Okay, now that we're on the same page, what is more easy, smooth scrolling a bitmap, or smooth character scrolling (as in scrolling each individual pixel.)




    (sorry if I sound a little rude, I don't mean to be)

  2. I thought bitmap scrolling would be easier. My idea was to write a program to plot the tiles on the screen (getting data from the charset) then write an algorithm to shift them manually. They would all be black and white so I wouldn't have to worry about color memory.

  3. PFFF!


    Okay, I made a few assumptions.


    The "strange things" were just me being tired because I was working on this at 4 AM.


    If you look at my post, I put "@BITMAPDEMO". That is exactly how I typed it. (Is there a facepalm smiley?). If you didn't notice, it should have been "@:BITMAPDEMO".


    The other thing that I found weird was the result of using caps in a REM. *sigh*

    (Upon flipping through my C64 system guide, I realized my mistake.)



    Anyway, I'm just going to proceed with the original plan. Thanks for the help, it may come in handy if I run into a REAL problem.

  4. Weird things are happening all over the place. SAVE "@:BITMAPDEMO",8,1 saves a program CALLED "@BITMAPDEMO"!!! WTF! Ugh.


    There is one last option.


    I think I can store the "char" data in an unused area in memory. It won't actually be for the chars, the real charset will be in the default area and remain unchanged. When I want to plot tiles or "chars" on the bitmap, I won't read the data from the character memory, I'll read it from the unused area in memory where I put the "charset".


    Hmm. That sounds good, actually.


    What do you think? Does that sound like a feasible solution?

  5. Sounds good.


    The original program that loaded the charest loaded it to $c800 so that will be easy - I'll just switch out the programs. Then I'll add your changes to the bitmap program and we'll see what happens.


    I won't be able to get anything done till the evening, I'll try then.



  6. Wait, POKEs you gave me? POKE 56576,196 and POKE 53272? I put those in the program to load in the charset. It wouldn't work without them.


    And won't putting the bitmap at $E000 overwrite the char data? I need it, to draw the tiles on the bitmap!


    The bitmap works correctly. But I am getting the same result when stopping the program as before (see the fourth picture). I removed line 21 and the bitmap turned off, but the chars were random lines and dots!



  7. post-43309-0-54990000-1443916193_thumb.pngpost-43309-0-67599300-1443916211_thumb.pngpost-43309-0-67169000-1443916219_thumb.pngpost-43309-0-89268900-1443916301_thumb.png


    Sorry if this is not the conventional way of posting images on this forum. Things are a little different over on Lemon. I am a noob here.


    Okay, the first pic is the listing of the program i used to put the charset in memory. The file used LOADed was exported from Charpad.


    Is everything good here?


    The second pic shows the tiles, sucessfully POKEd onto the screen. :D


    The third pic shows the listing of the program i used to test out bitmap mode. This is where I think I messed myself over.


    Is everything good here?


    The fourth pic shows the result of my bitmap demo. Hm. Something seems to be amiss. I'm confused. Is the problem because I don't understand bitmap mode, or did I mess up the program that puts the charset in memory?!? :?


    Ima confuzzled kid and i need helps plz. :P

  8. Hello.


    I am currently working on an RPG for the beloved Commodore 64.


    I will share more, but I need to know how to put my charset at $E000 from a BASIC prg. A LISTing would be excellent, but an explanation would be okay too (although I will have a lot of questions.)


    After I get this in, I'll have more to show and tell.



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