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  1. Great work here guys. Perhaps... anything that doesn't fit into a 4mb ROM release could be released as a larger downloadable ROM for JagSD/Skunk users. Perhaps a physical SD release if you're selling £ it. Are they all 'original' maps that you will include in the release... from the original Doom 1 and Doom 2 (and level pack) releases for the PC...? Or some 'home made' maps too perhaps?
  2. Received my JagSD cart yesterday (phew!), many thanks for a thoroughly professional and much needed product SainT. You have most definitely secured your seat with the Atari gods in the next life and you deserve every penny you get from this project in this life. The cart looks amazing and feels 'reassuringly' heavy. The interface is fantastic especially when used with MRQ files... I'd love to see a similar interface for the LynxSD. Looking forward to seeing your first efforts at a new Jag game SainT ! JagSD will breathe many years of new life and interest into my Jag. Looking forward to seeing what kind of things happen with JagSD... once all 600-700 people get their hands on one. I've been collecting ROM files of the carts I have for years whilst waiting for JagSD. The vast majority of them work fine which is more than I'd ever have hoped. Occasionally I come across a random graphics/sound demo ROM or such like that gives the red screen of death... but most probably they are duff roms or unsupported file type. It would be useful to add a list of supported ROM file types to page 1 of this thread (.jag, .j64, .rom). I haven't checked all of the main ROMS yet but the only one of any significance at this stage I've found doesn't work is 'Aircars (world)' which gives the red screen of death. Save games in PowerDrive worked fine for me but then I was using the mrq files that someone posted here. I'll apply the fix for this when I get a mo, thanks SainT. I'll keep you posted about any other issues I see SainT... but all looks great after day 1, very impressed. Does anybody have any tips/links on the whereabouts of harder to come by cart ROMS such as BS, IS2, Towers2, Worms, Zero5, Breakout2000 ? Does anybody know what [a1] or [a2] means in some ROM file names...?
  3. Mortified! Instead of seeing my JagSD Cart on my door step on my return from work today, I got a "We missed you" card from Royal Mail . It needs a signature so I've rearranged delivery for Thursday, bummer! Once I have it my report will be with you SainT Sorry, just wanted to share my pain with you guys!
  4. Thanks, yes I can run XEX files, and I have joystick control of the menus, so that answers my question, looks like I already have the latest version. Has anyone else in the user community written any alternate firmwares for Ultimate Cart? ATR file support is the main thing it is lacking I feel.
  5. Many thanks, do you know when this latest version was released...? and what version my cart (purchased Nov 2017) is likely to be? Also, is there likely to be any future firmware releases for UltimateCart ?
  6. Hi, yes my chip number is 10M08SAE144C8G, the PCB is numbered # 024. So, do you know how I can check my current firmware version or how/where I can obtain the latest firmware? Thanks.
  7. Does anyone know the latest Firmware version number for the UltimateCart and where to download it from? Also does anyone know how to check the current firmware version on my UltimateCart (purchased in November 2017)...? Thanks.
  8. AVGCart looks good @Philsan. Turns out I actually bought my Ultimate Cart back in November 2017. So this is the first time I've ever heard of AVGCart. Tech moves on fast... even in Atari world! So at the risk of straying off topic for too long, do tell how AVGCart is now #1.
  9. Yes, I reviewed the market about a year ago and I figured the 'Ultimate Cart' was the best available at the time for my 800xl, and probably still is. See this video for a demo...
  10. I submitted my pre-order 10 minutes in... and got pre-order number 68, hopefully nobody else got that number too? So looks like that gets me into batch #1. I like the fact you can download the manual and various other non-commercial games/demos from https://new.retrohq.co.uk/shop/atari-jaguar-sd-flash-cartridge too. Great work SainT and many thanks once again. It would be really interesting to hear how your sales go... i.e. how many orders you receive in the first hour, first day, first week etc.... just to give us all an idea of the user base.
  11. Which Atari computer/console is this on?
  12. Awesome SainT, was there many issues raised from the beta testing...? and have you got any idea of what the price will be yet?
  13. I found that using the second socket for the GTIA made the whole Sophia board sit too high above the 800xl motherboard, such that the keyboard/case rubbed on the Sophia board as you screw the main plastic case of the 800xl back together again. I found a better way of making the main Sophia board sit properly and freely whilst still being able to screw the whole 800xl case back together again without boards/components/cases touching. Instead of using the second socket for the GTIA... I de-soldered the socket from the small 'SP8334' ic that sits beneath the upper half of the main Sophia board and re-soldered the 'SP8334' ic back directly (without it's socket) on to the 800xl motherboard. This then gives the Sophia board the necessary clearance from that small 'SP8334' ic without having to use the extra GTIA socket. Might be worth you reading the full guide I wrote on my Sophia 800xl installation on this thread back on Tue Dec 18, 2018 12:33 AM. I actually found the most difficult part was fitting the smaller Sophia board that contains the DVI socket. It's an awesome upgrade when fitted properly. Happy to help with any more queries on this anyway. Good luck!
  14. Another vote here for the 5200 cart style... I think it's retro design, looks and form are excellent. Good work SainT with recent progress and listening to users views! Do you know yet when you might be needing those beta testers...? Look no further!
  15. Yes I'm well happy with my Iiyama Prolite screen. I haven't noticed any back light leaking... but then again it's just the screen that I use with my Windows PC mainly for working from home... so I'm not too sensitive to any such issues. My Iiyama Prolite works great as far as I can tell, quite good inputs and outputs on it too... including a potentially useful hdmi in. It's huge (which I like) and only cost me £100 second hand a few years ago so definitely no complaints. Without wishing to go 'too' off topic here... In terms of other hardware upgrades for the 800xl... has anybody got any advice/tips for replacing the original huge external Atari power brick... with something more compact, lightweight and safe...?
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